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Alphabetical Transcript of the
Pettengill Cemetery, Southern Danville,
Caledonia County, Vermont, USA

earliest birth recorded in this cemetery: Dea. Jonathan Danforth b. 1742 - d. Feb 06 1838
earliest stone in this cemetery: Chester Danforth b. Feb 1809 - d. Feb 28 1810
most recent stone in this cemetery: Frank W. Pettengill d. Feb 27 1928
total inscriptions in this cemetery: 55
transcription: May 30 2007

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Transcription by Stone Order   (also with links to sketches)

I have inserted an apostrophe in the transcribed inscriptions before superscripted lettering because not all printers/typewriters/browsers use the same coding to reproduce this effect.

a slash "/" indicates the end of a line of engraving on the gravestone.

blue Stone #s indicate gs sketched or photographed - click to view.

DOBs followed by an "a" are calculated from the DOD on the gravestone minus the AGE on the gravestone.

[bracketed italics] indicate the info is from other vital or town records; but, not actually on the stone (this info is added to identify the deceased when the info on the stone is illegible or insufficient).

LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Add'l Info
R15-3 Badger Myra [Billings] 1780a 03/03/1831 "Myra wife of / Mr. Enoch Badger / Died March / 3, 1831, / In the 51 year of / Her Age"; pre-1919 bullet holes nearly obliterate the words, "Myra wife of"
R12-1 C GF       "G.F.C."; footstone only in 2006
R12-2 C GM       "G.M.C."; footstone only in 2006
R14-1 Clifford footstone to R13-1        
R14-2 Clifford footstone to R13-2        
R13-1 Clifford Jonathan   08/ /1793a 02/04/1879 AE 85 y's 6 m's
R13-2 Clifford Lorena Woods 05/17/1798a 09/27/1893 AE 95 ys 4 ms 10 ds; Lorena Woods / Wife of / Jonathan Clifford; d.year was mistranscribed in 1919 as "1863" due to the "9" being carved backwards; BVRdr verifies that she died in 1893
R2-3 Corser Diantha J [Danforth] 12/20/1823a 08/15/1856 AE. 32 yrs. 7 mos. & 25 dys; Wife of George A. Corser; 1919 transcription record has surname as "Carson", stone & mc have "Corser"; 1919 Xcript/VVRgr has age, in error, as 37 vs. 32
R2-2 Danforth Betsey   04/10/1809a 09/01/1810 In memory of / Betsey dau of / Leonard & Mary / Danforth who died / Sep't 1'st 1810 aged / 16 months & 21 / days / So fades the lovly blooming flower, / Frail smiling solace of an hour, / So soon our transient comforts fly / And pleasures only bloom to die.
R1-1 Danforth Calvin   1791a 11/22/1813 aet. 22 yr; Son of Jon'a
R3-6 Danforth Chester   03/19/1809a 02/28/1810 aet. 11 m 9 days; Son of Jon'a & Polly
R1-3 Danforth Hannah   1771a 09/13/1815 aged 64; consort of Deacon Jonathan; "Ah! what a human life" / Of weeping friendship o'er erthy tomb shall bend / And friendship tear its blooming o'er done, leave"
R1-4 Danforth Jona'n (Dea)   1742a 02/06/1838 AE. 95 Years
R3-7 Danforth Jonathan   1771a 05/11/1854 AE. 82 y's; above wife
R2-4 Danforth Leonard (Capt)   1726a 02/09/1851 Aged 74 Years; "My savior my life restore / And raise me from my dark abode: / my flesh and soul shall part no more, / but dwell ever near my God."
R3-7 Danforth Mary   1776a 04/25/1817 AE. 41 y'rs; below husband
R1-2 Danforth Ralph   1794a 03/28/1811 aged 16 years; son of Dea'n Jonathan & Hannah; "Beneath this stone death's prisoner lies / The stone shall move, the prisoner rise / When Jesus with almighty word, / Calls his dead saints to meet their Lord."
R3-1 Goodman Charles S   1854a 02/24/1864 AE 9 yrs; Children of Wm. & C.M.Goodman
R3-1 Goodman George   1859a 02/25/1864 AE 4 yrs; Children of Wm. & C.M.Goodman
R3-1 Goodman Georgiana   1859a 02/19/1864 AE 4 yrs; Children of Wm. & C.M.Goodman
R3-1 Goodman William H   1856a 10/22/1863 AE 7 yrs; Children of Wm. & C.M.Goodman
R10-2 H D       only 2 initials on this stone, "DH"
R11-3 Heath Archelaus   1792a 06/22/1871 AE. 78 yrs; above son, Lorenzo
R11-3 Heath Lorenzo     no AE 14 yrs; Son of Archelaus & Sally; on bottom of father's stone
R11-2 Heath Sally [Hall] 1801a 09/20/1849 AE 48 yrs; Wife of Archelaus Heath
R12-15 Henry Hannah Danforth 1746a 11/22/1814 aged 68 years; wife of Samuel Henry; 1919 VVRgr has DOD, in error, as Nov 29 vs. 22
R8-5 Houghton Abel   1792a 12/06/1842 AE. 50
R10-6 Houghton Arvilla [Wilson] 1826a 12/30/1852 AE 26 y's; Wife of Abel Houghton
R10-7 Houghton Eliza Ann [Wilson] 1837a 03/23/1859 AE. 21 yrs; base only in 2006; data from 1919 transcription record; Abel Houghton's 2nd wife; this base matches that of her children to its right, #R10-8
R8-4 Houghton footstone to R8-5        
R10-8 Houghton Frank G 07/ /1858a   11/04/1858 AE. 4 mos.; children of Abel {hole} Houghton
R10-8 Houghton Van Loria I   1856a 09/13/1871 AE. 15 yrs.; children of Abel {hole} Houghton
R15-5 P P       "P.P."; footstone to R14-6
R12-7 Peck Charlie   1858a 1864 "CHARLIE"; age 5y; footstone only in 2006, info other than first name from 1919 transcription record
R12-6 Peck Charlina   1858a 1864 "CHARLINA"; age 5y; footstone only in 2006, info other than first name from 1919 transcription record
R12-3 Peck footstone to R12-5       "FATHER"
R12-8 Peck footstone to R12-5       "MOTHER"
R12-4 Peck Ida May   1863a 1864 "IDA MAY"; age 1y; footstone only in 2006, info other than first name from 1919 transcription record
R12-5 Peck Robert   1815 1888  
R12-5 Peck Sarah Chamberlain 1820 1864 His Wife [of Robert Peck]; below husband
R13-8 Pettengill Affia   1799a 08/08/1872 AE. 73 y's
R13-5 Pettengill Betsey   01/18/1808 07/17/1887  
R13-6 Pettengill Edmund   1794a 03/21/1880 AE. 85 y's; stone down
R14-5 Pettengill Edmund   1765a 03/15/1840 AE. 74; above wife & grdau
R14-5 Pettengill Emily   06/ /1837a 09/03/1838 AE. 15 mo's; dau of Moses & Syrna Pettengill [grdau of Edmund & Polly]
R16-3 Pettengill Emily M   12/10/1843 05/19/1912  
R16-2 Pettengill footstone        
R15-1 Pettengill footstone to R14-4        
R15-2 Pettengill footstone to R14-4        
R17-1 Pettengill Frank W   11/09/1852 02/27/1928  
R13-7 Pettengill Hannah   1802a 11/26/1879 AE. 77 y's; stone down & broken in half thru d.year, but date clearly readable in 2007; [d. Nov 28 1879 AE 77 per DVRdr]
R16-1 Pettengill Jane   01/26/1832 02/14/1917  
R14-4 Pettengill Margaret   11/ /1841a 03/22/1865 AE. 23 y's, 4 m's / Daughters of / Moses Pettengill; below sister, Mary Ellen; stone down
R14-4 Pettengill Mary Ellen   1839a 04/08/1868 AE. 28 y's / Daughters of / Moses Pettengill; above sister, Mgt; stone down
R16-5 Pettengill Moses   1805a 07/29/1874 stone down
R14-6 Pettengill Persis   1796a 05/15/1816 in the 19 year / of her age; daughter of / Edmund & / Polly
R17-2 Pettengill Peter E   12/07/1847 05/19/1917  
R14-5 Pettengill Polly [Davis] 1769a 02/26/1838 AE. 68.; his wife [of Edmund]; below husband
R16-4 Pettengill Syrena [Wells] 1809a 03/05/1879 AE. 69 y's; wife of Moses
R11-7 Wells Anna [Clefford] 05/ /1792a 09/05/1814 aet. 22 / 4 mo.; wife of Benj'a Wells
R10-1 Whitman Cyprian D   1835a 01/24/1862 HUSBAND
R10-3 Whitman? stone stub       [Is this wife of Cyprian Whitman?]
R8-7 Wilson D.J.N   1814a 1870 "D.J.N. / Wilson / AE. 56 / 1870": appears to be either Dr John's original stone, or his footstone to #R7-1
R7-1 Wilson David   1808 1888 above Dr John N Wilson
R7-1 Wilson John N (Dr)   1814 1870 below David Wilson; his original stone appears to be behind this stone, q.v.#R8-7
R2-1   field stone or broken stub        
R3-2   fieldstone        
R8-6   fieldstone        
R13-3   fieldstone        
R13-4   fieldstone       in front of SE corner of Clifford enclosure
R14-3   fieldstone        
R7-2   fieldstone or remanent of stone        
R10-4&5   fieldstones        
R11-4 thru 6   fieldstones        
R12-9 thru 14   fieldstones        
R11-1   fieldtone        
R3-3   partial footstone        
R15-4   remenant with R15-5 leaning against it        
R9-1 thru 5   stone remnants        
R3-4   stub        
R3-5   stub        
R4 thru R6   stubs & fieldstones only        

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