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Danville, Vermont Cemeteries

Danville has only one Cemetery Sexton;

   Steve Cobb
   Danville Inn
   Main St
   Danville, VT 05828

The following table is ordered in a manner consistent with the directions for a tour of the cemeteries.  Paper copies of the following directions are available from the Town Clerk.   Cemetery #s are from a chart on page 228 of Village in the Hills which is augmented here.

p228#NameFirst BurialLast Burial# of GravesLatitudeLongitude
10Danville Green1815 In Use1000s44 24' 23"N072 08' 02"W
12Pettengill181019287544 23' 18"N072 04' 35"W
11Swett184718500244 24' 45"N072 03' 31"W
09Pumpkin Hill (not tran-
scribed IAW 1919 law)
183618771044 25' 35"N072 04' 00"W
08Dole Hill / Centre Cem1798188615044 25' 24"N072 07' 08"W
06Pope1810198525044 28' 15"N072 07' 32"W
02Stanton1804195310044 29' 14"N072 07' 13"W
03Bennett181319264044 29' 20"N072 06' 21"W
01Ward182919657044 30' 28"N072 06' 09"W
05Little Drew181319252044 28' 55"N072 05' 36"W
04Drew-Kelsey - called
"Batchelder" in 1919
18131982100+44 28' 55"N072 05' 36"W
07Massey - called "N.Dan"
in 1919 transcription
18041985300+44 27' 33"N 072 05' 25"W
(13)Woodrecentrecent01Crystal Ave West (private)cremains
(14)Unnamed (not tran-
scribed IAW 1919 law)
for, wooded
no longer
only 1 inscribed,
plus 4 field stones
near corner of
Jamieson & Pearl Rds
north, off new Rt2
just east of Dole Hill
(15)Morrill-Morse (not tran-
scribed IAW 1919 law)
gs's for 3 still exist
11-15 remains rem'd
 in 1906 and 1907
Morse Farm,
Winn High Drive

The tour of the cemeteries begins at the Town Clerk's office.

Danville Green Cemetery

From the crosswalk in front of the Town Clerk's office, go to the traffic light, take a right onto the Peacham road thru the park and left, past the Post Office onto Brainard Street. Go 0.5 miles. The Danville Green Cemetery is on your right. There are six roads going into the cemetery; the index lists rows on the left and right of each road.

Pettengill-Boot Hill-County-Water Andric Cemetery

This cemetery can be reached only by walking. Please do not try to visit it if you are not physically fit.

Leaving the Danville Green Cemetery, go right. At the first "Y" in the road, take the left turn onto the Joe's Brook road. Follow this road for 2.6 miles then take the left onto Morse Mill Road. Go 0.9 miles then turn left onto Watkins Road. This road is suitable for four wheel drive vehicles with HIGH ground clearance only. Do not attempt it in anything else! The road goes through the woods and is steep, narrow, and washed out. Don't worry. You will not be coming back this way.

An alternate road suitable for ordinary vehicles is to continue on Morse Mill Road to the next road to the left (in the town of Barnet). Turn left and follow this road to the four corners. At the four corners, turn left. Go 0.3 miles then turn left (there is a house on your right). Follow this road (carefully after the gated drive on you right, not maintained) a short distance until it branches. There is a camp on this corner.

Park (w/o blocking the roads), walk behind the camp, and follow the path through the woods down and over a small brook. There is a wooden footbridge. Be very careful crossing this footbridge Go up a very steep path, angled to the right, on the hill on the other side. Once on the hill, go left to the Pettigill Cemetery.

The name "Pettengill" derives from the fact that there are more stones there now with that name than any other;
the origin of the name "Boot Hill" is unknown but it is thought it might have to do with the remote location or the shape of the rise upon which it is placed;
"County" derives from the road at the foot of the hill, which was built by the county and used to be called "The County Road" (there is also another "County Cemetery" on this road just over the Barnet town line, in that town);
"Water Andric" derives from the name of the brook that runs alongside the County Road (now called "Water Andric Road").

Return to the road by reversing your path.

Swett Cemetery

From the gate, continue down hill on Excelsior Farm Road 0.6 miles. Take the right turn then 0.3 miles back to the four corners. At the four corners, turn left 1.4 miles, then left on Clark's Road. Go 0.6 miles then right on Swett Road. Go 0.2 miles and the Swett Cemetery is on your right; two graves in a fenced enclosure.

Pumpkin Hill-Clifford Cemetery

Continue up and over the hill 0.2 miles, then turn left 0.4 miles. Turn left onto Library Road and go 0.6 miles. Turn right for 0.3 miles to a right-hand curve with a house on the left. Park at the edge of the trees but do not block the driveway. Walk up the hill along the treeline, behind the house but please respect the home owners request to walk along the edge of the woods. The Pumpkin Hill Cemetery is about 300 feet from the road in the trees to your left.

Danville Centre - Dole Hill Cemetery

Continue out to the black top road. This is the old US Route 2. Turn left 1.3 miles to the new US Route 2. Turn left and go 1.5 miles to the top of Dole Hill. Turn right on the paved driveway. Go left to the white house at the top of the hill and to the right of the barn/garage along the access road to the Cemetery. The cemetery is behind the barn.

Pope Cemetery

At US Route 2, turn right and go 1.3 miles to the traffic light in Danville village. Turn right and stay straight on Hill Street for 3.5 miles. Hill Street becomes the Bruce Badger Memorial Highway outside the village. Turn left onto McDowell Road, just after the bridge, and go 0.9 miles. The Pope Cemetery is on your left at an intersection.

Stanton Cemetery

Continue on McDowell Road for 1.1 miles. The Stanton Cemetery is on your right.

Bennett Cemetery

Continue on McDowell Road for 0.6 miles, then turn right onto Wheelock Road. Go 0.4 miles then turn right onto Old North Church Road. There are three access openings in the bushes on the right side of the road leading into fields. Look for the third opening. It is just after the road veers right, about 0.75 miles from the Wheelock Road. There is an access opening to the field at the third opening. This opening is closest to the cemetery. You should be able to see the cemetery in the tree line by looking at a 45 degree angle to the right from this opening.

Access to the cemetery requires walking uphill across the field.

Ward Cemetery

Turn around and go back to the Wheelock Road. Turn right and go 0.7 miles to the four corners. Turn left and go 0.6 miles. The Ward Cemetery is on your left. There is a marvelous stone house on the right.

Little Drew and Drew-Kelsey-Batchelder Cemeteries

Turn around and go back to the four corners. Stay straight on Tampico Road. Go over the little bridge then straight up the hill. You will see the Drew-Kelsey Cemetery on your right near the top of the hill. The Little Drew Cemetery is directly across the road.

Massey-North Danville Cemetery

Continue over the hill then turn left onto Stanton Road. Go up the hill 0.2 miles and Massey Cemetery is on your right.  

Turn around and go back to the turn; continue to a blind turn from your left (be very careful about making the left turn). From here you can turn left and follow the North Danville Road back onto US Route 2 and go to St. Johnsbury; or, you can stay straight through North Danville, turn left at the North Danville Church and stay on the Bruce Badger Memorial Highway back into Danville.

This ends the tour.