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Index to Ca. 1858 Caledonia County, Vermont Land Owners, Businesses & Features

Index to Names which Appear in Caledonia County, Vermont, on the ca. 1858 atlas:  "Map of Caledonia County, Vermont From Actual Surveys under the direction of H. F. Walling", New York : Baker & Tilden, 1858.

This index project is being completed by Ann Mensch, with the assistance of Jennifer Scruton.  Please note:  Though the information on this web page is believed to be correct, the possibility of error remains.

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The "Map of Caledonia County, Vermont From Actual Surveys under the direction of H. F. Walling" was created about 1858.  Since the process of compiling the information for a map of this nature takes some time, it is likely that land was bought and sold, and people relocated during the course of the project.  It is, therefore, possible that someone who recently moved to the area may not have been included, while names of others who had already relocated away from the area still appear.

Due to the age, condition, and typeset style, many names are difficult to decipher.  When names or letters within names were NOT able to be discerned with a reasonable degree of confidence, they are placed within brackets [ ].

The names which appear on this map are grouped by town, listed in alphabetical order by surname, followed by the name of the town/township in which they appear, then, the name of the village within the town when the name was associated with a specific village.  Following the town and village names, the structure or business which may have been associated with the name is identified when applicable.

The interpretation of the following listing is included as an example:
           CHAMBERLAIN, Miss :  Peacham, Peacham Corner
           Miss CHAMBERLIN is reported, on the 1858 map, with the listings for the village of Peacham Corner, which is within the town/township of Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont.

When the same name appears more than once on the map, it has been listed as many times as it occurred.  No attempt has been made to determine whether the same person was actually listed more than once, or whether there were people who simply shared the same name.  It is believed that in some cases, these may be explained by the existence of fathers and sons who share the same name or one individual owning multiple properties.

Following the list of names which appear, there are listings of the Businesses and Natural Features reported, within the Town and it's Villages, on the 1858 Map of Caledonia County, Vermont.

Statistics:  A population of 23,600 is reported for Caledonia County, Vermont on this 1858 map.
                It remains possible that a small number of names were not included due to the condition of the map and/or readability.

  1. BARNET 
  2. BURKE 
  5. GROTON 
  7. KIRBY 
  8. LYNDON 
  9. NEWARK 
  10. PEACHAM 
  11. RYEGATE 
  14. SUTTON 
  15. WALDEN 

Copyright 2001, by Ann Mensch.