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These pictures were taken in 1898-1899 by a Doctor from Kentucky. Who traveled out through the west before going into practice, this is what I was told. So the photos could be anywhere. They are on glass plate negatives that I'm haveing printed as I can afford them. They charge me $5 for each picture. If you have an interest in any picture or negative then they are for sale. The paper photos are $5 what I paid.  The glass plate negatives are $10 each plus shiping and handleing. Paper photo to mail $1 glass plate $4 as they have to be packaged for breakage.  These are 100 years old. I have 300 of them. Click on the name and that will take you to the photo.  Since none of these are any of my people I have labeled or named them as a guess.  If you can identify any person or place or thing please email me who or what they are. Tell me by my name that I have so I can include the information to the correct photo. They are not in any order so you'll have to look at all of them.  Check Back as I will add as I can.  Thanks

Arch Eagle Gate Salt Lake   I think this is a gate that was in Salt Lake at the time. May still be there.

Cemetery  I think this is where Brigham Young is buried?

School  This is Brigham Young school?

Family Who? Where?

Oregon1 Bluffs on Columbia River?

Parlor1 Picture of 1898/99 living room?

Salt Lake  I believe this is in Salt Lake City?

Swimming  I have no ideal except they are nude!

Temple I think this is the Salt Lake Morman Temple?

Temple inside     It says Utah under the star.

Woman  Good picture Who?

Women1 Who? Where?

If you have comments or can identify anyone or place, email me at