Union County Marriages

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All information was taken from the Afton Newspaper

Y Surnames

Yancey, E. C. "W. C. Yancey Martha Edington" 11 Dec 1883 Huntington, H. G. "C. W. Huntington Eliza Lord" Afton, IA
Yancy, Charles   24 July 1881 Linbarger, Lucy M. E.   Afton, IA
Yant, Fred "David Yant Mary Carr" 17 Oct 1894 Heflin, Ella "James M. Heflin Queen V. Lee" Union Co., IA
Yard, Jacob   19 Feb 1888 Hardman, Hesta   Will live in Kansas
Yard, Thos. L.   Dec 1889 Woodruff, Clara B.   Married during December
Yarnoll, Hattie   26 Feb 1879 Breece, Enoch  
Yeager, W. T.   Dec 1881 Morgan, Emma   Marriage lic issued
Yeck, Esther E.   Apr 1885 White, E.   Marriage license issued
Yeosten, Anna   Feb 1884 Sheffel, Francis   Marriage license issued
Yette, Theodore   23 Sep 1870 McKimpson, Christina    
York, Katie "Howard York Louisa Scovell" 14 June 1898 Scovell, Henry "John Scovell Helen Sensick (?)" Creston, IA
York, Lizzie   Mar 1890 Benedict, E. W.   Marriage permits issued
York, M___ria J. "John R. York Margaret Milton" 11-08-1883 Porter, David "Huges D. Porter Emeline Robertson" Creston, IA
Young, Charles L. "Gustavus Young Elizabeth Beck" 1 Feb 1882 Cunningham, Jennie "Ja. Cunningham _______ Morton" Creston, IA
Young, Charlotte B.   5 Feb 1879 Collins, A. M.    
Young, Chas. L.   Jan 1882 Cunningham, Jennie   License issued
Young, J. A.   Apr 1885 Anderson, Amanda   Marriage license issued
Young, John R.   18 Dec 1884 Able, Emily   Md. Burlington, IA
Young, Matilda   8 Jul 1873 Lamberg (Lawberg), N. J.    
Young, Rosy   May 1889 Thompson, L. C.   Marriage license issued April
Young, W. J.   7 May 1863 Westover, Minerva E.    
Youngland, Alfred ** "Andrew Youngland Johanna Peterson" 4 July 1895 Wardell, Mrs. Christina (Sandall) ** "Andrew Sandall Eva Stiom" Creston, IA
Youngquist, Wm.   17 Nov 1877 Oak, Eva S.    
Youngst, Henry   26 May 1870 Able, Elizabeth    
Younkin, Frank   7 June 1890 Ayers, Helen   Md Osceola, IA
Yount (Yout), Sarah   23 Jan 1878 Burrell, Joseph H.    
Yount, J. C.   Dec 1889 McCheer, Mary J.   Marriage license issued past week
Yount, L. H. "Miles Yount Martha Craycroff (?)" 24 Aug 1890 Clark, Eva "Cyrus Clark Malina Daniel" Thayer, IA


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