Union County Marriages

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All information was taken from the Afton Newspaper

O Surnames

Oads, Mrs. Emma (Sargent)   11 Mar 1881 Pollock(Pollard), James W.    
Oak, Christine   24 Feb 1874 Anderson, A. G.    
Oak, Claus   27 Apr 1872 Applegren, Anna    
Oak, Emma A.   1 Jan 1876 Hansen, Martin    
Oak, Eva S.   17 Nov 1877 Youngquist, Wm.    
Oaks, James S. "William A. Oaks Elizabeth R. Nutchile" 9 Jan 1882 Harlan, Nora E. "Jacob Harlan Mary A. Bicjley" Afton, IA
Oard, John   24 Dec 1868 Day, Mary E.    
Oarg ?, Bazel G.   23 Dec 1858 Milnes, Eliza    
O'Brien, Wm. A.   16 Sep 1875 Carter, Ann    
O'Brien/O'Bryant, Lizzie   1 Dec 1877 Pfeiffer, Henry    
O'Brine, John   26 Jul 1874 Howell, Alzina C.    
O'Bryant/O'Brien, Lizzie   1 Dec 1877 Pfeiffer, Henry    
O'Day, Maggie "Thos. O'Day Mary Kennedy" 23 May 1898 Myers, James "Thos. Myers Ellen Markin" Creston, IA
Oehler, C. H.   Feb 1885 Kaouse, Mertie   Marriage license issued
O'Ferrell/Ferrell, Mary V.   16 Nov 1878 Morris, Henry    
Ogle, James   Apr 1890 Daniels, Lottie   Married during past week
Ohlschlager, Bertha L.   23 Jun 1881 Henderson, H. N.    
Ohlschlager, Charles A.   6 Mar 1880 Mahrenholtz(Manholtz), Mary    
Ohlschlager, Ida   1 Jan 1880 Detering, Charles    
Ohlschlager, Wm. F. "Wm. F. Ohlschlager A. Fisher" 21 Sep 1893 Martins, Katie "Matthew Martins J. Vardak" Creston, IA
Ohlschlager, Wm. L. "Ferdinand Ohlschlager Ernistine Poulon" 29 July 1887 Strey, Amelia "Carl Strey Marie Jandrey" Creston, IA
Oldham, John F. "Joseph Oldham Mary Crowell" 20 June 1889 Bissett, Mary "Robert Bissett Maggie Smith" Creston, IA
Olinger, Charles W. "Squire Olinger Susan Reasoner" 15 Nov 1884 McKimpson, Cora B. "Robert McKimpson Catharine Reed" B. H. Hardice
Olinger, Chas. H.   15 Nov 1884 McKimpson, Carrie   Res. Squire Harden
Olinger, John M. "Squire Olinger Susan Reasoner" 12 June 1887 Allison, Cora D. "Arthur Allison Sarah Bolinger" Res. John Reed
Olinger, Maggie J.   5 Oct 1879 Claypool, John J.    
Olinger, Mary W.   9 Sep 1877 Jackson, John A.    
Olinger, Sarah   24 Feb 1859 Thurlow, S.    
Olinger, Squire   8 Feb 1880 McKimpson, Caroline    
Oliver, Irene   6 Oct 1869 Hudson, Frank    
Oliver, Isabelle   25 Oct 1871 Harsh, Philip L.    
Oliver, Lucretia   11 Nov 1869 Roach, John H.    
Oliver, Marion   20 Oct 1869 Harsh, A. Jennie    
Olschlager, Augusta   1 Oct 1871 Hoffman, George    
Olsen, L. L.   8 Mar 1874 Coon(s), Sally A.    
Olson, August   28 Jul 1870 Johnson, H. L.    
Olson, Louisa   1 Oct 1870 Peterson, Augustus    
Olson, Maggie   6 Jun 1874 Munson, W. F.    
Orr, Alex W. "James Orr Eliza Gray" 27 Sep 1893 Winning, May "Samuel Winning Julia A. Tener" Lorimor, IA
Orr, John J.   9 Mar 1882 Huntsinger, Deborah   Md bride's father in Jones Twp.
Orr, Mary J.   Apr 1884 Grandfield, J. H.   Marriage license issued
Orsbon, Persilla   Aug 1890 Hines, Cornelius   Macksburgh items--both abt 71yrs
Orwan, Samuel   15 Jun 1873 Burkheimer, Katie A.    
Oshel, Ella F.   24 Mar 1881 Embree, C. W.    
Oshel, John W.   18 Jul 1881 Cort, Anna    
Oshel, O. J.   10 Mar 1881 Lucas, Marilla    
O'Shell, John   18 July 1881 Cort, Mrs. Anna   both from Platte Twp.
Osterlind, Joseph A.   21 Oct 1877 Eurborg (Emborg), Matilda L.    
O'Sullivan, Patrick   12 Aug 1874 Hoover, Rachel E.    
Otis, E. M. "William Otis Eliza Morgan" 16 Sep 1897 Dutcher, Jessie (?) "C. W. Dutcher Ruth Taylor" Arispe, IA
Otis, Frank J. "Frank M. Otis Kate Western" 26 Nov 1896 Gilbert, Maggie O. "E. L. Gilbert Martha Masley" Afton, IA
Otis, Nellie   Jan 1890 Miller, C. D.   Marriage permits this week
Otis, Pearlie   28 May 1893 Galbreath, Fred    
Oustoll, Ettie   Apr 1884 Thompson, Adrian   Marriage license issued
Overacker, N. E. "James H. Overacker Caroline Law" 7 June 1887 Ashby, N. E. (Thompson)** "Isaac Thompson Emma Vanlandingham" Creston, IA
Owens, Charles P.   30 Aug 1876 Syp, Launna    
Owens, Mary J.   Mar 1889 Holland, Howard    
Oyster, Nora   22 Feb 1888 Arnold, Henry   Md Occidental Hotel
Oziah, Mary   3 Feb 1879 Cass, Edward    


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