Union County Marriages

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All information was taken from the Afton Newspaper

F Surnames

Facker, Annie E.   24 Dec 1879 Kleinschrodt, J. C.    
Fagan, Libbie A.   19 Dec 1878 Reiley, Bernard    
Fagg, Mary A.   2 Mar 1880 Parrish, W. F.    
Fahlstrom, John "Gaustaf Fahlstrom Mary S. Fahlstrom" 19 Nov 1884 Nord, M. J. "Joseph Nord Ann K. Johnston" Creston, IA
Fairill, Mary   May 1889 Davidson, Geo   Marriage license issued May
Fait, Thomas A.   19 Jul 1879 Smith, S. Loretta    
Falkner, C. H.   11 Oct 1879 Underwood, Hattie A.    
Fanble, Ida "George Fauble ? Baker" 17 Nov 1884 Caben, Ed. B. "R. C. Cabin Mary Ann Boyd" Afton, IA
Fansy, Bertha   Dec 1889 McDonald, J.   Married during December
Farchill, Jane   5 Oct 1862 Conklin, James    
Farl, William E.   22 Sep 1881 Snyder,Annie    
Farley, Henry   25 Mar 1881 Kloewer/Keown, Mary E.    
Farley, Henry   29 Mar. 1881 Cuen, Mary   Jones twp @ bride's mothers home
Farley, James T.   11 Apr 1878 Stroup, J. B.    
Farley, Mary   Mar 1890 McCool, John   Marrige permit issued
Farmworth, Mrs. Jane   24 Oct 1865 White, J. B.    
Farrel, Mary "Michael Farrell Susie O'Brien" 21 May 1889 Davidson, Geo. H. "Charles Davidson Mary Smith" Creston, IA
Farrel, Wm. E.   23 Sept. 1881 Snyder, Annie    
Farrell, M. H. Not given 28 Dec 1882 Kinney, Katie "Patrick Kenney Not given" Creston, IA
Farrell, Michael O.   3 Feb 1881? Browder, Lucy C.    
Farrier, F. K.   8 Apr 1876 Packer, Olive M.    
Farrow, Mattrie L. "Thornton Farrow Jennie Young Farrow" 15 Jan 1887 Benton, Edward D. "George d. Benton Nancy Jane Benton" Creston, IA
Fate, Mary   13 Feb 1888 Shepherd, Lamb   Res: Patrick Kearney
Fay, Henry W.   2 Jan 1869 Brown, Francis E.    
Fees, Dan   28 Sep 1879 Warren, Mrs. L. M.    
Feller, Cora   23 Dec 1888 Siddens, H.   Res: Union twp.
Feney(Pheney), Mary   17 Jul 1881 Schultz, Willis J. (W. J.)    
Feney/Pheney, Mary   17 Jul 1881 Schultz, Willis J. (W. J.)    
Ferguson, G. A.   July 1884 Harris, Mary   Marriage license issued
Ferguson, William   14 Apr 1881 Kinner/Skinner, Martha    
Ferrell/O'Ferrell, Mary V.   16 Nov 1878 Morris, Henry    
Fetter, Florence C. B.   2 Jan 1871 Voigt, William    
Fielding, Thomas   20 May 1880 Palmer, Ada    
Fields, I. N.   15 Oct 1891 Pettit, Carrie   Md. Creston, IA
Fields, Isaac N.   12 Apr 1881 Rhodes, Clara M.    
Figgins, Sarah   8 Mar 1891 Mostoller, Thomas H.   Res: bride's parents
Finch, Julia A.   8 Oct 1876 Robinson, A. L.    
Fink, William U.   12 Mar 1879 Castor, Emma A.    
Finn, Lizzie   8 Dec 1868 Lilley, W. E.    
Finn, Mrs. Mary A.   8 Nov 1866 Wray, John    
Finti, Joseph   2 May 1889 Woolensack, Rebecca   Md Catholic church
Fisher, C. C.   July 1884 Vincent, M. L.   Marriage license issued
Fisher, Cassa (Mrs. Bernard)   3 Aug 1881 Calkin, David P.    
Fisher, Chas. E. "Benjamin Fisher Margaret Sutten" 2 Jan 1887 Claypool, Hellen L. "Wm. Claypool Keatie Ricedorf" Jones Twp., IA
Fisher, F. A.   31 Oct 1880 Little, Mary Alice    
Fisher, Jacob "Benj. Fisher Margaret Sutton" 4 July 1889 Claypool, Alice C. "William Claypool Catherine Risedorf" Bride's parents
Fisher, Mary A.   6 Mar 1881 Shaw, C. S.    
Fisher, Thomas A.   23 Dec 1879 Laphen, Nettie    
Fitch, J. C.   22 Dec 1870 Frier, Josie    
Fitch, Winchester "David Fitch Rebecca Groves" 30 Nov 1884 Wilson, Hattie B. "David Wilson Elizabeth Laferty" John C. Wilson
Fitzsimmons, Bernard "James Fitzsimmons Mary Claire (?)" 24 Sep 1890 Peterson, Laura S. "Guss Peterson Louise Olson" Creston, IA
Fivecoats, John   Sep 1889 Truman, Sadie   Marriage license issued present week
Flammory, Anna   Apr 1890 Reed, Jno   Marriage license granted
Fle__wood, Emeser   18 May 1858 Roby, William M.  
Fleclzel?, Jacob   14 Apr 1857 Rowser, Catharine   License returned
Fleischer, Bertha   Aug 1888 Alberts, Emil   Marriage license issued in July
Fleming, John M.   1 Jun 1871 Hyde, Harriet J.    
Fleming, Joseph B.   7 Sep 1893 Shepherd,Anna    
Fleming, Walter "William Fleming Emma Fleming" 2 Nov 1894 Embree, Mrs. Ella (Oshel) ** "John W. Oshel Mary V. Oshel" Creston, IA
Flint, Charles A. "William Flint Charlotte M. Hand (?)" 2 Nov 1883 Holloway, Emily L. "Richard Holloway Maggie Carlisle" Creston, IA
Flohra, Mary   6 Mar 1890 Swanker, Henry   Marriage permits granted
Flohre, William   15 Jan 1871 Weter, Sarah    
Florrh, Wm.   1 Oct 1867 Dilbert, Louisa (Susanna)    
Floyd, Mary N. (Mrs. Hand)   25 May 1881 Holcomb, Cyrus    
Fluckey, Asa S. "Isaac Fluckey Mary Georgy" 2 Dec 1884 Arnold, Elby C. "Levi Arnold Delia Lester" Afton, IA
Fluckey, Austin L.   18 Apr 1875 Robinson, viola E.    
Fluckey, George   23 Dec 1891 Garrison, Kate    
Fluckey, James   30 Oct 1890 Buck, Lucy    
Fluckey, John A.   5 Dec 1891 Smith, Laura   Res: Geo. Smith
Fluckey, Joseph S.   23 Aug 1893 Johnson, Loza J.   Res: Philoma Brown
Fluckey, May   5 Oct 1882 Stottko, Herman   Lived Sand Creek Twp.
Flynn, Ann   9 Feb 1880 Dalton, Michael    
Foerder, Charles   4 Nov 1876 Spies, Minnie (issue date)    
Fogart, Thomas J.   1 Feb 1872 McMullen, Elson J.    
Fogg, George   21 Oct 1878 Allen, Mary J.    
Foidel, Hannah   July 1881 Elliott, H. M.   No date shown
Foidel, Maria   3 Oct 1882 Sylvester, Frank C.   Res: Lewis Clark
Foidel, Sebastian   3 Oct 1882 Clark, Iva C.   Res. Lewis Clark
Folman, E. G.   5 Jul 1872 Wier, Pauline    
Foraker, Eveline   20 Feb 1866 Robinson, Thos. M.    
Forbes, Lillie C. "Burr Forbes Melianda Umbarger" 30 June 1898 Reed, John Z. "E. B. Reed Ella F. Brown" Res. Bur Forbes
Ford, Joseph Ralph "John Ford Mary Vaughn" 4 Jan 1910 White, Zura Bernice "John Alexander White Ella Irene Clapp" Creston, IA
Ford, Wm. H.   17 Apr 1874 Hedge, Mary P.    
Foreman, Miss   May 1889 Boone, W. A.    
Foremel, August   14 Aug 1880 Peterson, Alice   Issue date-no return
Forgey, Elizabeth   3 Jul 1874 Allison, A. B.    
Forgey, M. C.   11 Nov 1872 Vandervort, J. A.    
Forgy, Margaret A.   10 Sep 1871 Blair, Clement V.    
Forsyth, Joseph   20 Nov 1874 Thompson, Eliza Jane    
Forsythe, Jemima   18 Sep 1872 Lucas, Dewit C.    
Foss, Carrie E.   25 Dec 1879 Patten(Pattorn), Albert B.    
Foster, America E.   26 Jan 1871 Glasgo, Stephen    
Foster, Blanche   29 Nov 1888 Comfort, Preston   Md. M. E. Parsonage
Foster, Louise   16 Apr 1891 Czachert, Jno.   Grant City, MO
Foster, Martha   8 Dec 1861 Glasgo, Prelty    
Foulk, John   17 Jul 1876 Mewhirter, Lydia    
Fowler, Edward   2 Dec 1869 Seward, E. M.    
Fox, Luther   July 1891 Wilson, Flora K.   Md.Des Moines, IA
Francis, Mary C.   June 1885 Tripp, William   Marriage license issued
Franklin, Frederick   18 Nov 1880 Kemplin, Mariah    
Franklin, Mark   14 Oct 1890 Lafever, Cora   Res: bride's parents by Thayer, IA
Frasier, Ada H.   13 Mar 1870 Goble, Robert L.    
Frasier, J. W.   26 Feb 1875 Grandstaff, Mrs. E. J.    
Frasier, Ruben   13 Dec 1893 Seay, Florence   Marshall Co, S.D. paper
Fray, Anna Louisa   8 June 1873 Peterson, John Frederick    
Frayer, Charles   18 Nov 1878 Burger, Mary    
Frederick, Jacob   25 Sep 1864 Arnold, Henrietta    
Frederick, John   13 Sep 1881 Henderson, Angeline   Issue date
Fredrick, Kate   Aug 1884 Schmitz, John   Marriage license issued
Fredrickson, Fredrica   4 Nov 1871 Johnston, Christ   Issue date
Freeman, Chas.   July 1884 Weeter, Katie O.   Marriage license issued
French, Amos B. "Eastmond French ? McCollough" 7 Nov 1884 Turner, Mattie "James Turner Nancy Ann Turner" Union Co., IA
French, Bertha   Dec 1893 Bryant, James T.    
French, Frank V.   28 Dec 1893 Hathaway, Stella    
Freytag, Sophia "John Freytag Sophia Hessel" 27 June 1895 Niemeier, Henry C. "Gottlieb Niemeier Friederika Detering" Creston, IA
Friday, Charles   9 Nov 1879 Swanken, Eliza    
Frier, Josie   22 Dec 1870 Fitch, J. C.    
Frizell, W. S.   26 Apr 1875 Landis, Lena    
Frost,   10 Oct 1880 Nunn,   Eloped to Missouri
Frost, Margaret M.   25 Dec 1881 Spooner, Milton F.    
Froye/Troyer, Albert E.   10 Nov. 1881 Scott, Hattie O.    
Full/Tall, Chas. W.   7 Aug 1881 Luman, Alice    
Fullenwider, Kate   17 Aug 1881 Robinson, P. G.   Groom from Pine City, MN
Fuller, A. Roy "A. R. Fuller M. E. Sharpmock" 29 June 1895 Brannan, Allace "Jas. K. Brannan Opha Brown" Creston, IA
Fuller, Evaline   12 May 1881 Stanford, Lincoln A.    
Fuller, Fannie F.   2 Sep 1878 Shute, John W.    
Fuller, Henry W.   5 Nov 1873 Granfield, Sarah A.    
Fuller, Ida M.   13 Jul 1879 Shelden, John    
Fuller, J. W.   18 Nov 1875 Gard, Francis F.    
Fuller, Lucy M. "David S. Fuller Carolina E. Wright" 2 Jan 1882 Mason, Albert "James Mason Margaret Shanon" Creston, IA
Fullmer, Jefferson D.   27 Dec 1891 Jones, Julia    
Fulton, Della M.   22 Mar 1872 Gager, John D.    
Funk, James   7 Jul 1880 Smith, Eva    
Furgison (?), James J.   23 Mar 1871 Reed, Mary A.    
Furguson, Thos. E.   5 Aug 1874 Bower, Josie M.   Md Council Bluffs, IA
Furr, Charles S.   8 Dec 1874 Linsay, Libbie    


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