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Triple Wedding

(The Star newspaper, 20 December 1888)

Commerce1, Ala. Dec. 12, 1888
Dear Star: – Please allow me to say something from our community as, things seem to be somewhat on a boom.

Married, on Sunday morning, Dec. the 9th, at the residence of the two brides and bridegroom's father, Hon. John Patrick2, of Activity, Monroe County, Ala., Mr. Berry Mixon3, of Abbott4, to Miss Sallie Patrick5, Mr. Samuel McPherson6 of Garland7, to Miss Mattie Patrick8, and Mr. Kirk Patrick9 to Miss Georgia Waggoner10, of Abbott, Ala, Rev. Mr. Harp officiating.
Kind Mr. Patrick gave his children a fine wedding, invited his connections to participate with them, and although as unfavorable a day as it was, they crowded in to share the bountiful repast. It made us feel good to extend to our esteemed friends the hand of congratulation.
The next day we assembled ourselves with the happy triplets at Old Uncle Nellie Mixon's11 who gave them their ____fare dinner, where were also a goodly number of friends to enjoy the occasion. After dinner, we had music and all things passed of nicely. But Oh! it made us feel sad to see them part with their teary eyes filled to the brim.
No kinder or more hospitable family in Monroe county than that of Mr. John Patrick. Wishing the young couples a long and happy life, attended by the blessings of God, and that they may be indeed the servants of the Master.

I am Respectfully,
R. O. Coker12

Identification of people and places mentioned in the article

    1 - Commerce: a town in Conecuh County, AL.
    2 - John PATRICK - father of Sallie PATRICK, Mattie PATRICK, and Kirk PATRICK..
    3 - Berry MIXON: James Ellsberry MIXON, son of Nelson MIXON.
    4 - Abbott: a town in Conecuh County, AL.
    5 - Sallie Patrick: Sarah Ann PATRICK, daughter of John PATRICK.
    6 - Samuel McPHERSON: William Samuel McPHERSON, son of John F. McPHERSON.
    7 - Garland: a town in Butler County, AL.
    8 - Mattie PATRICK: Martha Pamelia PATRICK, daughter of John PATRICK.
    9 - Kirk PATRICK: son of John PATRICK.
  10 - Georgia WAGGONER: spouse of Kirk PATRICK.
  11 - Uncle Nellie MIXON: Nelson MIXON, father of James Ellsberry MIXON.
  12 - R. O. COKER: Robert O. COKER, friend of the MIXONs and witness to the triple wedding.

Transcription and identification by Joe Defazio, 24 August 2010