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Many questions have been asked concerning the technology used in modern genealogy research. Although I am an amateur genealogist, I am also a professional graphic designer, educator and librarian -- and I am willing to share some of my knowledge and experience gained from years of working with computers and digital technology. I put together a set of helpful guides for doing such things as preserving old family photos and scanning them for use on the internet.

  • Help Tip 1   Some tips for those just beginning their genealogy research.
  • Help Tip 2   Preserving and storing old family photographs.
  • Help Tip 3   Scanning photos to create digital images; creating and preserving digital videos.
  • Help Tip 4   GEDCOM files; what they are and how to use them.
  • Help Tip 5   Why do I need to use genealogy software?
  • Help Tip 6   Beware of genealogy fraud . . .
  • Help Tip 7   Beware of the Spam Filter . . .
  • Help Tip 8   Recent changes in the RootsWeb guestbooks.
  • Help Tip 9   Using the United States Census for genealogy research.
  • Help Tip 10 How to use genetic genealogy (DNA results) in your family history research.
  • Help Tip 11 Helpful forms for tracking your genealogy research.
  • Help Tip 12 Social Networking and Genealogy.
  • Help Tip 13 Soundex demystified.
  • Help Tip 14 Proper use of evidence and source citations.
  • Help Tip 15 Cloud Computing explained.
  • Help Tip 16 Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text (as opposed to image) scanning explained.
  • Help Tip 17 Serious Researcher, or Name Collector?