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Letter from Susie Dean to Nellie and Letcher Dean

(numbers in red indicate identification of people and places, found at the end of the letter)

Vernon, Texas
Feb. 23, 1933

Dear Nellie1 & family got your letter Friday my but I sure was tickled Pink to get it I was just sitting here by the fire thinking  about you all & that I must get Busy & Write Slick2 surely do fell ashamed that I didn't write him for I was sick when I got the Xmas card & money & then as soon as we could we had to kill hogs & move it was all most a week after Xmas that I got the money & card. but many many thanks for it Slick my how nice it was of you to send me the money Slick I didn't know but what you had forgoten yur old-gray haired grandmother.  ha ha

Nellie you shake off the cold weather you all was having my my but we sure have had cold weather up here & more sickness all (?) nice one of our neighbors baby has been very low the past week but is better today someone is sick at every house in Rayland3 but so far Petes4 family has been well  Nellie you ask me if I wouldent come & stay a while with you yes I will when the weather gets warmer & there isent so much sickness around & I can get me a few glad Rags to wear. Seems like we cant get enough ahead to buy clothes with only to keep the children in school & there they don’t have what they realy need.  but I sure do want to come & will just as soon as the weather gets warmer I am like you I could talk & then talk some more Willie5 & Wilma6 came to see me last summer & I sure did enjoy their visit but Willie was so little & thin & her hair as white as this paper poor  Willie sure has had a hard time & I know it nearly killed her when she found out that Wilma was married  Say Nellie do you know whether Kel7 is in the Pen or not I heard they thought he was but I haven't heard from Willie since before Xmas only a Xmas card yes Nellie I know you and Letcher8 are tickled pink about Lanell9 she certainly has done wonderful well and I sure am glad she has yes I cant imagine the children all being so large seems only yesterday they were little tots. But its like the old saying here today & gone tomorrow sure do want to see the children & Slick weighing 144 my what a fine man he must be. Sure sorry Letcher got all bruised up & hope he will soon be well again I often think of him as I have always had a very tender feeling for him ever since I been in the family poor old Lump10 am sorry for him but still think he did me dirty about my things and allways will I wonder if Kate11 hasn’t got some of that twist out of her since they has got as poor as poor Devils  Where is Ruth12 & Frank13 & did Kate get any of her mothers Big estate. Is Mr. & Mrs. Ray14 still living & where is Mrs. Irvwin15 also Mrs. Tamaurtin16(?) that lived by us. Well I had a letter from Mae17 & Edna18 a few days ago Edna was trying for the post office there at Columbus19. My Nellie I guess when I come to see you I will just talk you to death so many things I cant write & I sure am coming if we all stay well and the weather gets warmer. Our children are doing well in school if they did have to stay out till after Xmas  Sybil20 is in the 8th grade Paul21 in the 5 -- Truitt22 the 3rd Bob23 the 2nd but my what a job to keep them going in times like they are. Well I guess I have told about all I know and then some so I guess I had better quit for this time before the wast basket gets it but will tell you everything when I see you so you can just make up your mind that I am coming fer I scream & Oh boy what a time we will have talking.  ha ha.  so please send the pictures    love and best wishes to all   loveingly  Susie Dean.24

In the margin at top of letter, Susie wrote: Nellie I didn’t get no letter from you all Xmas got the card & money.

Identification of people and places mentioned in the letter

  1 - Nellie: Nellye Blithe Alexander DEAN, wife of Letcher Bethune DEAN.
  2 - Slick: Letcher Alexander DEAN, son of Nellye and Letcher.
  3 - Rayland: town in Foard County, Texas; residence of Pete GOBIN and family.
  4 - Pete: Jessie Laurel GOBIN, son of Susie DEAN.
  5 - Willie: Willie Daisy Dean PINGELTON, wife of Samuel Calvin Pingelton, sister of Letcher Bethune DEAN.
  6 - Wilma: Wilma Delorse PINGELTON, daughter of Willie and Samuel.
  7 - Kel: James Kelon PINGELTON, son of Willie and Samuel.
  8 - Letcher: Letcher Bethune DEAN, husband of Nellye Blithe Alexander DEAN; brother of Willie.
  9 - Lanell - Rita Lanelle Dean KIDD, daughter of Nellye and Letcher.
10 - Lump: Leslie McCall DEAN, brother of Willie and Letcher.
11 - Kate: Katie Vera Payne DEAN, wife of Lump.
12 - Ruth: unknown; possibly Kate's sister
13 - Frank: unknown
14 - Mr. & Mrs. Ray: unknown
15 - Mrs. Irvwin: unknown
16 - Mrs. Tamaurtin: unknown
17 - Mae: Nanna May Dean ARNOLD, sister of Letcher, Lump and Willie.
18 - Edna: Edna Belle Dean EVANS, sister of Letcher, Lump, Willie and Mae.
19 - Columbus: town in Luna County, New Mexico; residence of Edna EVANS and family.
20 - Sybil: Sybil GOBIN, daughter of Jessie Laurel "Pete" GOBIN.
21 - Paul: Paul Ray GOBIN, son of Jessie.
22 - Truitt: Homer Truett GOBIN, son of Jessie.
23 - Bob: Robert Gerald GOBIN, son of Jessie.
24 - Susie Dean: Susan Harriet Gobin DEAN, mother of Jessie Laurel "Pete" GOBIN, grandmother of Sybil, Paul, Truitt, and Bob; widow of James D. DEAN.
*James D. DEAN - the father of Letcher, Lump, Willie, Mae and Edna, from his first marriage (to Sarah Susannah "Annie" MIXON).

Transcription and identifications by Joe Defazio, Oct 2007.