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Obituary of Nelson Mixon (1819-1893)

(from an unknown newspaper)

MIXON.- Nelson Mixon was born in Monroe county, Ala., April 24, 1819, and departed this life at Commerce, Conecuh county, Ala., November 6, 1893. He professed religion and joined the church in 1832. In December, 1841, he was married to Elizabeth McCall in Conecuh county, Ala., who still lives to mourn her sad loss, and also nine living children. He loved the church and her ordinances, and served her faithfully for thirty years in the capacity of steward and class leader. In 1890 he was licensed to exhort, but soon after his health failed and he was not able to do much. He was an invalid for six years, and was a great sufferer from asthma. At intervals he would grow better, and then he would go out among his neighbors and hold prayer meetings and exhort sinners to Christ, and doubtless accomplished much good. He manifested a deep interest in the salvation of his dear children, and would often talk to the writer about them, and request prayer for them, and would often say, "I believe God will answer my prayers and save my children." He was a man of faith -- he was a great believer in the doctrine and polity of the Methodist church, and adhered to the old primiotive style of Methodism. He was ever ready to hold up the hands of his preacher, and his door was always open for the poor weary itinerant. His hospitalities and warm sympathy, without stint, made no pretentions to display; he was plain in all his ways. He was somewhat eccentric in his nature, and would appear uncouth sometimes with his most intimate friends, and would speak harshly and unadvisedly, but his general tenor of life would always point in the right direction.
We had no stronger advocate for prohibition in our church. He was the first man to head a petition and circulate it in Conecuh county in favor of local prohibition. He was a man of great energy, perseverance and courage in anything he undertook. Hence the church to which he belonged will feel her sad loss. May the Lord bless and sanctify this sad providence to the good of the church and the society to which he belonged. May God grant, in his own good time, the answer to his many prayers in behalf of his children and family. may they all be saved in heaven.