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McCall Family Cemetery -- Conecuh County, AL

The McCall Family Cemetery is located in Conecuh County, AL, about 20 miles north of Evergreen on Highway 83, southeast of Skinnerton. Directly across the road from the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church and Cemetery, go east down the unpaved road named Anthony Circle. This leads to another unpaved road that branches off to the left (east). The cemetery is about 200 yards down this unnamed road on the right side. It is fenced but unmarked and overgrown, with many gravestones broken or illegible. A book with listings of burials is available in the Evergreen Public Library. The following list is incomplete; at least 20 graves are unmarked. Photos of the cemetery are available, taken in May 2002 by Bryan Sims.   (13 Oct 2007)

GPS coordinates of the cemetery:
N 31° 39' 47.12"
W 87° 2' 5.71"

BROWN, Emma   b. 14 Sep 1874, d. Jun 1880   (daughter of George Washington BROWN and Nancy Ann MCCLAMMY)

BROWN, George W.   b. 25 Feb 1843, d. 2 Aug 1904   (son of Willis William BROWN and Frances DEWBERRY)

BROWN, J. J.   Company D, Alabama Infantry, CSA

* BROWN, John Wesley   b. ca 1767, d. aft 1822

BROWN, Phoebe C. (Phoebe Caroline GRAY)   b. 6 Jul 1831, d. 20 Apr 1870   (wife of William Wiley BROWN)

* BROWN, Sarah (Sarah Nisa Polly HANSOR)   b. 1770, d. aft 1821   (wife of John Wesley BROWN)

* ETHERIDGE, Allen   b. 1819, d. 24 Oct 1899

ETHERIDGE, Marranda (Marranda COOK)   b. 27 Aug 1815, d. 4 Jan 1908   (wife of Allen ETHERIDGE)

* HIGDON, Eliza (Elizabeth Louisa MIXON)   b. 13 Apr 1828, d. 2 Jun 1907   (wife of William R. HIGDON)

HIGDON, William R.    b. 13 Sep 1818, d. 4 Mar 1901

HIGDON, William Zachariah    b. 17 Oct 1886, d. 5 Aug 1887

LEWES, Walter H.

* MCCALL, Caroline   b. 1812, d. bef 1900   (daughter of Duncan B. MCCALL and Susan Elizabeth BROWN)

* MCCALL, Duncan B.   b. 1782, d. bef 1870

MCCALL, John Allen   b. 9 May 1886, d. 18 Feb 1888   (son of John MCCALL and Martha Marranda ETHERIDGE)

* MCCALL, Susan (Susan Elizabeth BROWN)   b. 17 Apr 1791, d. bef 1860   (wife of Duncan B. MCCALL)

MCLAMMY, John Duncan   b. 23 Jun 1884, d. 28 Apr 1901   (son of Joshua Wright MCCLAMMY and Mary Suzanne MCCALL)

MIXON, Eliza (Elizabeth Jane MCCALL)   b. 16 May 1822, d. 1 Jan 1904   (wife of Nelson MIXON)

MIXON, Eliza Jane   b. 5 Jan 1868, d. 1 Feb 1868   (daughter of J. N. & M.)

MIXON, George Washington   b. 11 May 1847, d. 11 Nov 1864   (son of Nelson MIXON and Elizabeth Jane MCCALL)

MIXON, Infant   b. 23 Sep 1873, d. 8 Nov 1873   (son of J. N. & M.)

MIXON, Infant   b. 4 Oct 1909, d. 9 Oct 1909   (son of J. N. & M.)

MIXON, John Nelson M. D.    b. 16 May 1875, d. 28 Aug 1909

MIXON, Nelson   b. 24 Apr 1819, d. 6 Nov 1893

* indicates unmarked grave or illegible marker