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Recent Changes to the Guestbook

I wondered why the entries to my guestbook stopped in March of 2008. I since contacted the RootsWeb help desk, and they had this to say about the HTML code changes on the guestbooks:

"Since RootsWeb's servers were moved to, one small change needs to be made to the guestbook code. In a few places, it refers to Changing this to will get your guestbook working again. You may want to copy and paste from the sample guestbook code at the following link."

The issue appeared to be that the guestbook was not receiving input from visitors -- it gave an error message instead of sending the visitor to a verification page. I made the recommended changes, and the guestbook input is functioning once again. So if you visited the guestbook once before and found the error message, please try again. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

NOTE: on 23 March 2009, I made the decision to close down my genealogy guestbook due to the overwhelming number of spam messages that were left.

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