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Letter from Emmett S. Dean to his father, James D. Dean

Waco, Texas.
April 3, 1909.

Dear Papa and Home Folks:
We received your letter the other day and was so glad to hear that Letcher was better. Do hopw that he will not get a back set.
We are all well enough. Melba was a little sick yesterday, but it was her stomach teeth. She is O. K. today. Business has been doing very well this week. We are still working hard. Have not caught up with our work yet. Seems like it piles up till we can't get to do somethings that needed doing a month ago.
Papa, I'm sure you are needing some money and I am enclosing you check for $25. This will help you on some, and we can send you a little along till you can get straightened out.
We got the proofs of your photo and they are all good. We picked out one, but have not carried the proof back. Will in a day or so.
Hope Edna's baby is getting along O. K. Write us every time you can, if it is only a card and tell us how you are all getting along.
Wish we were close enough to spend tomorrow with you all.
All send love to you all. Write us.
Emmett S. Dean