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Obituary of Elizabeth McCall Mixon (1822-1904)

(from an unknown newspaper)

MIXON.- On January 1, 1904, Sister Eliza Mixon passed into the home of the good. She was born May 15, 1822, and had sojourned here some 82 years. In early life she set her heart upon God, and he fulfilled to her this Scripture: "With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation." While still a girl she moved from South Carolina with her relatives and settled in Conecuh County, Alabama.
On the 23rd of December, 1841, she was happily married to Nelson Mixon. With this good man she lived happily for more than fifty years. But he passed over the river before her, leaving her to tarry beside the river ten lonely years.
God gave her twelve children, and she added to these two orphans, to whom she gave her love and toil as tho they had been her own. Three of the children passed over before her, nine still remain to mourn her loss.
Sister Mixon's religious experiences, while never of the loud demonstrative kind, were very satisfactory. In early life she joined the Baptist church, but after marrying Bro. Mixon she changed to the M. E. Church, South. She never talked religion much but lived it all the time.
She kept a conscience void of offense towards God and man. She was never known to harbor a hard feeling towards any one. And was one of the few who had no enemies. She was not a fault finder, but a pure, guileless soul minding her own business.
Her love of the church was strong and abiding. Not only was she ready but anxious to do her part. The heralds of the Cross found in her a true friend, always glad to see them, and ever ready to serve them.
She was a mother to the poor, and believed with Solomon that "He that has pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord." A great many received food at her hands. Her last sickness, though severe, was not long, but was cut short with a call to come up higher. She told them she was not afraid. One of her favorite expressions during this last sickness was "It's all right." She died at Peterman, Alabama, but according to her wish, was laid to rest at the McCall graveyard in Conecuh County, Alabama. "He giveth his beloved sleep."

C. S. ____lley