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Obituary of Sarah Susannah “Annie” Mixon Dean (1849-1909)

(from an unknown newspaper)

DEAN.- Mrs. J. D. Dean was born in Conecuh County, Alabama, April 22, 1849. Moved to Escambia County, Florida in 1886, then to Smith County, Texas, and finally to Abilene, Texas in 1908, where she died March 11, 1909, lacking one month and eleven days of being sixty years old. She was married to Brother J. D. Dean December 9, 1874, with whom she walked happily for more than thirty four years. To them were born seven children, all of whom with their father abide to mourn their loss. Sister Dean came from a large family of nine children, where she learned those excellent lessons of unselfishness and consideration for others. Thus trained she was able to make her own home a place of rest, peace and constant attraction to her husband and children, so that they rise up and call her blessed. She early gave her heart to God and joined the Southern Methodist Church, in which communion she lived and died, being always careful to keep her membership in the Church nearest her. She delighted to attend the services of her Church, and she believed in taking her children with her, or sending them when she herself could not go. Thus she and her Christian husband early led them into the Church where they are all members today. As a mother no higher compliment could be paid her than to be able thus to say that she raised to maturity and led to Christ every child born to her. No where did she shine more than in the quietude of her own home. She always looked on the bright side of life. Her earthly lot was not always most fortunate or highly favored. For ten years before her death she was afflicted, often suffering keenly, but she never complained, but always exhibited a bright, cheerful, hopeful spirit in both conversation and correspondence. Truly, in her own quiet way she was a hero. In the school of affliction, as she drew near the gates, her spirit ripened for heaven. She saw the approach of death, but she felt no fear; she was ready. She closed her life in peace with God and all mankind. Thus the true mother, genuine wife, faithful home-maker, good neighbor, devoted Church member, pure Christian, has passed to her final reward. God grant that the family so long unbroken on the earth may at last be eternally unbroken in heaven.