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Umberger/Umbarger and Allied Families of Wythe County VA and Southwest VA

Don Umberger
I was born in Rural Retreat, Wythe County VA and my family moved north when I was young to find work so I never had that close connection that my parents, aunts, uncles had where they could meet people on the street and point out to me my relationship to that person. So I did the next best thing and have been trying to captive this information in a computer database.
My database

Black Lick Cemetery, Black Lick, Wythe County VA
(Marvin or Marvin Methodist Church Cemetery)
My work started on the Black Lick Cemetery because so many of my family are buried there with many not having formal markers, at best only "place markers"
Black Lick Cemetery data

Enterprise Obituaries
Southwest Virginia Enterprise Newspaper, Wythe County VA
Wanting to continue the work of my aunts and not having the close connect of living in Wythe County, the Enterprise became my source for current information on the family. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE "HOME" ADDRESS IS WRONG , I am working on correcting this and the GED files ARE NOT ALLOWED on this site
Enterprise Obits databases

I am playing with PAF5 and how it creates WEB pages, so I have put up this file of all of the Obits I have from 1981-1999
This will not stay around

Enjoy and hope this will help you, use any that you can, check everything that you do use. Let me know of errors and please give me credit if you decide to use any of it.

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