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'CRUMP'  from  1851  census  for  Halesowen  &  Bromsgrove.

Transcribed & kindly contributed by Lesley Rhodes.


Long Lane, Halesowen

CRUMP, William, HEAD, M, 43, Nail forger, WOR, Halesowen

                Betty, WIFE, M,, 46, Nail Forger,, WOR, Halesowen

                John, SON, U, 18,, Nail forger,, WOR, Halesowen

                Joseph, SON, U, 16,, Nail forger,, WOR, Halesowen

               William, SON, 14,, Nail forger,, WOR, Halesowen

                Charles, SON, 12,, Nail forger,, WOR, Halesowen

                Henry, SON, 10,, Scholar,, WOR, Halesowen

                Catherine, DAU, U, 5,,Scholar,, WOR, Halesowen

Woodcut, Bromsgrove

CRUMP, Henry HEAD, U, 44,, Basket maker,, WOR, Chaddesley

Corbett William, LODG, W, 76,, Basket maker,, WOR, Chaddesley

Corbett George, LODG, U, 51,, Basket maker,, WOR, Chaddesley Corbett

Lickey Rock, Bromsgrove

CRUMP, Benjamin, HEAD, M, 55, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

               Elizabeth, WIFE, M, 55, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

               Thomas, SON, U, 22, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

               Dorrity, DAU, 13, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

               Charles, SON, 11, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

               Martin, SON, 9, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove


Cottage Farm, Crook Hall, Bromsgrove

CRUMP Susannah 14, Farm Servant, WOR, Bromsgrove


Wood Lane, Bromsgrove

CRUMP, Richard, HEAD, M, 31, Brick maker, WOR, Bromsgrove

                Millissa, WIFE. M. 34, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove


Wood lane, Bromsgrove

CRUMP, Susan, HEAD, U, 45, Seamstress, WOR, Bromsgrove

                Mary, DAU, U, 16, Nailor, WOR, Bromsgrove

                Emma, DAU, 10, WOR, Bromsgrove


Bourneheath Lower Lane, Bromsgrove

CRUMP, Emma, VR, 9, Scholar, WOR, Bromsgrove


Bell End, Belbroughton

CRUMP Hannah, SV, U, 30, Cook, WOR, Chaddesley Corbett


Bell End, Belbroughton

CRUMP, George, HEAD, M, 37, Victualler, WOR, Broom

               Sarah, WIFE, M, 36, WOR, Astley

               Harriet, DAU, 4, WOR, Belbroughton

               George Edward, SON, 2, WOR, Belbroughton

               Sarah Ann, DAU, 1, WOR, Belbroughton


Meer House, Hagley

CRUMP, George, SERV, U, 17, General Servant, WOR, Bromsgrove


The Spout, Hagley

CRUMP, Sarah, ML, W, 82, SAL, Worfield


Hagley Hall, Hagley

CRUMP, Winifred, GO, U,24, Governess, NK, Nk


Blake Down, Hagley

CRUMP, Charles, SERV, U, 15, Ag. Labourer, STS, Kinfare

                Rebecca, SERV, U, 14, House Servant, STS, Kinfare