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A UHLMAN Family Tree

  1. Connections to other families.
  2. World War I , Uhlmans serving in:
  3. The Schooner, Two Sisters , Registration 1817, Captain Cornelius Uhlman
  4. Latest research of the Schooner, Two Sisters
  5. Description of the Schooner, Two Sisters
  6. Last Will and Testament of Melchior 1Uhlman 1762.
  7. Last Will and Testament of Cornelius 2Uhlman 1780
  8. Allotmemt Book, Halifax 1749/50, page 165
  9. Broad Bay , MA (Waldoboro, ME)
  10. Louisbourg Theory
  11. Sebastian Zouberbuhler Story-The Switzerland Connection
  12. North Dakota Connection:

  13. (a) James McEwen Uhlman Story
    (b) Thad Ulman Story
    (c) Jeffrey Hanley (Henley) Story
    (d) Train Wreck 6 December 1911
    (e) Cattle Dip near Ragged Buttes
  14. The Wisconsin Connection - Martin and Iday May Lewis-Uhlman
  15. Douglas Thaddius Uhlman - A Massachusetts Connection
  16. LeRoy Roosevelt Uhlman
  17. Chelsea Connection
  18. List of Documents copied from the Public Archives
  19. Table1 ,2 ,3 ,4 of Deeds copied from the Public Archives
  20. Auburn/Morden , Kings County, Nova Scotia-Connection
  21. James Cornelius Uhlman , Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
  22. Private Olman Chester Johnson's WWII Attestation Papers A - B
Malcolm Uhlman,
Kingston, N.S.