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William George Tyler (1876 - 1936) 

William George Tyler was born November 03, 1876 in Appelton, MN, and died November 26, 1936 in Pasadena, CA.  He married Anna Caroline Lewis, May 05, 1902, daughter of Andrew Lewis and Caroline Puls.  She was born February 20, 1881, and died July 08, 1936 in Stockton, CA.

William and his family left Minnesota and moved to Washington State sometime around 1900.  I think William's Uncle John Tyler probably was the reason why they moved there as his uncle lived in Cheney and Spokane.  After living in WA they then moved to Gridlely, CA.

Most of what I know about William comes from his son (my grandfather) Ward Tyler (aka "Gramps").  Gramps had told me that his Dad and Mother were separated, but I don't know if they were actually divorced.  Gramps never had anything good to say about his Dad. Evidently his father was a womanizer.  After William and Anna seperated, Anna stayed in Stockton and William moved to Pasedena, CA.  Gramps was notified of his father death by his Aunt.  To see the text of the letter, click here A lot of the information on William's death certificate is incorrect.  His death certificate listed his name as Harry. To see a copy of his death certificate click here  I wish I knew more about him, but  I don't.  The picture in the right hand corner is William and his wife Anna and their daughter Kathleen and their son Ward.

    Children of William Tyler  and Anna Lewis are:

         1.  Kathleen  Annice Tyler, b. March 06, 1905, d August 1987
         2.  Ward Erwin Tyler, b. July 10, 1907, Spokane, WA; d. August 19, 1988, Stockton, CA.
  Marjorie Tyler, b. January 1913.  Died of the measles while very young.  Buried at Gridley, CA.

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