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(Also known as Mike Carlson)



Mikko Kiviniemi was born in Rovaniemi, Finland on September 30, 1862.  He left Finland in 1871on six-week journey aboard the sailing ship Nebraska to Duluth Minnesota.  He left Duluth at some point and worked in a slaughterhouse in St Paul, Minnesota.  There, he changed his name to Mike Carlson since it was easier to spell and pronounce than Kiviniemi.  After an unknown amount of time he went back to Duluth and then on foot to Soudan.  He worked in a mine for a few years, till he got a team of horses and started to work plowing, hauling wood, and hauling and raking hay for the people in Soudan.


His wife, Ida Marie Flanki was born on April 7, 1871 in Oulu, Finland.  With her mother, she came to America (more specifically Michigan) in 1871.  She went to school in Michigan and came to Soudan in 1885.  Her mother married and went back to Michigan.  Mikko married Ida Marie on November 12, 1887 in Soudan.


They had a total of thirteen children:

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Children of MIKKO CARLSON and IDA FLANKI are:

2.       i.        MAE FLORENCE2 CARLSON, b. February 11, 1889; d. 1961.

ii.                  ERNEST WILLIAM CARLSON, b. March 13, 1891; d. March 1976, St Louis County,

Minnesota; m. INA LAHTI.

iii.      ARTHUR HERBERT CARLSON, b. January 15, 1895; d. February 03, 1982; m. ELSIE PETERSON; b. June 24, 1896, Finland; d. February 1987.

3.       v.       ALICE MARGUERITE CARLSON, b. January 13, 1897, Soudan, Minnesota; d. February 03, 1943, Spokane, Washington.

4.       iv.      HAROLD EVERETT CARLSON, b. November 06, 1899; d. May 1968.

          vi.      ELMER ROBERT CARLSON, b. February 1902; d. January 01, 1903.

          vii.     WILFRED CARLSON.

          viii.    EDNA MILDRED CARLSON, b. 1906; d. January 18, 1963; m. STANLEY HUGH HEADRICK; b. July 02, 1906; d. March 1976.

5.       ix.      EDWIN ARNOLD CARLSON, b. May 14, 1908; d. August 1974, Soudan, MN.

6.       x.       EVELYN HAZEL CARLSON, b. May 05, 1910, Breitung, Minnesota; d. September 11, 2001, Spokane, Washington,

                   m John Edward Spaeth Oct 21, 1933 b.Nov 10, 1910, d Apr 21, 1984

xi.      GERTRUDE JOYCE CARLSON, b. February 23, 1913; d. March 31, 2002; m. ALAN HERBERT HAM, 1952; b. June 28, 1912; d. November 27, 1989.

          xii.     UNA ELIZABETH CARLSON, b. June 25, 1915; d. May 1960; m. JOE COLBY.

          xiii.    IDA MARIE CARLSON, b. April 07, 1920; m. FRANK HOUCHIN.


Sept 6, 1931

L to R back row:  Mrs. Helen Carlson, Una Carlson, Harold Carlson, Gertie Carlson, Edwin Carlson, Evelyn Carlson, Mrs. Mae Carlson

L to R front row:  Harold Jr., Rolly, Margie Carlson




Generation No. 2


2.  MAE FLORENCE2 CARLSON (MIKKO KIVINIEMI1) was born February 11, 1889, and died 1961.  She married JACK MOILANEN. 


Children of MAE CARLSON and JACK MOILANEN are:

          i.        EVELYN3 MOILANEN.

          ii.       JACKIE MOILANEN, d. May 1920.

          iii.      ANN MARIE MOILANEN.


3.  ALICE MARGUERITE2 CARLSON (MIKKO KIVINIEMI1) was born January 13, 1897 in Soudan, Minnesota, and died February 03, 1943 in Spokane, Washington.  She married BENJAMIN FRANCIS WESTBY.  He was born November 22, 1881 in Afton, Minnesota, and died June 28, 1971 in Spokane, Washington.



Burial: July 02, 1971, Opportunity, Washington



7.       i.        ARLETTA JEAN3 WESTBY, b. July 07, 1926, Spokane, WA; d. February 28, 1989,

Spokane, WA.

8.       ii.       LORETTA JOYCE WESTBY, b. August 20, 1932, Spokane, WA.

9.       iii.      PAUL ALAN WESTBY, SR, b. March 20, 1934, Spokane, Washington; d. June 18,

1990, Tucson, Arizona.

10.     iv.      DEAN ARCHIBALD WESTBY, b. March 15, 1936, Spokane, WA.


4.  HAROLD EVERETT2 CARLSON (MIKKO KIVINIEMI1) was born November 06, 1899, and died May 1968.  He married HELEN JOHNSON. 



          i.        HAROLD3 CARLSON, JR., b Feb 2, 1925, d Feb 11, 2004



5.  EDWIN ARNOLD2 CARLSON (MIKKO KIVINIEMI1) was born May 14, 1908, and died August 1974 in Soudan, MN.  He married MAMIE KOIVOSTA. 



          i.        EDWIN3 CARLSON, JR.

          ii.       BRUCE CARLSON.

          iii.      JONATHAN CARLSON.

          iv.      JOAN CARLSON.

          v.       BRIAN CARLSON.


6.  EVELYN HAZEL2 CARLSON (MIKKO KIVINIEMI1) was born May 05, 1910 in Breitung, Minnesota, and died September 11, 2001 in Spokane, Washington.    She married JOHN EDWARD SPAETH October 21, 1933 in Spokane, WA, son of LOUIS SPAETH and NELLIE JOHNSON.  He was born November 09, 1910 in Spokane, Washington, and died April 21, 1984 in Spokane, Washington.




11.     i.        KAREN JOYCE3 SPAETH, b. December 03, 1931, Spokane, WA. d March 27, 2007, Stockton, CA

12.     ii.       SHIRLEY ANN SPAETH, b. April 10, 1934, Spokane, WA.

          iii.      EVELYN JANE SPAETH, b. May 04, 1942, Spokane, WA; d. February 07, 1993, Spokane, WA.

13.     iv.      NANCY CAROL SPAETH, b. February 25, 1944, Spokane, WA.

14.     v.       SUSAN ELIZABETH SPAETH, b. April 30, 1945, Spokane, WA. d. May 11, 2007 Spokane, WA