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John Henry Harding
Born 1 Sept 1847 Jefferson, IN
Civil War Records

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Civil War Records
War Info:
John H. Harding

Civil War: Description of solider per the Discharge papers: (typed [sic] or exact)

John H. Harding a Private of Captain Benj S Nicklin's Company, 13",
Battery Regiment of Indiana Light Artillery Volunteers
, who was enrolled on the Tenth day of March 1864 to serve Three years or during the war is hereby Discharge from the service of the United States this Tenth day of July, 1865 at Indianapolis Indiana by reason of SC No 70 "Hd2cs Dept" C or Tenn "June 23" 1836. (No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist.*)

Said John H. Harding was born in Jefferson Co in the State of Indiana, is Eighteen years of age, Five feet Six inches high, Light complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a Farmer. Given at Indianapolis Ind this Tenth day of July 1865. signed: John Selkirk 1st ....? Commanding the Battery.

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His birthday is Sept 1, 1847 so he was only 17 when he mustered out, meaning that he enlisted in at 16. I have a copy of the original. Jo (granddaughter to JHH) has "Granddaddy's" Original Civil War Discharge paper. She told me in a letter that it is very yellowed, torn, and aged. She keeps it in a safety deposit box and took time to get it out, copy it and send it to me. I appreciate this very much! ;) Thanks Jo!
John Harding
Residence: Reddington, Indiana Occupation:
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 14 April 1864
Enlisted in 13th Light Artillery Regiment Indiana on 14 April 1864
Mustered out on 10 July 1865 in Indianapolis, IN
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. (INRoster) Published in 1865-66 by Holloway
click for deposition by John Henry Harding about his father, Carpenter Harding

Carpenter Harding
At one point the military stated that he deserted. However in 1914 they examined the rolls and found that he was not guilty of desertion. That is a point I need to stress to clear his name of the monstrous mistake that the military made on this issue.

b abt 1816 d.5 May 1884 DeKalb Co, TN buried Sycamore Cemetery Cannon Co, TN (click for photo of cemetery.

JHH states in one document that Carpenter was a Regimental Col in the Mexican War; And before the Civil War he was in the Indiana Militia. Then Served in the 22nd Indiana Volunteers & 13th Independent Indiana Light Artillery in the Civil War died May 5, 1884.

Residence: Bartholomew County, Indiana Occupation:
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Corporal on 15 August 1861
Enlisted in Company E, 22nd Infantry Regiment Indiana on 15 August 1861
Deserted on 30 November 1861
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. (INRoster) Published in 1865-66 by Holloway
Residence: Reddington, Indiana Occupation:
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 19 April 1862
Enlisted in 13th Light Artillery Regiment Indiana on 19 April 1862
Mustered out on 10 July 1865 in Indianapolis, IN
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. (INRoster) Published in 1865-66 by Holloway

Disproving the Desertation Charge read below:

Volunteer Service

Returned to
Commissioner of Pensions.
Carpenter Harding,
Co E, 22 Reg't Inda Inf
age 45 [rest blank]
was enrolled July 10, 1861
and deserted Oct. 15, 1861
and enl Mar. 25, 62
in the 13 Indpt Batty
Inda. L. Arty in & From M. L (?) to desertion,
he held the rank of Corpl.
and the rolls on file for that period do not show him absent & violation of the 22 (now 50th) article of War.

FEB 13 1914
[stamped cannot read, too light]

Geo Andrews
The Adjutant General.
Washington, D. C., FEB 12 1914
(Commissioner of Pensions.)
Form No. 119-1-A.G.) 3--2605
Ed. Feb. 14-13--20,000.

More on
HARDING Service record from what I can tell from Military File:
I believe in this first company he was in the militia,
but not sure. ~~> Company E 22 Reg't Inda Inf (Stands for Company E 22nd Regiment Ind could be Independent or Indiana Infantry. He was 45 when enrolled on July 10, 1861 and deserted Oct. 15, 1861 and enrolled March 25, 1862 in the 13 Indpt Battery Indiana Light Artillery at Indianapolis, Indiana. John Henry his son, states that he was a Lt Col in a War in Texas. (Can't find proof yet) Then a Corporal with the 22nd and busted to a Private in the 13th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery.

He lost his mind during the Civil War and was sent home on furlough a several times. I believe that this might be the time that he was sent home to recover, he stayed home in Bartholomew, Indiana, and returned to war several months later. He was transferred to the 13th Indpd Ind L. A. and there lost his sight and almost all of his hearing from the "roaring of the guns". He was sent home again, but as all of the soldiers of the 13th suffered from dysentery until the time of his death on May 5, 1884, Cause of death was dysentery or bowel trouble. What a shame.

Carpenter Harding enlisted on the 26 day of March, 1864 in the 13 Battery of Indiana Light Artillery at Indianapolis, Indiana in the Civil War. He died Near Liberty Twp, Dekalb Co, Tenn on 5 May 1884. Carpenter Harding enlisted 4-19-62 mustered out: 7-10-65 Indianapolis, IN
residence: Reddington, IN
The above were typed from his military file.

I am in the process of transcribing documents that his g granddaughter Jackie has sent to me. These are the Originals that her g grandmother Narcissa had kept. Thanks Jackie, if you wish to see those, send me an email. They are older documents, copied, then I scanned them so some of the information that was hard to read in the first place is moreso now. I do have the copies of the scans if you are family and would wish to have a copy, let me know.

JHH was in Benjamin S Nicklin's Company during the Civil War. (I believe that Carpenter was as well)

Benjamin S Nicklin

Residence: Wabash, Indiana Occupation:
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Captain on 11 March 1862
Commission in 13th Light Artillery Regiment Indiana on 19 April 1862
Mustered out on 10 July 1865 in Indianapolis, IN
Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. (INRoster) Published in 1865-66 by Holloway

Regimental History of Thirteenth Light Battery aka 13" or 13th Batty Indp Indiana Light Artillery (from Indianapolis) INDIANA was in commission for 3 years.

Thirteenth Light Battery. -- Capts., Sewell Coulson, Benjamin S. Nicklin

This battery was organized at Indianapolis in the winter of 1861-62. It was mustered in Feb. 22, 1862, proceeding at once to Louisville, where it was detached as cavalry and sent after roving bands of guerrillas.

At Monterey it was in a sharp skirmish with the enemy, utterly routing him and capturing over 100 prisoners. During the summer of 1862 it was engaged in checking and pursuing
Morgan's forces and in driving them away during their raids through Kentucky.

A portion of the battery reached Munfordville on Sept. 15, that place being threatened by the advance of Bragg's army, and lost 1 gun during the two days' fight that followed, the garrison being compelled to surrender by superior forces.

During Bragg's advance upon Louisville, the battery was engaged in the work of repelling his forces. At Kentucky River near Versailles, it was in a brisk fight, in which the enemy was driven from the field, and on three several occasions it joined in pursuit of Morgan.

A section of the battery was stationed at Hartsville, Tenn., with a brigade of Dumont's division, when Morgan, with 1,500 picked infantry, appeared and captured the post, the battery losing 2 guns and 2 men killed. It went to Gallatin and refitted, being placed in charge of Fort Thomas, where it remained until Jan. 23, 1865, when it moved to Chattanooga, and remained on duty at the forts until ordered home.

It was mustered out July 5, 1865, with 146 men and officers. On March 11, 1862, Benjamin S. Nicklin was commissioned captain, in place of Capt. Coulson, resigned.
Source: The Union Army, vol. 3, p. 199

NOTE: The unit mustered out July 10, 1865, my ggg & gg grandfather (listed above) were both in this unit.

Johnson Harding b abt 1839-1840 OH is a son to Carpenter & Ann [Vorhees] Harding. Brother to my John Henry Harding.

Widow's Pension File
Johnson HARDING (JHH's brother& Carpenter's Son)
Widow: Harding, Carrie C.
Soldiers Company: K 50 Ind Inf
1887 July 13 Application #616.083 Certificate #581.896 State Filed: Ind
1915 August 6 Application #1051.423 Certificate #799.429 State Filed: Texas

more to come :)

Marcus Lafayette Porter served in the Confederate Army. Researching now.

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