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Descendants of John GARNER


7. Thomas GARNER Sr

Will recorded in Stafford Co, VA in 1727 (will book destroyed). He patented 1400 acres on Tinpot Run & Liking Run in 1715 in Prince William Co (now Fauquier Co), VA. In 1760. Parish Garner sold 400 acres of land that had been patented by his father, Thomas Garner in Fauquier Co, VA, 1774, p. 69. A suit was brought by Thomas Garner et al against Thos. Harrison, Gent.

Will dated 8 June 1826 in Fauquier Co, VA. (Is this the same as above?)


Mary M. Bushnell Garner and Thoms Garner were co-executors of Thomas Garner's will on 13 Jul 1726.

23. Thomas , Jr. GARNER Jr

Thomas Garner, Jr. lived in Prince William Co, VA.

24. Charles GARNER II

Charles Garner sued his brothers over rights to estate of his father (Fauquier Co, VA). He and Parish Garner requested a survey & subdivision into two 400-acre plots the land they inherited from their father. They had previously shared the land with the father without heed to boundaries. Dates given of March 20, abt 1759.

29. Capt James (Capt) GARNER

Also known as James Gardiner. He was described as 6'6", weighing 250 pounds, a man of powerful physique. He received from his father in latter's will 400 acres of land, a Negro slave and some household goods in Jun 1726.  He and Ralph Hughes were appointed as James Garner's guardians on 27 March 1738, Prince William Co, VA.

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