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Descendants of John GARNER


1. John GARNER

From Garner-Keene Families of Northern Neck Virginia
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   JOHN GARNER (1633-1702)
John Garner, founder of the family with which this book is chiefly concerned, came to the County of Northumberland in the Colony of Virginia about 1650, at the age of 17; for in that year Lewis Burwell was granted a tract of land in Northumberland for bringing 32 new colonists to the county, among them John Garner, Thomas Broughton, Samuel Moseley, Elizabeth Moseley and their daughter, Jane. (Va L. Gr. B. 2, p 250). This was two years after the county was established. Those who have done research on the Garner family feel certain that John Garner was of English origin, or even whether he came directly from England, from another English Colony, or from another part of Virginia, is not known. Following the beheading of Charles I in England in 1649 there was a great exodus to Virginia of Stuart sympathizers or Cavaliers, as they were called. John Garner may have come in from England on this wave of immigration.

John Garner was born about 1633 for in 1633 he made the deposition in which he stated he was thirty years old. (North, R. B. 15, p. 102). According to H. Ragsland Euban, John Garner settled west of Garner's Creek near the site of the present village of Lewisetta in 1660. This was near the mouth of the Coan River on a neck of land then called Cherry Point but today known as Cowart's Point. Across Garner's Creek on the east Cypress Farm, still extant today, was established in 1662 by Captain John Rogers and his wife, Ellen.

John Garner married Susanna Keene, daughter of Thomas and Mary Keene of Northumberland County. Susanna was probably born on Kent Island in the Potomac River during the period (1634-1649) when it was in dispute between Virginia and Maryland. In 1649 it officially became a part of Maryland.

This marriage is thought to have taken place about 1660, for in 1659 Susanna's stepfather and guardian, Thomas Broughton, gave her her share of her father's cattle, designating her by the name of Susanna Keene; (North, R. B. 16, p. 30) while her mother's will in 1662 mentioned her as the wife of John Garner and as having a daughter. (North, R. B. 15, p. 92).

July 15, 1657, Francis Roberts patented 500 acres of land "lying beyond Col. Speakes and the Doegs Island, south to the mouth of a creek above the said Speakes, easterly upon James Magregorys, westerly into the Mr. Jernews," due Roberts for transporting ten persons into the colony. (Va L. GR. B 4, p 114) February 20, 1658, Francis Roberts assigned to John Garner and Joseph Fielding a patent of 500 acres of land "lying beyond Col. Speake's land and Doege Island in the Potomac River," and promised to defend them against "claim or title of any except the Indians." (North. R. B. 1658-66, p. 10) June 20, 1663, "Joseph Fielding and John Garner, both of Northumberland County in Virginia, transfer and assign all rights, titles and interest in the 500 acres of land" which had been transferred to them by Francis Roberts, to John Garner, Jr., Son of John Garner, and to John Bailes Jr., son of John Bailes deceased. (North. R.B. 15, p. 100) By March 1667, Joseph Fielding had married "the relict and administrix of John Bailes deceased." This land apparently neither John Garner, Sr., nor John Garner, Jr., ever lived on it.

John and Susanna Keene Garner had issue: (1) John Garner; (2) Henry Garner; (3) Vincent Garner; (4) Thomas Garner; (5) Parish Garner; (6) Benjamin Garner; (7) James Garner; (8) Mary Garner; (9) Susan Garner; (10) Martha Garner.

John Garner died early in 1702, for his will (west. D. & W. B. #3, p 153 et seq.) was dated January 22, 1702, proved May 25, 1702, and recorded January 1, 1703. It reads as follows:

"To his sons John and Henry Garner he gave 800 acres of land where they then lived to be equally divided between them. To his son, Vincent Garner, he gave the land on which he then lived in Horn Point, his long gun and hanger, a yoke of oxen, and one half of the sloop Outcry. He willed his chest and wearing apparel to his son Henry. His son Vincent was to pay 2,000 pounds of tobacco to his sons Thomas and Parish Garner and 2,000 pounds of tobacco to his son Benjamin Garner when the latter arrived at the age of twenty-one. He gave to his sons James Garner 2,000 pounds of tobacco. He felt his daughters, Mary, Susan, and Martha Garner, each a "thomb" ring. The remainder of his estate went to his wife, Susanna Garner. This will was witnessed by William Garner, John Gilliams, and William Moore.

Susanna Garner survived her husband by about 14 years. She left no will but the records show her estate was inventoried March 28, 1716 by James Carr, James Thomas and William Garner. (West. D. & W. B. 4, p. 560) On May 30, 1716 her son Benjamin, stated that his mother's clothes had not been appraised but had been divided among her daughters at the time of her funeral. (west. D. & W. B. 5, p. 57)

Thomas Garner (2) son of John Garner (1) and Susanna Keene Garner, lived in Stafford Co., Va. where his will was ordered to be recorded in 1727 but the will book for that year was destroyed. He patented 1400 acres of land on Tinpot Run and Liking Run in 1715 in that part of Prince William County that is now Fauquier Co., VA. He secured another patent for 1,000 acres of land in 1724 or 1725 he patented 489 acres of land in Stafford Co. adjoining Thomas Withers and others and later 625 acres on Tinpot and Licking Run. In 1760 Parish Garner sold 400 acres of land patented by his father, Thomas.

In order book of Fauquier Co., Va. March 1774 page 69 is a record of a suit brought by Thomas Garner, Vincent Garner, Parish Garner, Charles Garner, and James Garner, devisees of Thomas Garner, and John Garner, William Garner, Mary Garner, Susannah Garner and Charles Garner, children of John Garner, deceased who was one of the devisees of the said Thomas Garner, versus Thomas Harrison, Gent. From this it would appear that Thomas Garner had issue:
    28. Thomas Garner (3)
    29. Vincent Garner (3)
    30. Parish Garner (3)
    31. Charles Garner (3)
    32. James Garner (3) who granted land in Guilford Co., NC in 1789
    33. John Garner (3)

John was guardian of his younger brother Charles Garner upon his father's death - after Jul 1726. He and Mary M. Bushnell were Co-executors of Thomas Garner's will,  3 Jul 1726.

One account states John Garner was born on 2 Sep 1633, St. Chad's (?), Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England or Northern Wales. He married Susanna Keene, daughter of Thomas Keene II and Mary Thorley, ca Feb 1660, Stafford Co, VA or Cherry Point Neck, VA. He died 26 May 1702 (near) Kinsdale, Westmoreland Co, VA at age 68.

He acquired land (3000+ acres) in Northern Neck area of VA. He was a builder. He and Richard Garner emigrated on 10 Jun 1637. He and Thomas Keene, Jr.  John Garner was Thomas Keene's guardian before 5 May 1665. He emigrated about 1672. He left a will on 22 Jan 1702