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Dolphus Calvin Holder was born on 6 November 1856 in Tennessee, USA. He lived with his parents Archibald Calvin "AC" Holder and Sarah Ann Barnett in Chester County, Tennessee, USA on 19 June 1900.12 He died on 25 March 1928 at the age of 71 in Finger, McNairy, Tennessee, USA.367 Dolphus was buried on 28 March 1928 at Finger Cemetery in Finger, McNairy, Tennessee, USA.8 Parents: Archibald Calvin "AC" Holder-8710 and Sarah Ann Barnett-8711.

Spouse: Nancy E. Barrett-8713. Nancy E. Barrett and Dolphus Calvin Holder were married on 4 October 1877 in McNairy, Tennessee, USA. They lived in McNairy, Tennessee, USA on 9 June 1880.2 Children were: Frederick Marion Holder-4328, Jesse Earl Holder-9048.

Don Holder (private). Parents: Van Dallie Holder-6606 and Ivie Lou Silkwood-6607.

Don Christian Holder (private).25 Parents: Curtis Alburn Holder-4888 and Doris Katherine Christian-4889.

Don King Holder was born on 17 August 1939 in Olney, Richland, Illinois, USA. He died on 29 September 1939 at the age of 0 in Olney, Richland, Illinois, USA.135 He was buried on 2 October 1939 at Rosemont Cemetery in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Elmo Franklin Holder Sr.-3287 and Roberta King-4935.

Don Lee Holder was born on 21 April 1939 in Palo Pinto County, Texas, USA. He lived with his parents John Alfred Holder and Virginia Lea Ragsdale in Palo Pinto County, Texas, USA on 8 April 1940.6 He died from Diptheria on 7 September 1940 at the age of 1 in Santo, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA.368 Don was buried on 8 September 1940 at New Hope Cemetery in Santo, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA. Parents: John Alfred Holder-3922 and Virginia Lea Ragsdale-3923.

Don Paul Holder was born on 17 March 1935 in Archer City, Archer, Texas, USA.35 He lived with his parents Lonnie Jim Holder Sr. and Loie Belle Cooper in Parker County, Texas, USA on 5 April 1940.6 He died on 3 July 1998 at the age of 63 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas, USA.11 Don was buried on 6 July 1998 at Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery in Parker County, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Lonnie Jim Holder Sr.-304 and Loie Belle Cooper-301.

Spouse: Virginia Mae Cox-6024. Children were: Jerry Don Holder-6019.

Spouse: Sharolyn Lauterbach-6449. Sharolyn Lauterbach and Don Paul Holder were married on 3 July 1972. They were divorced on 30 December 1988 in Tarrant County, Texas, USA.10 Children were: Lonnie James Holder-6447.

Don Ray Holder (private). Parents: Calvin Douglas Holder Sr.-1302 and Emily -6288.

Spouse: Patsy V. Johnson-6286. Children were: Larri Lynn Holder-6287.

Donald Holder was born on 16 January 1893 in Walnut Grove, Greene, Missouri, USA. He lived with his parents Walter Monroe Holder and Julia C. Cook in Polk County, Missouri, USA on 15 June 1900.12 He lived with his parents Walter Monroe Holder and Julia C. Cook in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA on 29 April 1910.5 Donald died from a heart attack on 9 April 1945 at the age of 52 in El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA.19 He was buried on 11 April 1945 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas, USA. Parents: Walter Monroe Holder-2657 and Julia C. Cook-2658.

Spouse: Daisy -4208. Daisy and Donald Holder were married in 1923. They lived in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA on 3 April 1930.1

Donald Blake Holder (private).25 Parents: Donald Ray Holder-11060 and Mary Ann Pryor-11061.

Spouse: Maria V. Rincon-11064.

Donald Carl Holder (private).25 Parents: Francis Carl Holder-2364 and Mary Lucille Dunlap-5575.

Spouse: Wilma Jean Martin-5013. Children were: Carolyn Jean Holder-5015, Donald Wayne Holder-5014, Sherry Lynn Holder-5016.

Donald Clyde Holder was born on 7 March 1944 in Young County, Texas, USA.25 He died on 4 July 1996 at the age of 52 in Texas, USA.11 Parents: Clyde Cecil Holder-1705 and Doris Marchetta Cook-2350.

Donald Dan Holder was born on 11 March 1933 in Freeport, Brazoria, Texas, USA.35 He died from "locked bowels from eating a plum seed" on 22 May 1937 at the age of 4 in Seadrift, Calhoun, Texas, USA.19 He was buried on 23 May 1937 at Seadrift Cemetery in Seadrift, Calhoun, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Orval George Holder Sr.-2312 and Ethel Audry Barton-2651.

Donald Earl Holder was born on 18 November 1938 in Lorena, McLennan, Texas, USA. He lived with his parents Elmer Earl Holder and Verna Lou "Johnnie" Moreland in Weatherford, Parker, Texas, USA on 18 April 1940.6 He died on 11 September 1946 at the age of 7 in Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA.369 Donald was buried on 12 September 1946 at Bold Springs Cemetery in West, McLennan, Texas, USA. Parents: Elmer Earl Holder-1780 and Verna Lou "Johnnie" Moreland-3558.

Donald Eugene Holder (private). Parents: Frederick Eugene Holder-11644 and Edna Mae "Peggy" Champion-10370.

Spouse: Sandra -10374.

Donald Gene Holder was born on 22 April 1928 in Erath County, Texas, USA.370 He lived with his parents Nathan Julian "Julian" Holder and Mylae Isabelle McKinzey in Gray County, Texas, USA on 11 April 1930.1 He lived with his parents Nathan Julian "Julian" Holder and Mylae Isabelle McKinzey in Wheeler, Texas, USA on 30 April 1940.6 Donald died on 6 August 1982 at the age of 54 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA.11 He was buried on 9 August 1982 at Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park in Colleyville, Tarrant, Texas, USA. Parents: Nathan Julian "Julian" Holder-3084 and Mylae Isabelle McKinzey-3617.

Spouse: Jan Hunt-5325. Children were: Deborah Holder-5329, Russell Glenn Holder-5323, Donna Holder-5330.

Donald Gene Holder (private).25 Parents: Orval George Holder Jr.-2652 and Prudence Janet Zito-4128.

Spouse: Brenda Jo Squyres-4138.

Spouse: Wanda B. Sprague-4139.

Spouse: Darla F. Key-4140.

Spouse: Sherry Kay Rollins-4141.

Donald Jacob Holder (private).25 Parents: Russell Glenn Holder-5323 and Debra Marie Heim-5324.

Donald Joe Holder (private).25 Parents: William Henry Holder-6156 and Mary Evelyn McDowell-6157.

Spouse: Deborah Lynn Hicks-7473. Children were: Lori Jo Holder-7474, Drew Justin Holder-7475.

Donald Lee Holder Sr. (private).356 Parents: Woodrow Thomas Holder-10191 and Margie Lou Burcham-10192.

Spouse: Doris Nell Bush-9435. Children were: Donald Lee Holder Jr.-9433, Debra Ann Holder-9436.

Donald Lee Holder (private).

Spouse: Sonja G. Vinson-11407.

Spouse: Kipp A. Fuksa-11408.

Donald Lee Holder Jr. (private).25 Parents: Donald Lee Holder Sr.-9434 and Doris Nell Bush-9435.

Spouse: Stanica Sonia Simic-9437. Children were: Mark Andrew Holder-9438, Steven Phillip Holder-9439.

Donald Loyd Holder was born on 27 May 1936 in Milam County, Texas, USA.25 He lived with his parents William Albert Holder and Nettie Shepheard in Williamson County, Texas, USA on 13 April 1940.6 He died on 25 October 2015 at the age of 79. Donald was buried on 28 October 2015 at Liberty Hill Cemetery in Liberty Hill, Williamson, Texas, USA.8 Parents: William Albert Holder-1298 and Nettie Shepheard-597.

Spouse: Bertha Lavon "Lavon" Cantrell-5171. Bertha Lavon "Lavon" Cantrell and Donald Loyd Holder were married on 22 December 1956 in Georgetown, Williamson, Texas, USA. They were divorced on 16 October 1985 in Williamson County, Texas, USA.10 Children were: Aubrey Glen Holder-10165, Linda Kay Holder-5172, Kenneth Earl Holder-5173, Julie Marie Holder-5174.

Spouse: Lavena M. Bradley-5175.

Donald Mack Holder (private).25 Parents: Charles Ocie "Ocie" Holder-5665 and Opal Lee Crawford-5664.

Spouse: Rosemary Annette Johnson-7981. Children were: Gary Don Holder-7979.

Donald Ray Holder (private).

Spouse: Mary Ann Pryor-11061. Children were: Ann Marie Holder-11063, Donna Elaine Holder-11059, Donald Blake Holder-11062.

Donald Ray Holder (private).6 Parents: George Dewey Holder-479 and Lillie Mae Stapp-481.

Spouse: Charlotte Lea Hiner-10921. Children were: Stuart Lyle Holder-11077.

Spouse: Virginia F. Whitten-11476.

Donald Ray Holder (private).30 Parents: Raymond Hiram Holder-452 and Ruby Evelyn Brown-3194.

Spouse: Judy L. Howell-11309.

Donald Ray Holder was born on 5 December 1953 in Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA. He died from Pneumonia on 23 March 1961 at the age of 7 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.371 He was buried on 24 March 1961 at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens in Irving, Dallas, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Dennis Elexander Holder-4293 and Myrtle Mae "Mae" White-4294.

Donald Terry Holder (private).25 Parents: Ronald Jerry Holder-3813 and Julie Ann Donnelly-4275.

Donald Wayne Holder was born on 24 October 1934 in Van, Van Zandt, Texas, USA. He died on 10 December 1991 at the age of 57 in Princeton, Gibson, Indiana, USA. He was buried on 13 December 1991 at Maple Hill Cemetery in Princeton, Gibson, Indiana, USA. Parents: James Troy Holder-10594 and Lilian Georgia Bruner-6289.

Spouse: Delores L. -11573.

Donald Wayne Holder was born on 12 February 1939 in Mississippi, USA. He lived with his parents Henry Little Holder and Augusta Mae Eichelberger in Lowndes County, Mississippi, USA on 1 May 1940.6 He died on 7 December 2015 at the age of 76. Donald was buried on 22 December 2015 at Coastal Bend State Veterans Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Henry Little Holder-1779 and Augusta Mae Eichelberger-2452.

Spouse: Margaret Isabel Welch-11330. Margaret Isabel Welch and Donald Wayne Holder were married on 23 July 1975 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.20

Donald Wayne Holder (private). Parents: Benjamin Randolph "B.R." Holder Jr.-1482 and Elsie Hazel Banks-1483.

Spouse: Gail Willhite-10345.

Donald Wayne Holder was born on 14 May 1949 in Harris County, Texas, USA.25 He served in the military Vietnam, USA, PVT on 2 March 1967. He died on 19 June 2000 at the age of 51 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington, USA.11 Donald was buried on 22 June 2000 at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, King, Washington, USA.41 Parents: Willis Aaron Holder-5009 and Naomi Lee Brooks-5010.

Donald Wayne Holder (private).25 Parents: Donald Carl Holder-5012 and Wilma Jean Martin-5013.

Spouse: Stephanie Len Polvado-7899. Children were: Meagan Len Holder-7900, Jeremy Cole Holder-7901.

Donald William Holder was born on 20 July 1946 in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA.25 He served in the military Vietnam, USN, Seaman in 1968. He died from a gunshot wound (Homicide) on 13 January 1979 at the age of 32 in Porter, Montgomery, Texas, USA.372 Donald was buried on 16 January 1979 at Plantersville Cemetery in Plantersville, Grimes, Texas, USA.8 Parents: George William Holder-4329 and Thelma Lucille Kirk-4330.

Spouse: Patricia Ann Stalcup-8054. Children were: Rhonda Renee Holder-8055.

Spouse: Peggy Annette Langhammer-5758. Children were: Shawnee Elaine Holder-7756, Carmen Annette Holder-7757, Cassie Michelle Holder-7758.

Donna Holder (private).25 Parents: Donald Gene Holder-4287 and Jan Hunt-5325.

Donna Beth Holder (private).25 Parents: Billy Lee Holder-7462 and Jean Marie Honeycutt-7463.

Donna C. Holder (private).6 Parents: Truett Harrell Holder-268 and Alta Ruth Sprawls-267.

Donna Elaine Holder (private).25 Parents: Donald Ray Holder-11060 and Mary Ann Pryor-11061.

Donna Jo Holder (private).25 Parents: Pryor Fonval Holder-4264 and Anna Lue Cantrell-4265.

Donna Kay Holder was born on 21 March 1949 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA.25 She died from a gunshot in the chest (Homicide) on 31 August 1967 at the age of 18 in Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, USA.373 She was buried on 3 September 1967 at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, USA. Parents: James Edward "Ed" Holder-7408 and Helen Marie Lowrance-7409.

Spouse: Charles Williams-10535.

Donna Lee Holder (private). Parents: Raudy Lee Holder Jr.-9802 and Ina Lee Foster-9625.

Spouse: Michael Stephen Farris-9812.

Donna Louise Holder (private).25 Parents: Clarence Donald Holder-1070 and Mary Louise Krause-3701.

Donna Louise Holder (private).25 Parents: Joseph Dale "Dale" Holder-5942 and Lillie Marie Combs-5943.

Donna Lynn Holder (private).25 Parents: Glen Norman "Norman" Holder-7029 and Doris Maxine Strong-7479.

Donna Marie Holder (private).25 Parents: Cyril James Holder-3977 and Emma Jane Fuller-4269.

Donna Marie Holder (private).25 Parents: George Martin Holder-5879 and Peggy Jean Parker-5880.

Donna Michelle Holder (private).25 Parents: Michael Rufus Holder-7121 and Linda Ann Jennings-8821.

Donna Sue Holder (private).25 Parents: Raymond L. "Mike" Holder-4077 and Eva Nell Rowe-7343.

Spouse: Floyd Paul Lindsey-11008.

Donna Suzanne Holder (private).25 Parents: Roy Lavern Holder Jr-7750 and Catherine Jennifer Floyd-7751.

Donnie D. "Stranger" Holder was born on 7 August 1947 in Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi, USA. He died on 18 December 2004 at the age of 57 in Port Arthur, Jefferson, Texas, USA. He was buried on 21 December 2004 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens in Orange, Orange, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Dock Wiley Holder-4458 and Elmarie Wall-4459.

Spouse: Norma Jean Moore-4457. Norma Jean Moore and Donnie D. "Stranger" Holder were married on 2 October 1978. They were divorced on 15 August 1989 in Orange, Orange, Texas, USA.10 They10 were married on 17 March 1993 in Orange, Orange, Texas, USA.20 Children were: Daniel Wiley Holder-4460.