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Timothy Wayne Holder (private).25 Parents: Charles Thomas Holder-6214 and Dollie Merlene Morgan-6216.

Timothy Wayne Holder (private).25 Parents: Jerry Wayne Holder-11004 and Barbara Kay Ragsdale-11005.

Tina Adaline Holder (private).25 Parents: Lester Clarence Holder-1751 and Mary O'Dean Lail-4649.

Tina Chere Holder (private).25 Parents: Ricky Wayne Holder Sr.-6167 and Sandra Jean Hollan-6168.

Children were: Joshua Jefferson Holder-6275.

Tina Jean Holder (private).25 Parents: William Ervin Holder Jr.-6769 and Mary Jean Tarvin-6770.

Spouse: Michael C. Phillips-7799.

Tina Viner Holder died on 16 September 1921 at the age of 0 in Wichita County, Texas, USA.796 She was born on 16 September 1921 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA. She was buried on 19 September 1921 at Rosemont Cemetery in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Claude Olen Holder-2047 and Ruby Grace Powell-2250.

Tobie Denise Holder (private). Parents: Charles Edward Holder-1683 and Nancy J. -12006.

Spouse: Beck-12008.

Toby Duke Holder (private).25 Parents: Phillip Burford Holder-4121 and Janice McLeroy-10375.

Todd Damon Holder (private).25 Parents: Terry Stephen Holder-5280 and Pamela Darnell Stogdill-5281.

Spouse: Karen Fay Rutherford-5284. Children were: Trent Ashton Holder-5285.

Todd Edward Holder was born on 9 August 1973 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA. He died from cancer on 17 January 2010 at the age of 36 in Refugio County, Texas, USA. Parents: Richard L. Holder-6341 and Linda J. -6342.

Spouse: Shauna Lynn Carabajal-6344. Children were: Zeke Holder-6343.

Todd Simmons Holder (private).25 Parents: Perry Jean Holder-8861 and Iris Nell Simmons-8862.

Spouse: Dawn -10511.

Tolbert Richard Holder was born on 7 June 1902 in Texas, USA. He lived with his parents John W. Holder and Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Clayton in Gray County, Texas, USA on 12 May 1910.5 He lived at IOOF & State Orphans Home in Navarro County, Texas, USA on 12 January 1920.9 Tolbert lived with his brother-in-law and sister Dwight Howard McAnally and Iris H. Holder in Dallas County, Texas, USA on 3 April 1930.1 He died on 20 October 1981 at the age of 79 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA.797 He was buried on 23 October 1981 at Sulphur Springs City Cemetery in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, Texas, USA.8 Parents: John W. Holder-307 and Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Clayton-588.

Spouse: Alma N. Cockerell-11455. Alma N. Cockerell and Tolbert Richard Holder were married in 1928.

Spouse: Jo Ruth Lindley-5066. Jo Ruth Lindley and Tolbert Richard Holder were married before 1943. Children were: Richard Riley Holder-5067.

Tom Ritter "Ritter" Holder was born on 26 May 1923 in Texas, USA. He lived with his parents Robert Lee Holder and Minnie Blanche Eagle in Dawson County, Texas, USA on 18 April 1930.1 He lived with his parents Robert Lee Holder and Minnie Blanche Eagle in Dawson County, Texas, USA on 7 April 1940.6 Ritter died on 7 July 1978 at the age of 55. He was buried on 10 July 1978 at Lovington Cemetery in Lovington, Lea, New Mexico, USA.8 Parents: Robert Lee Holder-1342 and Minnie Blanche Eagle-1827.

Tomie H. "Tomie" Holder was born (date unknown).

Spouse: G. M. -11073. G. M. and Tomie H. "Tomie" Holder were married before 1888. Children were: Minnie Holder-11068, Andrew J. Holder-11069, Garfield Holder-11034, Effie Holder-11070.

Tommie Joe Holder (private).35 Parents: Clarence Tatum Holder-3434 and Willie Mae Ator-3435.

Spouse: Linnea Ruth "Betty" Berge-4759. Children were: Kevin Leigh Holder-4760, Marta Megan Holder-4761, Jess Ivar Holder-4762, Kerstin Linnea Holder-4763.

Tommie Lee Holder was born on 12 April 1936 in Harris County, Texas, USA.25 He died on 15 September 1936 at the age of 0 in Houston, Texas, USA.798 Parents: James Dee Holder-2005 and Minnie Estelle Free-5674.

Tommie Sewel Holder was born on 26 February 1914 in Rosalie, Red River, Texas, USA.35 He lived with his parents Edgar Leslie Holder Sr. and Mary Alice "Alice" Garnett in Titus County, Texas, USA on 15 January 1920.9 He lived with his parents Edgar Leslie Holder Sr. and Mary Alice "Alice" Garnett in Titus County, Texas, USA on 28 April 1930.1 Tommie died on 27 December 1983 at the age of 69 in Camp Verde, Yavapai, Arizona, USA. He was buried on 30 December 1983 at Clear Creek Cemetery in Camp Verde, Yavapai, Arizona, USA.8 Parents: Edgar Leslie Holder Sr.-1426 and Mary Alice "Alice" Garnett-2351.

Spouse: June Maxine Holland-7074. June Maxine Holland and Tommie Sewel Holder were married before 1942. Children were: Linda Marie Holder-7075, Janice Kay Holder-7226, Tommie Sue Holder-7076.

Tommie Sue Holder (private).25 Parents: Tommie Sewel Holder-7073 and June Maxine Holland-7074.

Spouse: Chester C. Nabours-7077.

Tommy Holder was born on 3 December 1915 in Oklahoma, USA. He died in September 1970 at the age of 54 in Estacada, Clackamas, Oregon, USA. Parents: Thomas H. Holder-2840 and Lucy Ellen Turknett-1293.

Spouse: Clota Avoe McGee-9487. Clota Avoe McGee and Tommy Holder were married before 1941. Children were: Gerald Wayne Holder-9488, Royce Aaron Holder-9489.

Tommy "Bird" Holder (private).6 Parents: Virgil Bird Holder-145 and Pearl Elizabeth Adelia Hill-146.

Spouse: Alice Riggs-7199. Children were: Sandra Aline Holder-7200.

Tommy Clyde Holder (private).25 Parents: Clyde Wilkie Holder Jr.-3566 and Beryl Janelle Welborn-5767.

Tommy Dale Holder (private).30 Parents: Elbert Dale Holder-8539 and Lily Clidene Sanders-8540.

Tommy Kirk Holder (private).25 Parents: Desmond Dean "Dean" Holder-2465 and Demetra Lee Kirkland-6635.

Spouse: Carolyn Eugene Crane-6637.

Spouse: Jeannette Elizabeth Turk-6638. Children were: Janell Lee Holder-6640, Kirk Dean Holder-6639.

Tommy Lynn Holder was born on 19 September 1966 in Lubbock County, Texas, USA.25 He died on 22 February 1987 at the age of 20. He was buried on 25 February 1987 at Woodbine Cemetery in Artesia, Eddy, New Mexico, USA.8 Parents: Perry Don Holder-5008 and Rhea Elaine Arnold-9470.

Tommy Wayne Holder (private).25 Parents: Wayne St Clair Holder-6863 and Mary Katherin Miller-6864.

Spouse: Debra Kay Crossland-6866. Children were: Holly Ann Holder-6867.

Spouse: Dora Lynn Pittman-6868.

Tommye Alta Holder was born on 26 October 1905 in Lebanon, Marshall, Oklahoma, USA. She died on 31 May 1973 at the age of 67 in Thackerville, Love, Oklahoma, USA.11 She was buried on 3 June 1973 at Legate Cemetery in Hoxbar, Love, Oklahoma, USA.8 Parents: Charles Barlow "Boss" Holder-707 and Marietta Jane "Etta" Looney-1075.

Spouse: Arthur Clyde "Clyde" Holder Sr.-2976. Tommye Alta Holder and Arthur Clyde "Clyde" Holder Sr. were married on 20 June 1921. They lived at Hickory in Love County, Oklahoma, USA on 19 April 1930.1 Children were: Arthur Clyde Holder Jr.-9548, Royce Holder-2975, Eugene Ray Holder-10960.

Toni Lynn Holder (private).25 Parents: Floyd Benjamin Holder-3130 and Lou Elsie Burris-3131.

Spouse: Leon A. Felt-4357.

Tonya Elaine Holder (private).25 Parents: Larry Don Holder-2728 and Donna Gail Welch-10090.

Tonya Leen Holder (private).25 Parents: Edwin Earl Holder-6681 and Barbara Ann McDevitt-10297.

Toriano Adarryll Holder (private).25 Parents: Herbert Marshall Holder-11466 and Thelma Dean McDonald-11469.

Tracey Joanne Holder (private).25 Parents: Charles Lee Holder Sr.-4670 and Susan Elaine Brooks-10363.

Tracey Lynn Holder (private).25 Parents: George Alva Holder-6953 and Helen June McDaniel-8763.

Tracey Lynn Holder (private).25 Parents: Jerry Curtis Holder-3622 and Martha Lue Becknal-6009.

Tracy Albert Holder was born on 2 April 1954 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma, USA.31 He died on 29 September 2006 at the age of 52 in Gracemont, Caddo, Oklahoma, USA.11

Spouse: Jobyna F. Kauahauo-11494.

Spouse: Helen E. Marshall-11493.

Spouse: Mary Jane Rapavi-11698.

Tracy Don Holder (private).25 Parents: Larry Don Holder-2728 and Donna Gail Welch-10090.

Tracy Glynn Holder (private).25 Parents: Joe Glynn Holder-8767 and Betty McGlaun-8768.

Tracy Lynn Holder (private).25 Parents: Thomas Joe Holder-6204 and Shirley Ann Smith-6208.

Tracy Rachelle Holder (private).25 Parents: Garland Wayne Holder-11438 and Jane Elaine McCrummen-11439.

Spouse: David Allan Dubois-11443.

Spouse: Robert F. Burns Jr.-11442.

Tranton Howard Henry Holder (private).25 Parents: Howard Earl Holder-5722 and Rhonda Jan Henry-6541.

Travis Don Holder (private).25 Parents: Harold Don Holder-1866 and Sharon Sue Helgren-4251.

Travis E. "Bill" Holder was born on 23 May 1906 in Texas, USA. 5 9 He died on 15 June 1974 at the age of 68 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.799 He was buried on 16 June 1974 at Shady Grove Cemetery in Campbell, Hunt, Texas, USA.8 Parents: George Washington Holder-3491 and Lucy May Sanders-3612.

Spouse: Velma Clyde Dixon-9724. Velma Clyde Dixon and Travis E. "Bill" Holder were married on 26 August 1926 in Westminster, Collin, Texas, USA.32

Travis Elwyn "Buddy" Holder (private). Parents: Travis Lee Holder-6255 and Hallie Lee McNair-7196.

Spouse: Peggy Jean Simmons-7788. Children were: Travis Todd "Todd" Holder-7789.

Spouse: Barbara J. Hines-7791.

Spouse: Jennifer Lou Ogden-7793. Children were: Buford Dewayne Holder-7794.

Spouse: Wanda P. Hunt-7792.

Travis Eugene Holder (private).25 Parents: Albert Eugene Holder-6879 and Gladys Irene Thompson-6880.

Spouse: Sandra Kay Fain-6883. Children were: Travis Todd Holder-6884.

Spouse: Janice M. Forseca-6885.

Spouse: Diana Ann Pettie-6886.

Travis Ford Holder (private).25 Parents: Dr. Kenneth Alan Holder-3849 and Marilyn Aletha Seeman-10040.

Travis L. Holder (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Ann Mitchell-10017.

Travis Lee Holder was born on 17 November 1914 in Texas, USA. He lived in the residence of his parent Clara Ethel Lebo in Panola County, Texas, USA on 27 January 1920.9 He lived with his Step Father and Mother Hollie Lorenze Ellis and Clara Ethel Lebo in Panola County, Texas, USA on 23 April 1930.1 Travis died on 20 March 2002 at the age of 87 in Marshall, Harrison, Texas, USA.11 He was buried on 23 March 2002 at Algoma Cemetery South and North in Marshall, Harrison, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Willie Houston Holder-1376 and Clara Ethel Lebo-6256.

Spouse: Hallie Lee McNair-7196. Hallie Lee McNair and Travis Lee Holder were married on 14 September 1935. Children were: Travis Elwyn "Buddy" Holder-7787, Melba Sue "Sue" Holder-7197.

Travis Lee Holder (private).25 Parents: Johnny Lee Holder-6215 and Juney Strickland-6218.

Travis Todd Holder (private).25 Parents: Travis Eugene Holder-6881 and Sandra Kay Fain-6883.

Spouse: Kellie Annette Ferguson-7785. Children were: Dakota Blue Holder-7786.

Travis Todd "Todd" Holder was born on 28 March 1963 in Harrison County, Texas, USA.25 He died on 12 April 2000 at the age of 37. He was buried on 15 April 2000 at Algoma Cemetery South and North in Marshall, Harrison, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Travis Elwyn "Buddy" Holder-7787 and Peggy Jean Simmons-7788.

Spouse: Teresa L. Smith-7790.

Travis Wayland "Wayland" Holder (private).25 Parents: Roy Holder-1246 and Wilma Fay Wright-2294.

Spouse: Brenda Faye Edmiston-2918. Children were: Justin Wayland Holder-2919.