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Shea Allen Holder (private).22 Parents: James Randal "Randy" Holder-4147 and Carol Ann Allen-9077.

Sheila Ann Holder (private).22 Parents: William Ural Holder-287 and Tempie Sunshine Weed-291.

Sheila Ann Holder was born on 28 January 1955 in Anderson, Texas, United States.22 She died on 25 April 2003 at the age of 48 in Houston, Harris, Texas, United States. She was buried on 28 April 2003 at Grove Hill Memorial Park in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States.8 Parents: Earnest Leland Holder-2334 and Billie Lee Smith-6813.

Spouse: Arthur D Ash-6820.

Spouse: Matthew A Grindberg-10405.

Sheila Carole Holder (private). Parents: George Ledford Holder Sr.-4865 and Mae Marcellean "Marcy" Robinson-4866.

Spouse: Robert L Harris-8868.

Spouse: Tommy Wayne Sowell-8867.

Children were: Johnny Ledford Holdert-8869.

Sheila Jo Holder (private). Parents: Eudale Jay "EJ" Holder-1697 and Carla Jo Hodges-1704.

Spouse: Michael Robert Mertz-1778. Children were: Allison Ray Mertz-1779.

Spouse: Jason Scott Loudamy-1780.

Sheila Marie Holder (private).22 Parents: Clarence A Holder-2924 and Mary Louise Ray-8394.

Spouse: Woodrow Herman Thomas-11080.

Shelby Carlene Holder (private).22 Parents: Carl Mayland Holder-6085 and Julia Ann Stephenson-6091.

Shelby Dewayne Holder (private).22 Parents: Ronald Kenneth Holder-6942 and Vickie Lynn Mcneese-6943.

Shelby Herbert Holder Sr. was born on 17 February 1900 in Grice, Upshur, Texas, United States. He lived with his parents Thomas Dolphus Holder and Sarah Hampton "Sallie" Henson in Upshur, Texas, United States on 8 June 1900.11 3 He was living on 5 June 1917 in Thomas, Upshur, Texas, United States.24 Shelby died on 9 March 1967 at the age of 67 in Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas, United States. Parents: Thomas Dolphus Holder-120 and Sarah Hampton "Sallie" Henson-77.

Spouse: Nellie Thelma Thompson-7698. Nellie Thelma Thompson and Shelby Herbert Holder Sr. were married in 1917. They lived in Texarkana, Bowie, Texas, United States on 16 April 1930.1 They1 lived in Atlanta, Cass, Texas, United States on 23 April 1940.6 Children were: Safronia Ann Holder-11928, Lois Pauline Holder-7696, Mary Joe Holder-7699, Shelby Herbert Holder Jr.-8030.

Shelby Herbert Holder Jr. (private).6 Parents: Shelby Herbert Holder Sr.-159 and Nellie Thelma Thompson-7698.

Spouse: Thelma Jean Jones-12860. Children were: David Keith Holder-11929.

Shelby Paige Holder (private).22 Parents: Helmut George Holder Jr.-7505 and Misty Lynn Goldsmith-7506.

Sheldon Kristapher Holder was born on 28 September 1959 in Port Lavaca, Calhoun, Texas, United States.22 He died on 1 April 2011 at the age of 51 in Texas, United States. He was buried on 4 April 2011 at Davis-Greenlawn Cemetery in Rosenberg, Fort Bend, Texas, United States.8 Parents: Edwin Curtis "Eddie" Holder-4995 and Lucy Theola McCallay-4996.

Spouse: Michelle Elaine Smith-5002. Children were: Bonnie Melissa Holder-5005.

Spouse: Ann Estelle Johnson-5003. Children were: Nicholas Ryan Holder-5004.

Shelley Jean Holder (private).22 Parents: William Lynn "Lynn" Holder-9209 and Patsy Jean Conway-9210.

Shelley Rene Holder (private).22 Parents: Arthur Edward Holder Jr.-7710 and Marline Clark-7714.

Shelli Holder (private). Parents: Clarence Ray "Ray" Holder-4582 and Edith M Carpenter-8429.

Spouse: Kerry Rainbolt-11312.

Shelli Loren Holder (private).22 Parents: Richard Parke Holder-11843 and Lori Lyn Grady-11844.

Shelli Renee Holder (private).22 Parents: Doyle Verlin Holder-9129 and Barbara Jo Webb-9130.

Shelly Kay Holder (private).22 Parents: Wayne St Clair Holder-7839 and Mary Katherine Miller-7841.

Sheran De Neen Holder (private).22 Parents: Sherman Denton Holder Sr.-3011 and Ruby Winzella Wales-3012.

Sheri Michelle "Michelle" Holder (private).22 Parents: Jimmy Ray "Jim" Holder-9336 and Elsie Antoinette Taylor-9338.

Sherie Rochelle Holder (private).22 Parents: Ronald Wilburn Holder Ph.D.-7942 and Barbara Mae Jones-9624.

Spouse: Cecil A Parker Jr.-9623.

Sherman Denton Holder Sr. (private).6 Parents: William Lee Holder-2985 and Martha Bell McBride-2986.

Spouse: Ruby Winzella Wales-3012. Children were: Sheran De Neen Holder-4203, Sherman Denton Holder Jr.-3013.

Sherman Denton Holder Jr. (private).22 Parents: Sherman Denton Holder Sr.-3011 and Ruby Winzella Wales-3012.

Spouse: Georgia Mae Gallent-4204. Children were: Allison Denise Holder-4205.

Sherman Leland Holder was born on 8 March 1958 in Oklahoma, United States. He died on 28 October 1959 at the age of 1 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, United States.721 He was buried on 30 October 1959 at Elmwood Memorial Park in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, United States.8 Parents: Eddie Leland Holder Jr.-7764 and Betty Ann Crowell-7765.

Sherree Kayelynn Holder (private).22 Parents: Johnny Wayne Holder-7606 and Glenda Kay Sterling-7607.

Sherrie Jean Holder (private).22 Parents: Dr. Samuel Boyd Holder-4373 and Glenda Nell Ward-9218.

Sherrilyn Jean Holder (private).22 Parents: Earnest Willie Holder-456 and Melva Jean "Jean" Huckabee-460.

Sherron Holder (private).6 Parents: Robert Henry Holder Sr.-3077 and Rosa Lee "Rosie" Jones-3078.

Sherry Kay Holder (private).6 Parents: Earnest H Holder-6889 and Lillian E Pruett-6890.

Sherry Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: Troy Alton Holder-4337 and Vivian Ilene Wilson-6523.

Sherry Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: Charles Thurman Holder-11110 and Dorothy Sue Bierod-11111.

Sherry Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: Donald Carl Holder-5677 and Wilma Jean Martin-5678.

Sheryl Renee "Renee" Holder (private).22 Parents: Jimmy Ray "Jim" Holder-9336 and Wanda Nell Spence-9337.

Shirl Ana Rae Holder (private).22 Parents: Pryor Fonval Holder-4802 and Anna Lue Cantrell-4803.

Shirle Marie Holder (private).22 Parents: Woodrow Wilson Holder-3604 and Bessie Frances Prater-3607.

Shirley Holder (private). Parents: John D Holder Sr.-7887 and Freddie Mae Jackson-7888.

Shirley Holder (private).6 Parents: George Newton Holder-10000 and Ruby Pearl Sain-10001.

Shirley A Holder (private).6 Parents: John Bell Holder-1448 and Edna Ann Baker-3424.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).6 Parents: John Alma "JA" Holder-3387 and Flora Mae Taylor-3388.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).6 Parents: Robert Clay Holder-3664 and Martha Ollie Franklin-3885.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).22 Parents: James Hester Holder-3869 and Lettie Marie Anthony-8155.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).22 Parents: J C "Dick" Holder-4382 and Georgia Brown-4757.

Spouse: Vernon W Blackwell-9727.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).22 Parents: Durward Holder-1888 and Imogene White-7687.

Shirley Ann Holder (private).22 Parents: Robert Ray Holder-10359 and Ann Collier Buchanan-10360.

Shirley Belle Holder (private).1 Parents: William Herschel Holder Sr.-10411 and Lillian Anna Salverda-10413.

Shirley Faye Holder (private).22 Parents: Eugene Roy Holder-2510 and Hazel Lorene "Lorene" Knapp-2514.

Shirley Jean Holder (private).6 Parents: Edward H "Ed" Holder-1056 and Maggie Lee Parker-1057.

Shirley Jean Holder (private).22 Parents: George Dee Holder-5492 and Bobbie Jane Ellis-8611.

Shirley Mae Holder (private).22 Parents: Albert Harvey Holder-6455 and Annetta Jean Parke-6556.

Shirley Ruth Holder (private).722 Parents: Gaylord Wesley Holder-3486 and Eldice Head-3487.