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Rufus Marion Holder Jr. was born on 16 July 1921 in Texas, USA. He lived with his parents Rufus Marion Holder and Lula Hanna Basham in Coryell County, Texas, USA on 17 April 1930.1 He served in the military WWII, USN, AM3 in 1941. Rufus died on 25 April 2003 at the age of 81. He was buried on 28 April 2003 at Highland Cemetery in Deport, Lamar, Texas, USA.40 Parents: Rufus Marion Holder-870 and Lula Hanna Basham-1153.

Spouse: Claudine Ashford-7723. Children were: Janet Sue Holder-1958, Diane Holder-1957, Kathy Lynn Holder-1959.

Rusha Mozelle Holder (private).23 Parents: Hubert Grady Holder-1167 and Winnie A. Henson-2859.

Spouse: James Wilburn Petty-12851.

Russell Earl Holder (private). Parents: Roger Dennis Holder-1659 and Robbin Renee Arnold-1745.

Russell Glenn Holder (private).23 Parents: Donald Gene Holder-4827 and Jan Hunt-6057.

Spouse: Debra Marie Heim-6056. Children were: Donald Jacob Holder-6058, McKinzie Beth Holder-6059, Whitney Lee Holder-6060.

Russell Lee Holder was born on 12 February 1922 in Oklahoma, USA. He lived with his parents Cyrus Defor Holder and Louise E. Waggoner at Council Grove in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA on 8 April 1930.1 He died on 10 February 2015 at the age of 92 in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA. Parents: Cyrus Defor Holder-10121 and Louise E. Waggoner-10122.

Spouse: Dorothy Louise Shanks-8491. Dorothy Louise Shanks and Russell Lee Holder were married on 12 September 1943 in Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA.109 Children were: Russell Lee Holder Jr.-8493, Pamela Renee Holder-8492.

Russell Lee Holder Jr. (private). Parents: Russell Lee Holder-8490 and Dorothy Louise Shanks-8491.

Spouse: Judy Ann Hanlon-8494. Children were: Russell Lee Holder III-8495.

Russell Lee Holder III (private).23 Parents: Russell Lee Holder Jr.-8493 and Judy Ann Hanlon-8494.

Russell Luke Holder (private).23 Parents: Lloyd Michael Holder-6195 and Lynda Leah Winberry-6196.

Russell William Holder was born on 29 November 1867 at Hopkins Creek in Carroll, Georgia, USA. He lived with his parents James Monroe "Monroe" Holder and Susan Fairby Jones in Heard, Georgia, USA on 22 June 1870.7 He died on 26 December 1907 at the age of 40 in Manchester, Meriwether, Georgia, USA. Russell was buried on 29 December 1907 in West Point, Troup, Georgia, USA. Death of Mr. R.W. Holder who made his home in LaGrange,Ga.for several years and was well known here, died in Manchester on December 26, 1907 after a short illness of phenuomia. It will be remembered that his wife died several months ago leaving him with five children, and he later married an excellent lady, who thus in weeks is a second time widow.

Mr. Holder was engaged in railroad contract work at Manchester for the A.B.& A. railroad and prospering finely until stricken with the fatal disease. The body was carried to West Point where it was interred in the family burying lot. To all who survive him and orphan children our sympathy is extended. (The LaGrange Reporter, Jan. 3, 1908) Parents: James Monroe "Monroe" Holder-11103 and Susan Fairby Jones-11104.

Spouse: Margaret Eugenia "Ginny" Smith-11102. Margaret Eugenia "Ginny" Smith and Russell William Holder were married on 13 October 1889 in Banning, Carroll, Georgia, USA. They lived in Lanett, Chambers, Alabama, USA on 12 June 1900.11 Children were: John Paul "Paul" Holder-11099.

Russell Wren Holder was born on 17 September 1923 in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming, USA. He lived with his parents Charles Henry Holder and Bessie Kathleen Carey in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming, USA on 16 April 1930.1 He lived with his parents Charles Henry Holder and Bessie Kathleen Carey in Deer Lodge, Powell, Montana, USA on 8 April 1940.6 Russell served in the military USAF, MSgt on 9 March 1948–31 July 1971.228 He died on 23 June 1998 at the age of 74 in Carrollton, Dallas, Texas, USA.5 He was buried on 26 June 1998 at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Charles Henry Holder-10608 and Bessie Kathleen Carey-10609.

Spouse: Nora Pearl Walton-10606. Children were: Russell Wren Holder II-10595.

Spouse: Frances G. -10607.

Russell Wren Holder II was born on 7 September 1950 in Wichita County, Texas, USA.23 He died on 7 April 2005 at the age of 54 in North Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, USA.5 Parents: Russell Wren Holder-10605 and Nora Pearl Walton-10606.

Spouse: Joann Marie Cvar-10596. Children were: Kathryn Jayde Holder-10597.

Rusty Lane Holder (private).23 Parents: Jerry Glenn Holder-6274 and Beverly Ann Conaway-9468.

Spouse: Lisa Caye Maines-9471. Children were: Gary Lane Holder-9473, Christina Caye Holder-9474.

Spouse: Michelle Ann Taylor-9472. Children were: Ryan Lane Holder-9614.

Rusty Louis Holder was born on 20 July 1980 in Longview, Gregg, Texas, USA.23 He died on 24 October 1980 at the age of 0 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA. He was buried on 26 October 1980 at New Hope Cemetery in Lone Camp, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Gary Don Holder-10758 and Patti Renee Dickerson-11468.

Ruth Holder was born on 23 February 1915 in Avery, Red River, Texas, USA. 12 She lived with her parents John Walter "Walter" Holder and Ludie Lee Henderson in Red River County, Texas, USA on 12 April 1930.1 She died on 16 June 2005 at the age of 90 in Clarksville, Red River, Texas, USA.27 Parents: John Walter "Walter" Holder-2686 and Ludie Lee Henderson-2687.

Ruth Holder was born on 19 July 1916 in Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA. She died on 27 September 2010 at the age of 94 in Lufkin, Angelina, Texas, USA. She was buried on 30 September 2010 at Ten Mile Cemetery in Madisonville, Madison, Texas, USA.8 Parents: John Henry Holder-373 and Minnie Jeanette Mullen-953.

Ruth Ann Holder (private).23 Parents: Gary Lee Holder-7525 and Monica Salazar-7530.

Ruth Carmon Holder was born on 13 August 1904 in Texas, USA. She lived with her parents John Presley Holder and Malinda Francis Shipman in Grayson County, Texas, USA on 3 January 1920. Parents: John Presley Holder-506 and Malinda Francis Shipman-1058.

Ruth E. Holder was born on 25 April 1903 in Texas, USA. She lived with her parents James Corwin Holder and Nancy Ann "Annie" Riley in Ellis County, Texas, USA on 16 January 1920.12 She lived with her parents James Corwin Holder and Nancy Ann "Annie" Riley in Ellis County, Texas, USA on 21 April 1930.1 Ruth lived with her parents James Corwin Holder and Nancy Ann "Annie" Riley in Trumbull, Ellis, Texas, USA on 30 April 1940.6 She died on 3 January 1989 at the age of 85 in Ferris, Ellis, Texas, USA.5 Parents: James Corwin Holder-872 and Nancy Ann "Annie" Riley-2185.

Ruth Elizabeth Holder was born on 16 March 1884 in Perry, Tennessee, USA. She lived with her parents Laney Denton "Lane" Holder and Mary Elizabeth Nye in Ellis County, Texas, USA on 11 June 1900. She died on 13 July 1960 at the age of 76. Ruth was buried on 16 July 1960 at Llano Cemetery in Randall, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Laney Denton "Lane" Holder-413 and Mary Elizabeth Nye-470.

Spouse: Marvin Davis Eagle Sr.-12231. Ruth Elizabeth Holder and Marvin Davis Eagle Sr. were married.

Ruth J. Holder was born in June 1889 in Parker County, Texas, USA. She lived with her parents Isaac William Holder and Annie Katherine Goode in Parker County, Texas, USA on 25 June 1900.11 She died before 1910 at the age of 21. Parents: Isaac William Holder-1503 and Annie Katherine Goode-1504.

Ruth L. Holder (private). Parents: William Lee Holder-2985 and Martha Bell McBride-2986.

Spouse: Tate-4206.

Ruth Marie Holder (private).23 Parents: Floyd Benjamin Holder-3474 and Lou Elsie Burris-3475.

Spouse: Christopher E. Cunningham-4915.

Spouse: Melvin L. Huddleston-4916.

Ruthey Maude Holder was born on 1 October 1888 in Mount Vernon, Franklin, Texas, USA. Parents: Thomas H. Holder-846 and Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Barrett-847.

Spouse: William Westley Stanton-11305. Ruthey Maude Holder and William Westley Stanton were married on 12 March 1905.

Ruthie Holder was born on 24 August 1896 in Panola, Panola, Texas, USA. She lived with her parents Barney Bright Holder and Georgia Henrietta "Nettie" Suggs in Panola, Panola, Texas, USA on 16 May 1910.3 Parents: Barney Bright Holder-3409 and Georgia Henrietta "Nettie" Suggs-1086.

Ruthy Mai Holder (private).61 Parents: Arthur Leroy Holder-2330 and Gussie Ruth Carroll-6385.

Ryan Alexander Holder (private).23 Parents: Teresa Wray Hargrove-1811.

Ryan Dean Holder (private).23 Parents: Harold Dean Holder-12024 and Julia Anne Holcomb-12026.

Ryan Harrison Holder (private).23 Parents: Woodrow T. Holder-6975 and Mary Lou Evans-6976.

Ryan Jacon Holder (private).23 Parents: Robert Daniel Holder-6963 and Deborah Sue Rappe-9722.

Ryan Keith Holder (private).23 Parents: Brian Keith Holder-12312 and Lisa Sue Phillips-12313.

Ryan Lane Holder (private). Parents: Rusty Lane Holder-9469 and Michelle Ann Taylor-9472.

Ryan William Holder (private).23 Parents: Roger Franklin Holder-5775 and Marilyn Juanita Paynter-5777.

S. A. Holder was born in 1834 in Kentucky, USA. She lived as a Boarder in Lamar County, Texas, USA on 11 June 1880.2 Father born in Illinois Mother in Virginia.

S. Burton "Ben" Holder was born on 18 March 1888 in Dallas County, Texas, USA. He lived with his Step Father and Mother William W. Estes and Mary Jane "Maggie" Baker in Township 7, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory on 1 June 1900.11 He lived with his Step Father and Mother William W. Estes and Mary Jane "Maggie" Baker in Porum, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA on 2 May 1910.3 Ben was living on 5 June 1917 at Oklahoma State Reformatory (Inmate) in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma, USA.25 He lived at Oklahoma State Penitenitary in McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, USA on 8 January 1920.12 Parents: Holder-9774 and Mary Jane "Maggie" Baker-3071.

S. L. Holder was born on 18 February 1923 in Lampasas, Texas, USA. He lived with his Uncle and Aunt Charles H. Crober and Ira Viola Holder in Dallas County, Texas, USA on 12 April 1930.1 He died from injuries in an automobile accident (10 Oct 1947 along with his Father) on 13 October 1947 at the age of 24 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.727 S. was buried on 16 October 1947 at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA. Parents: Edward Columbus Holder-1266 and Jessie Smith-9061.

Sadina Marie Holder (private).28 Parents: Gordon Wayne Holder-10465 and Cathy J. Collins-10461.

Safronia Ann Holder was born on 28 April 1919 in Grice, Upshur, Texas, USA. She died on 26 May 1920 at the age of 1 in Gregg County, Texas, USA. She was buried on 29 May 1920 at Grice Cemetery in Grice, Upshur, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Shelby Herbert Holder Sr.-159 and Nellie Thelma Thompson-7698.

Saige Tawn Holder (private).23 Parents: Steven Olen Holder-2468 and Donna Kay Rannefeld-4420.

Sallie Holder was born in 1866 in Texas, USA. She lived with her parents Redick Holder and Jane in Linden, Cass, Texas, USA on 19 July 1870. She lived with her parents Redick Holder and Jane in Marion County, Texas, USA on 18 June 1880.2 Parents: Redick Holder-9919 and Jane -9920.

Sallie Holder was born on 6 March 1885 in Missouri, USA. She lived with her parents Benjamin Starling Holder and Roberta Anna Jones in McLennan County, Texas, USA on 9 June 1900.11 She lived with her Son and his wife Carl Doss Holder Sr. and Lou Retha "Retha" Russell in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA on 27 April 1930.1 Sallie died on 25 March 1985 at the age of 100 in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA.13 She was buried on 28 March 1985 at Woodlawn Cemetery in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Benjamin Starling Holder-487 and Roberta Anna Jones-1250.

Spouse: Mack Holder-9068. Children were: Carl Doss Holder Sr.-3962.

Spouse: Adolph W. Prause-9069. Sallie Holder and Adolph W. Prause were married on 8 May 1912 in McLennan County, Texas, USA.31

Sallie Holder (private).12 Parents: John Rankin Holder-1093 and Mamie Luella Perigo-1094.

Sallie Ann Holder (private).23 Parents: Virgil Bird Holder-154 and Dora Aline Riggs-4461.

Spouse: Ronny Glenn Gunn-4466.

Sallie Jane Holder was born on 3 February 1885 in Commerce, Hunt, Texas, USA. Parents: Joshua A. Holder-587 and Melvina D. Stroud-739.

Spouse: Haworth-12935. Sallie Jane Holder and Haworth were married.

Sallie Marie Holder was born on 23 November 1943 in Parker County, Texas, USA.23 She died from pneumonia on 13 July 1964 at the age of 20 in Lipan, Hood, Texas, USA.17 She was buried on 15 July 1964 at Evergreen Cemetery in Lipan, Hood, Texas, USA. Parents: Clarence Tatum Holder-3813 and Willie Mae Ator-3814.

Sallie Melma "Melma" Holder was born on 14 March 1914 in Knox County, Texas, USA.61 81 She lived at home in Knox County, Texas, USA on 19 April 1930.1 She lived in Seymour, Baylor, Texas, USA in December 2005. Melma died on 20 February 2011 at the age of 96 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA. She was buried on 24 February 2011 at Goree Cemetery in Goree, Knox, Texas, USA. Melma was a happy, fun-loving person who was a good wife to Mike and a wonderful mother to her children. All the children had chores to do, but if the job was too big or hard, she would usually help them get it done. She would also play games with them and join in whatever project they might have to do. The chores always seemed easier if Mama helped. She always had a flower garden for beauty and a vegetable garden for necessity. (All the Holder children seemed to have a love of flowers and nature. I suppose this was inherited from their parents,) Melma canned many jars of beans, peaches, black-eye peas, and other fruits and vegetables every year. We kids didn't really like having to help can the food, but we sure enjoyed it later in the winter. Melma was an accomplished seamstress and made almost all her family's clothing. She made shirts for Mike and her sons, and skirts, blouses, and dresses for her daughters and herself. She also taught all three of her daughters to sew. Like her brothers and sisters, Melma is an artist of sorts. She does all kinds of crafts and could make almost anything with some yarn and a crochet hook. After Mike's death, Melma moved to Seymour, where she does volunteer work at the Baylor Co. Hospital and at Westview Care Center (rest home) . Submitted by: Dolores Trainham, 1999. Parents: Benjamin Randolph "Ben" Holder Sr.-1597 and Annie Winnifred Brooks-1598.

Spouse: Mike Cletus Parker-1628. Sallie Melma "Melma" Holder and Mike Cletus Parker were married on 2 July 1932 in Benjamin, Knox, Texas, USA. Mike and Melma were married by Mr. Marvin Chamberlin, Justice of the Peace.

Sallie Ruth Holder (private).8 Parents: Coade Fabrion "Code" Holder-1521 and Mary Ella Harris-2033.

Spouse: Belvie Erwin-9122.

Sallie Tanya "Sally" Holder (private).23 Parents: William Bradley "Will" Holder-1608 and Ouida Pearl Bailey-1716.

Spouse: Lawrence Wayne Williams-1720.

Spouse: Samuel Basil Walter Jr.-9496.

Sally Holder was born about 1803 in South Carolina, USA. Sally Holder was an employee of Benjamin Hagood at a hotel restaurant located atop Caesars Head Mountain. Together they had an out of wedlock son, Rev. Benjamin Luther Holder.

Spouse: Col. Benjamin Hagood-9510. Sally Holder and Col. Benjamin Hagood were married about 1824 in South Carolina, USA. Children were: Rev. Benjamin Luther "Luther" Holder-9508.

Sally Bell Holder was born on 24 December 1898 in Alabama, USA. She lived with her parents John David Holder and Edith "Susan" Durham in Cherokee County, Texas, USA on 11 May 1910.3 12 She died on 19 May 1968 at the age of 69 in Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA.728 Sally was buried on 22 May 1968 at Jacksonville City Cemetery in Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA.8 Parents: John David Holder-635 and Edith "Susan" Durham-636.

Spouse: Charles Frank "Frank" Ball-9856. Sally Bell Holder and Charles Frank "Frank" Ball were married on 7 October 1920 in Cherokee County, Texas, USA.31

Sally Deann Holder (private).23 Parents: Fritz Vaughn Holder-11084 and Quinnis Nadine Strickland-11085.

Spouse: David L. Archer-11097.