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Patricia Gail Holder (private).22 Parents: Emory Joseph Albert Holder-1892 and Jessie Myrle Dodson-2607.

Patricia Gail Holder (private).22 Parents: Kenneth Murrell Holder-4536 and Brenda Suzanne Tate-4543.

Patricia Gale Holder (private).22 Parents: Harold Eugene Holder-6211 and Janie Abney-6212.

Patricia Jewell Holder was born on 4 June 1889 in Arp, Smith, Texas, USA. She lived with her sister Zaidee R in Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA on 19 April 1910.3 She died on 7 May 1968 at the age of 78 in Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, USA. Parents: James Pleasant Holder-879 and Jerusha Hesseltine "Rusha" Fowler-1171.

Patricia Jo Holder (private).6 Parents: Burley Y. C. Holder-2989 and Elizabeth Ann Cowart-3005.

Spouse: Barker-12150.

Patricia Joyce Holder (private).22 Parents: Clifford Wayne Holder-3548 and Carol Marlene Cox-13018.

Spouse: Geoffrey Zane Goodnough-13021.

Patricia Kay Holder was born on 27 November 1950 in Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA.22 She died on 8 December 1950 at the age of 0 in Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA.676 She was buried on 10 December 1950 at Resthaven Cemetery in Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Jack Edward Holder-2055 and Billie Joyce Myers-8497.

Patricia Louise Holder (private).22 Parents: David Gordon Holder-5252 and Blanch Llene Cooper-12295.

Patricia Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: John Dudley Holder-3276 and Lula Marteen "Marteen" Gotcher-5219.

Patricia Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: John Meredith Holder-8790 and Lois Arlene Sellman-8791.

Patricia Marie Holder (private).22 Parents: James Hester Holder-3869 and Lettie Marie Anthony-8155.

Patricia Ruth Holder (private).22 Parents: Herman Osbon Holder-1445 and Clara Imo Wigley-501.

Patrick Glenn Holder (private). Parents: William Merle Holder-4040 and Gwendolyn Mae "Gwen" Peatling-4042.

Spouse: Kris Ann Lamb-9647. Children were: William Alan Holder-12577.

Patrick Jon "Pat" Holder (private).22 Parents: James Wesley "Jim" Holder-5424 and Jancie Yvonne Wilmot-5428.

Spouse: Michele Aguero-12110. Children were: Jessica Renee Holder-12111.

Patsy Holder (private).6 Parents: Neil Holder-3938 and Thelma Pauline Jennings-3937.

Patsy Deann Holder (private).22 Parents: Alan Gresham Holder-7975 and Donna Faye Haynes-12112.

Spouse: Thomas R. Taylor-12119.

Patsy Evalabelle Holder (private). Parents: Virgil Bird Holder-154 and Pearl Elizabeth Adelia Hill-155.

Spouse: Hiram Lamar Duffey-12567.

Patsy Jayne Holder (private).1 Parents: Gus M. "Gussie" Holder-1003 and Susie Thompson Wright-6024.

Patsy Jean Holder (private).22 Parents: James William Holder-7668 and Josephine Britton-8445.

Patsy Lou Holder (private).6 Parents: Lonnie Jim Holder Sr.-321 and Loie Belle Cooper-318.

Patsy Lynn Holder (private).22 Parents: Edwin Earl Holder-6543 and Teresa Ann Devenney-6545.

Patsy Merle Holder (private).22 Parents: Norvell Bearl "Pat" Holder-3500 and Rosa Olivia Balko-4721.

Spouse: Monte Gene Lafon-5868.

Patsy Pearl Holder was born on 19 October 1935 in Santo, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA.677 She lived with her parents Lonnie Floys Holder and Anytha "Ann" Hurt in Callahan, Texas, USA on 6 April 1940.6 She died on 15 February 2001 at the age of 65 in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA. Parents: Lonnie Floys Holder-10583 and Anytha "Ann" Hurt-10584.

Patsy R. Holder (private).6 Parents: Hiram Andy Holder-1438 and Lautis A. Singleton-10555.

Patty Holder (private).1 Parents: Dr. Bennett Carl "Carl" Holder-1198 and Elsie Carmen Emery-3576.

Paul Bennett Holder was born on 17 February 1918 in Arkansas, USA. He lived with his parents Henry Johnson Holder and Cecile Gertrude McCarthy in Lawrence County, Arkansas, USA on 24 January 1920.12 He lived with his parents Henry Johnson Holder and Cecile Gertrude McCarthy in Lawrence County, Arkansas, USA on 22 April 1930.1 Paul died on 31 August 1991 at the age of 73 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.13 Parents: Henry Johnson Holder-6995 and Cecile Gertrude McCarthy-6996.

Spouse: Lovetia Mae Whittaker-4275. Lovetia Mae Whittaker and Paul Bennett Holder were married before 1942. Children were: Jack Bennett Holder-4276, Michael Andrew Holder-4271, Karen P. Holder-11492.

Paul Daniel Holder was born on 25 August 1925 in Texas, USA. He died on 25 November 1982 at the age of 57 in Quitman, Wood, Texas, USA.178 He was buried on 28 November 1982 at Bethel Cemetery in Cypress, Franklin, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Daniel Comer Holder-1465 and Elizabeth Demeris Self-4593.

Spouse: Edith J. Rozell-10018. Edith J. Rozell and Paul Daniel Holder were married.

Paul Howard Holder Sr. (private).22 Parents: William Merle Holder-4040 and Gwendolyn Mae "Gwen" Peatling-4042.

Spouse: Virginia E. Esparza-4050. Children were: Wendy Lynn Holder-7565, Paul Howard Holder II-4052, Isaac Anthony Holder-4051, Mary Anne Josephine Holder-7566, Cathryn Mae Holder-4053.

Spouse: Carolyn T. Still-7564.

Paul Howard Holder II (private).22 Parents: Paul Howard Holder Sr.-4043 and Virginia E. Esparza-4050.

Paul Justin Holder (private).22 Parents: Gary Wayne Holder-8501 and Donna Denise Commons-10031.

Paul Keith Holder (private).22 Parents: John Vergal Holder-5580 and Patsy Ruth Eskew-8702.

Paul Nelson Holder (private).22 Parents: Howard Jeffrey Holder-3386 and Nancy Claire Stacey-3389.

Paul Riley Holder was born on 3 September 1932 in Winston, Mississippi, USA. He died on 13 November 1984 at the age of 52 in Louisville, Winston, Mississippi, USA. He was buried on 16 November 1984 at Sunrise Memorial Cemetery in Noxapater, Winston, Mississippi, USA.8 Parents: John Lawson Holder-9546 and Winnie Edwards-9547.

Spouse: Annie Sue Eaves-6515. Children were: Sharon Lynn Holder-6516, Kathy Paulette Holder-6517.

Paul Robb Holder (private).22 Parents: Dr. Charles Robb Holder-4348 and Minerva S. Zanick-10150.

Spouse: Alta Mashell Stephens-6519.

Paul Steven Holder was born on 17 December 1955 in Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA. He died from an auto accident on 20 October 1978 at the age of 22 in Kendall County, Texas, USA.678 He was buried on 23 October 1978 at Conroe Memorial Park in Conroe, Montgomery, Texas, USA. Parents: Perry Jean Holder-10127 and Iris Nell Simmons-10128.

Paul Westfall Holder was born on 21 September 1916 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA.60 He lived with his Step Father and Mother David Earl Brakefield and Marie A. Crabb in Mustang, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA on 22 March 1920.12 He lived in the residence of his parent Marie A. Crabb in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA on 14 April 1930.1 Paul lived in the residence of his parent Marie A. Crabb in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA on 26 April 1940.6 He died on 28 January 1986 at the age of 69 in Orange County, California, USA.47 Parents: Leroy Vincent "Roy" Holder-3599 and Marie A. Crabb-9242.

Paula June Holder was born on 31 July 1938 in Oklahoma, USA. She lived with her parents Oran Allen "Heavy" Holder and Margaret Eileen Spurlock in Odin, Marion, Illinois, USA on 2 April 1940.6 She died on 14 February 1992 at the age of 53 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.13 Paula was buried on 17 February 1992 at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens in Irving, Dallas, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Oran Allen "Heavy" Holder-7313 and Margaret Eileen Spurlock-7314.

Spouse: James R. Bell-11123.

Paula Lea Holder (private).22 Parents: Claude Rex "Rex" Holder-1152 and Melba Lee Cross-4029.

Spouse: Edward D. Chamberlain-5286.

Paula Marie Holder was born on 22 July 1994 in McLennan County, Texas, USA.22 She died on 22 July 1994 at the age of 0. She was buried on 24 July 1994 at Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA.8 Parents: Randall Ray Holder-7126 and Norma Garcia-7127.

Paula Rae Holder (private).22 Parents: Ray Wesley Holder-58 and Pauline Thomas-8421.

Pauline Holder was born on 24 December 1917 in Texas, USA. She died on 28 November 1984 at the age of 66 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.13 She was buried on 1 December 1984 at Grove Hill Memorial Park in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA.8

Pauline Holder (private).6 Parents: Jim Carl Holder-2058 and Tommie Lee Evans-9249.

Spouse: Jones-10485.

Pauline Holder (private).1 Parents: Holder-10194.

Pauline A. Holder (private).6 Parents: Earnest Harold Holder-1430 and Madie Lucille Lundberg-3331.

Pauline Caroline "Caroline" Holder was born in 1847 in Wilkes, North Carolina, USA. She died in 1865 at the age of 18 in Bell County, Texas, USA. Parents: Nathaniel B. Holder-661 and Martha Livingston-891.

Spouse: Rev. Wade Wayman Hampton-744. Pauline Caroline "Caroline" Holder and Rev. Wade Wayman Hampton were married in 1860 in Killeen, Bell, Texas, USA.

Pearl Holder was born on 2 May 1891 in Alabama, USA. She lived with her parents William Bennet Holder and Ollie H. Jones at Prairie Hill and Mount Antioch in Limestone County, Texas, USA on 16 June 1900.11 She died on 20 August 1961 at the age of 70 in Fannin County, Texas, USA. Pearl was buried on 23 August 1961 at Bettes Cemetery in Bonham, Fannin, Texas, USA.8 Parents: William Bennet Holder-548 and Ollie H. Jones-549.

Spouse: Andrew N. Seals-12241. Pearl Holder and Andrew N. Seals were married.

Pearl C. Holder was born on 2 May 1880 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas, USA. She lived with her parents John Pearl "Uncle John" Holder and Sarah Catherine Mathis in Township 6, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory on 6 June 1900.11 She died on 10 May 1961 at the age of 81 in Sulphur, Murray, Oklahoma, USA. Pearl was buried on 13 May 1961 at Green Hill Cemetery in Davis, Murray, Oklahoma, USA.8 Parents: John Pearl "Uncle John" Holder-92 and Sarah Catherine Mathis-673.

Spouse: G. T. "Rome" Looney-7733. Pearl C. Holder and G. T. "Rome" Looney were married.

Pearl Iona "Pearly" Holder was born on 16 March 1870 in Grayson County, Texas, USA. She lived with her parents William Jackson "Jack" Holder and Margarette Ann Scruggs in Grayson County, Texas, USA on 8 June 1880. She died on 16 August 1959 at the age of 89. Parents: William Jackson "Jack" Holder-824 and Margarette Ann Scruggs-293.

Spouse: George Washington Harlin-5798. Pearl Iona "Pearly" Holder and George Washington Harlin were married before 1897. They lived in Brown, Bryan, Oklahoma, USA on 1 February 1920.12

Pearl M. Holder was born on 10 January 1892 in Texas, USA. She lived with her parents James Harrison Holder and Marguerite L. Montgomery in Hill, Texas, USA on 7 June 1900.11 She died on 24 March 1972 at the age of 80 in Dallas County, Texas, USA.679 Pearl was buried on 27 March 1972 at Laurel Land Memorial Park in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA. Parents: James Harrison Holder-2195 and Marguerite L. Montgomery-2196.

Spouse: William Lake Edmonson-8960. Pearl M. Holder and William Lake Edmonson were married in 1909. They lived in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA on 23 April 1930.1

Pearl R. Holder was born in December 1886 in Denton County, Texas, USA. Parents: Israel Carlos Holder-371 and Margaret C. "Maggie" Parr-1157.