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Kerchief and Calico Square Dance Club

San Antonio, Texas - updated May 2013

In the 1950s, my grandparents were associated with the Kerchief and Calico Square Dance Club. My granddad  played fiddle and guitar in the band. Beyond a dozen or so names of persons (some from my mother's memories of their involvement), I know very little. If you know anything about the club, any of its members or other details, please contact me at zoomie2k (at) hotmail (dot) com. I did learn from Jim and Mary Williams, of the Southeast Stars, that the club folded in the early 80s. From numerous articles submitted to the Sets in Order magazine during the 50s through the 70s, the club began in November 1949 and the principal club caller was Clyde Jones who had submitted many articles to the Sets in Order magazine for many, many years. The last caller of the club before it folded was Emanuel Duming.

Pleasant facts and memories only please. I want this to be a tasteful collaboration/compilation; the information that I gather will serve as historic reference for anyone interested. I think it important to know our San Antonio square dance history and to honor those who were part of it. I have learned that there were many square dance clubs in San Antonio at the same time and I plan to add to this compilation to give the same amount of attention to these other clubs. Thanks to George Rollow, I have learned about many of the clubs as I have also discovered from old newspaper articles and other sources.

One reference on the Internet about San Antonio's Kerchief and Calico Square Dance Club is the following;

From the Kerrville Daily Times, 28 Jul 1953;

'Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sowards, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sample, Mr. and

Mrs. Clyde Hester, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Franklin and Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Klein were at San

Antonio Saturday night to attend the Kerchief and Calico Square Dance Club. The dance was

held at Raymond Russell Park honoring guests from Goliad and Kerrville and the newly elected

officers of the San Antonio Area Square Dance Association. Mr. Clyde Jones was the caller.'

Known past members and participants of the Kerchief and Calico Square Dance Club, most are recalled from memory by my mother (some spellings may be incorrect);

~ Vernon Abbott & his wife Helen Abbott - my grandparents

~ Buddy Butler

~ A.J. Campbell (full name Arthur James Campbell) & his wife Mary Campbell - I found out about their involvement in the club from A.J.'s obituary on-line

~ Harley Coons and his wife Ruby Lee Coons - their sons were Roy Gene Coons and Larry Coons and their daughter was Marylou Coons, married name Marylou Smith; Harley's brother M.L. Coons was part of the club also

~ Jack Davenport and his wife Gladys Davenport

~ Rudy Hartin - a cousin of mine, a son of my great aunt Ora Burgett Hartin

~ Ed Fisk

~ Pat Toland (T.P. Toland) & his wife Catherine Toland - Pat passed away 10 Jun 2005; the Tolands use to visit the Abbotts on Sunglo Drive regularly where they taught the Abbotts how to play Canasta.

~ Tommy Tomlinson

Send me an e-mail at zoomie2k (at) if you have any questions, suggestions or corrections :) Thanks