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[This information was on the reverse of pages that I had collected for my own research, so therefore it is incomplet.]

The first steamboat on Cayuga Lake. Its engine was 24 horse power, the boat was capable of carrying 120 tons. The boat connected with a line, of stages from the east, and a line at the foot of the lake at Buffalo.
The “Telemachus“ was launched in 1828, the “Dewitt Clinton” in 1829. 1886, besides a whole fleet subeque, & Owego railroad company was in The Simeon Dewitt” in 1836 besides a whole fleet subsequently The Ithaca and Owego railroad company was incorporated January 28 in 1828. Its first officers were, President, Francis A. Bloodwood; treasurer, Richard V. Dewitt; Secretary, Ebenezer Mack; Directors, was A. Dewitt Bloodgood, Andrew D. W. Bruyn, Cornelius P. Herman..
Myndert Van Schaick, James Pumpelly. Alvah Beebe. After having a varied history, January 1, 1855. it was leased to the Delaware, Lackawana and Western R. R. April 9, 1832 a charter was granted to the Ithaca & Geneva railroad., Capital $800.000. April 16, 1834 the Ithaca & Port Renwick R. R. was chartered. The Ithaca Canal Co., was organized. Nothing however was accomplished. The Ithaca & Athens railroad was chartered in 1867. Capital $2,000,000. was opened 1871.
The Geneva & Ithaca Railroad Company was organized in 1871. Capital was $1,250,000. It was opened in 1873. It is now under the control of the Lehigh Valley Railroad co. The Cayuga Lake RR was incorporated in 1869. Capital $1,000,000. Opened in 1874. This is also under the management of the Lehigh Valley RR Co. The Ithaca &Cortland Railroad Company organized in 1869. Capital $500,000. Opened in 1871. Finally consolidated under the name of the Utica, Ithaca and Elmira R. R., and recently changed to the Elmira, Cortland and Northern RR. The Catskill and Ihaca RR., was chartered & Ithaca railroad was chartered April 21, 1828. Capital $1000,000.
THE Ithaca and Auburn RR charered in May 1836, no work done.  the Chemung and Ithaca RR. chartered May 1837. Capital $200,000,
The Sodus Canal Company organized in 1829. This was a project to connect the waters at the Cayuga Lake with the Ontario, at or near Sodus Point. Never constructed. Charter expired by limitation. From 1807 to 1857 many stage routes were established, radiating from Ithaca and John Bartley’s friends claim tha the was the first stage driver and “tooted” his horn in the village of Ithaca.

The weekly Ithacan was issued May 1856, Asahel Clapp.
The Lake Light and anti-masonic paper was issued at Trumansburg, Oct 1827, by Phelps and Broome.
The Anti-Masonic Sentinal was published at Trumansburg, Feb. 5 1836?. by R. St. John.
Trumansburg Advertiser was issued July 4, 1832, by David Fairchild, Trumansburg Sun was issued Dec. 2, 1840, by John Gray.
Trumansburg Herald was established March 7, 1846. by S. M. Day.
Trumansburg Weekly Independenee was issued November 5, 1851, by William K. Creque.
Trumansburg News was issued in 1860 by Himrod and Osborn.
Thrumansburg Sentinel issued April 5. 1866, by Oscar M. Wilson.
The Republican Chronicle was established at Ithaca, June, 1820, by Spencer Stockton.
The Western Messenger was established in Ithaca, in 1826, by A. P Searing.
The Jefferson and Tompkins was issued in Ithaca in 1835,byCharles Robbins.
The Tompkins Volunteer was Issued in 1840, by H. C. Goodwin.
The Flag of the Union was issued at Ithaca in 1848, by J. B. Gosman.
Western Museum and Boles-lettres Repository, issued at Ithaca, in 1821 by A. P. Searing.
The Ithacan was issued Nov. 28, 1868. by Bragdon & Cunningham.
The Ithaca Daily Leader was issued November 1, 1869, by William A.Burritt.
The Dryden Herald was issued in 1871. by William Smith.
The Groton Journal was issued by H. C. Marsh, Nov. 9, 1866.
The Philanthropist a Universalist newspaper, was issued in 1851 at Ithaca by O A. Bronson.
Rumsey‘s Companion was issued at Dryden in 1856, by H. D. Rumsey.
The Templar and Watchman was issued at Ithaca, in 1853, by Orlando Lund/Lend.
                                              Caroline Township

The town of Caroline was organized Feb. 22, 1811 then in Tioga count section 34, taken from Spencer. See also Session 45, Laws of 1822, chapter ---. It is situated in the extreme southeastern
Portion of Tompkins county and is bounded on the north by Dryden, on the east by Richford and Berkshire, in Tioga Co. on the south by Candor in Tompkins county. and is bounded on the west by Danby. Its surface is hilly and uneven. The streams of the twonship run southward and empty into the Owego Cree and westward and northward into Cayuga Lake. The name Caroline was given by Dr. Joseph Speed, a prominent citizen, in homor of Caroline his daughter. Caroline, Caroline Center, Slaterville, West Slaterville, Speedville and Brookton (formerly Motts Corners) are villages in the township. William

Rounsville was elected supervisor; Levi Slater. town clerk ;Ephraim Chambers, Nathaniel Toby, Laban Jenks, assessors; John. Robison, Nathanal Toby, Moses Reed, commissioners of highways; Charles Mulks, collector; John Robison, Joseph Chambers, overseers of the poor; Richard Chambers, Robert Hyde, constables: Dr. Joseph Speed, Charles Mulks, Robert Freeman fence viewers; Robert Bush pound master; Ephraim Chambers, and John Robinson were appointed justice of the peace, by the council of appointed at Albany. After the year 1826, the office of justice of the peace became elected by the people, and in 1827, Dr. James Ashley, was then elected to serve one year. Millo Heath two years, Aaron Curtis three years, and Dr. Silas Hutchinson four years.

Early settlers: Capt, David Rich, Mrs. Earlsey, with five sons, and five daughters, named Richard, William, John, Johnson, Joshua, Elanor, Sally, Betsey, Mary, Kate; Gen. John Cantine, John Cantine Jr., Charles Santine, Moses Cantine, Joseph Chambers, Richard Bush, Hartmore Ennist, Benona Mulks, Levi Slater, John Robison, Lemuel Yates. Mathew Jansen, Benjamin Tracev, Daniel Newkirk, Rev. Garret Mandervilie, John Rounseman, Joel Rich, George Vickery, Sylvester Rounsevelt, John Doty. Deacon Jonathan Norwood, Robert Freeland, Henry Quick, Jacob Quick, Augustine Boyer, Robert Hyde. Dr. Joseph Speed, Henry Speed. Aaron Bull, Moses Reed, Joseph Goodrich. Andrew Van Luven, Jonah Cass, Miller, Nathaniel Gosper, Joseph Smith, Marcus Parmeton, Bartholmew Green, Alexander Stowell, Abraham Boice. Dr. James Ashley, Jonathan Snow, John Taft, Peter Lounsberry, Martin Merrill, Charles Cooper, George Blair, Lyman Cobb, Lemuel Yates, Lyman Rawson, Richard Bush, Laban Jenks, Henry Morgan, Israel Mott, John Mott, Isaac Goodale. Hugh Boyer,
Calvin Clark, James Livermore, John Taft, Abel Gates, Ezekiel Hewett, John Groat, Jeremiah Kinney, Joel Rich, Israel Paine, Daniel Hedges.
The first tavern was kept by Richard Bush. in 180l.
The first store opened by John .J. Speed, in 1806.
A log house was erected 1802, at Slatersville.
Speedsvi1le was named in honor of John J. Speed Sr., an early settler.
The first tannery was built by Solomon Robinson and Daniel Hedges, in 1816.
Slaterville is named in honor of Levi Slater, the first settler in that vicinity.
Boiceville, or West Slaterville, was originally named after Abraham Boices, an early settler.
Slaterville post office was established in 1823, John Robison was the  first post master.
The Caroline post office was established in 1810, Dr. Joseph Speed was first post master.
Gen. John Cantine erected the first grist and saw mills, at the place now known as Brookton, in 1800.
Methodist Episcopal Church of Caroline Center, was organized by Rev. George Harmon, in 1820. Church erected in 1825. Cost  $1,000. New church erected in 1866. Cost $3,000.
—The post office at Caroline Center was established in 1838, Hiram & Jones post master.
—Methodist Episcopal Church of Speedsville, organized as a class in 1830. Church erected in 1851.
—The Reformed Dutch Church was erected in 1820, the first church edifice in the town of Caroline.
The Universalist Society of Caroline was formed April 20, 1827. Rev. N. Doolittle the first minister.
—First Baptist Church of Caroline was organized in 1814, Rev. Plia Sabln first minister Church erected in 1848.
—Captain David Rich was the first settler in the town of Caroline, in 1795. He died as March, 1852, aged 92 years.
--The Caroline Literary Association was organized in January, 1818, and circulating library was soon after founded by the society.
Congregational Church of Mott’s Corners was formed March 28, 1868.
William A. Hills first minister, church erected in 1868.
-Lyman Cobb, author of Cobb’s spelling book, and a series of school readers, was an early settler of Caroline, and a prominent teacher.
—St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church was first organized at Richford. Established at Speedsville in 1842. Rev. George Watson, missionary; Hiram Bliss, Town Whiton, wardens.
—Caroline Lodge No. 681, F. A. M., was constituted in Nov. 1867. First officers, Dr. W. C. Gallagher, W. M.; Moses Munson, S. W.: Job Norwood, L W.; R. G. Speed, sec H. M. Wood, tress.
-Speedsville Lodge No. 265, F. A. M,. was constituted June 11, 1851. The first officers were Robert H. Hyde, W. M; Thomas Band, S. W. Lyman Kingman, J. W.; Leonard Legg, sec.; Robert E. Muir. tress.
—Gen. John Cantine, who settled in Caroline, in 1798, was one of the three commissioners to survey and settle the difference between New York and Massachusetts, in regard to the title of Western New York. He erected mills in 1800.
The Dutch Reformed Church was organized in 1810. by Rev. Garret Manderville. Among it early members were Joseph Chambers, Oakly Bush, Widow Elanor Earsley, her sons William Earsley, and John Earsley, Betsey Yates. wife of Pardon Yates, and daughter of Widow Earsley. Church erected in 1820.
The First Methodist Class was organized in 1812. First minister in charge was Rev. John Griffin. Nov. 28, 1831. it was organized as the “Garretson Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church,” and subsequently assumed under a charter the name of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Caroline. Church was dedicated in 1834, by Rev. Silas Comfort.

Danby Township.

By an act of the legislature passed February 22,, 1811, the township of Danby was formed from Spencer as a township in Tioga county, and in the year 1822 it became a township in Tompkins county, and in the year 1839 it became a portion of Caroline was attached to it. It is bounded on the north by Ithaca and Dryden on the east by Caroline in Tompkins county and Candor in --------