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Taken From The Pierce-Putnam Scrapbooks
Jefferson County, N. Y.

The following obits/abstracts* came from two large obit books prepared by Judy Pierce, of Redwood, Jefferson County, N. Y. Judy assembled these obit books, and another of marriages*, anniversaries, etc., from the clipping collection of her good friend, Rena Putnam, of the Redwood-Plessis area. Rena passed away earlier this year (2001), and Judy, at times, updates the collection where Plessis-Redwood families are concerned. Judy loaned me the books so that I could get the information out to others for use in their genealogy pursuits. A thank you to Suzi Howard who typed a great many of these items from the scrapbook pages.

The scrapbook containing marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, and other articles will appear on this website under "Another Pierce-Putnam Scrapbook."

A problem at Rootsweb some time after this project's completion caused the disappearance of most of the A thru G's. Now, in 2004, I have attempted a reconstruction of these missing portions. Since I no longer have the scrapbook, this phase of the project hasn't been easy. The material contained in this section is no longer in the sequence seen in the scrapbook. Therefore, I present below an alphabetized list of the obits and abstracts of obits. At the top of this page you will find my Free Find Robot for your use in locating the obit (see next paragraph).

Because the file became very large, I have presented the obits, etc. in 43 sections. Those sections may be accessed from the clickable list BELOW the alphabetized list of names. Again, the easiest method by which to locate an obit is to use the Free Find feature at the top left of this page. Experimenting is the best way to understand what I've tried to say here.

*For the most part this portion of the project involves obituaries; however, there are some instances when an article is included which was written about someone's birthday.

Adams, Ada Fitch (2)

Englehart, Paul M.

King, George P.

Rogers, Dr. Orin

Adams, Nina G.

Estes, Arthur A.

Kingston, Bessie

Rogers, Henry H.

Agati, Samuel A.

Evans, Mayfred M.

Kingston, Douglas M.

Root, Mancel

Ahles, Elizabeth


Kissel, Anna

Root, Wilford

Ahles, H. G.

Favert, Elizabeth Getman

Klump, Dora L.

Root, William L.

Aldrich, Ethel

Felder, Delores Rossey

Knight, Duane M.

Ross, James W.

Allen, Cora Adell

Felder, Donald J.

Knight, Emma Poole

Rothenberg, Harry

Allen, Floyd F.

Felder, Howard

Knight, Frederick

Rowell, Mabel Lyon

Allen, Maude Hale

Felder, Karl

Laidlaw, John

Roy, Lawrence M.

Allen, Virginia Fox

Felder, Lowell

Landon, Ellen

Roy, Robert

Allison, Edward A.

Felder, Robert O.

Layng, Paul Wright

Roy, Ruth

Allison, Margaret M.

Felder, Vera

Lashbrooks, Mary House

Runyon, Katherine F.

Alton, Nina Belle Nevin

Ferguson, Harold

Laurie, Josephine

Russell, Elias

Andress, Oscar (Pee Wee)

Ferguson, Malcolm M.

Lawler, Hattie Zimmer

Russell, Frank

Angel, Vernard

Ferguson, Walter K.

Lawler, James E.

Russell, Harold

Aiken, (?)

Fikes, Edna A.

Leeson, Christina

Russell, Harriette

Archer, J. Henry

Fitchette, Shirley

Leeson, Stennett M.

Ryan, Lulah Briggs Ryan

Argoyros, Eva Skordis

Fitzsimmons, Carolyn L.

Leffler, John

Salisbury, De Alton

Arthur, Harold S.

Fitzsimmons, Claude

Leiterman, Mannie Olney

Santway, Dr. F. L.

Avery, Lydia J.

Fitzsimmons, J. Lowell

Leonhardt, Harold

Santway, Mary A. Bearup

Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Fitzsimmons, Jennie

Leonhardt, Hazel

Santway, Mary A. E. (estate)

Babcock, Purl A.

Flinn, Ralph H., Jr.

Lewis, Edward C.

Savage, C. Harvey

Bacon, Elsie Grapotte

Forkey, Samuel

Lieterman, Katherine

Schell, Clarence

Bailey, Gladys

Fox, Allen

Lillie, Jennie T. (2 articles)

Schell, Irvin

Bailey, Patrick A.

Fox, Lottie Frederick

Lowe, Ola

Schell, J. Rush (estate)

Bain, Pearl Estes

Fox, Thomas

Lyman, Delevan

Schell, Ruth

Balderson, Agnes

Fram, Hazel

Lynch, Katharine

Schneider, Dora

Balderson, Anna Kenney

Frame, William

Lynde, Benjamin

Schneider, Laurel I.

Ball, Lena Warnick

French, Delbert

MacAllister, Melvin

Schneider, Leila (2)

Bancroft, Marion

French, Minnie

MacPherson, Thomas

Schneider, W. F.

Barker, Cora E.

Frizzell, Jennie M.

Madill, Dr. Grant C.

Schulz, Gary

Barker, Frances E.

Frost, Carl

Maher, Frances L.

Schwartz, Cora Spaulding

Barker, Rev. Oliver K.

Frost, Chas. V.

Mairs, Evelyn Y.

Schwartz, G. P.

Barker, S. V.

Frost, Eva Mary

Maitland, Alta E.

Schwartz, G. P. (estate - 2)

Barns, Marion A.

Fulmer, James, Sr.

Makepeace, Florence

Service, Helen

Bartlett, Lloyd

Funda, Mary

Makepeace, F. S.

Shannon, Edith Bolton

Bates, Doris Zimmer

Gappell, Ernest

Makepeace, Stephen

Shaver, Elmeda

Bates, Wallace C.

Garlock, Mary E. Wells

Manning, Carl J.

Shea, Virginia

Beach, Dorothy

Gates, Clara M. Failing

Marshall, D. D. T.

Sheley, Edward D.

Bearup, Anna

Gates, Dwight J.

Marshall, Jennie P.

Shepherd, Maude A.

Bearup, Helen

Gates, Richard I.

Marshall, Mae

Shettleton, Keith L.

Beaudin, Alcid

George, Harold

Martin, Edward

Shimel, H. Foster

Beaudin, Rene Joseph

George, Mary Watson

Martin, Louis S.

Shindler, Harold

Beenfield, Ruth

Getman, Anna

Martin, Roberta B.

Shultz, George

Bernard, Sarah Bohanan

Getman, Edson

Martin, Thomas J.

Signor, Josie May Fluno

Bert, Mrs. (Peter)

Getman, Mrs. Louis

Matthews, Carrie A.

Simmons, Eleanor

Bertram, Howard

Getman, Paul

Maxon, Howard

Simpson, Claude

Bertrand, Alice W.

Getman, S. J.

May, Clifton

Simpson, Harold

Bickelhaupt, Adam H.

Gibbons, Ruth

McCadam, Helen

Simpson, Maud

Bickelhaupt, Mabel Curan

Gillick, George O.

McCauley, Judith E.

Simpson, Maurice

Bickelhaupt, Milo

Giltz, Charles A.

McConnell, Dolores

Simpson, Worthington W.

Blanchard, Wilbur

Giltz, Clare "Pete"

McCormick, Clifford

Singer, H. Nash

Bodman, A. R.

Giltz, Harold E."Rit"

McDowell, Florence

Skinner, Deforest A.

Bodman, Sylvester

Giltz, Mary A.

McDowell, Augusta

Skinner, Doris

Bolton, Flora Pool(e)

Giltz, Mary Schad

McDowell, Raymond S.

Skinner, Lillie

Borden, Ernest J.

Gould, Frances C.*

McGraw, Margaret D.

Slate, Mildred M. (2)

Bowles, Chlevera

Grant, George E.

McHugh, Joseph A.

Slate, Nancy

Bowles, Earl

Grant, Jeannette Stotler

McLaughlin, Jennie C.

Slate, Pvt. Robert

Bowles, Lee

Gray, Gerald M.

McLear, Berton A.

Sloan, Ina I.

Bradley, Frances

Gray, Shirley Reed

McLear, Melville

Smalling, Flora

Brady, Ross

Greenacre, Leona M.

McMane, Ella M.

Smith, Emma L. (2)

Bragg, Rev. John

Greene, Jennie E.

McMane, Robert N.

Smith, Etta Hofferberth

Bretsch, Floyd

Grieb, Elizabeth

McRobbie, Richard H.

Smith, Peter J.

Bretsch, Mary Parker

Grieb, Ruth E.

Megan, Elizabeth

Snell, Agnes L.

Briel, Gladys L.

Griffin, Margaret

Megan, William F.

Snell, Karl H.

Brown, Chester

Griffin, Mrs. Marvel

Meister, Coletta M.

Snyder, Fayette

Brown, Elsie Pharoah

Griffin, William

Merrill, Ray W.

Solar, Lillian E.

Brown, Emma G.

Grossnickle, Blanche

Merritt, F. W.

Soper, Maude M. (2)

Brown, Florence Ostrander

Guadaloupe, Thelma S.

Merritt, Geraldine Karcher

Spalsbury, Raymond L.

Brown, Geo. A.

Gunn, Alice M.

Merritt, Warren Lester

Spencer, C. A.

Brown, Harold

Haas, Kathleen K.

Miller, Carl

Spencer, Ross C.

Brown, John

Haas, Mary

Mills, Sarah (Sally)

Spies, Duane

Brown, Roswell

Haas, Rose Elizabeth

Minnick, Susan

Staie, Mildred

Brownell, Dorothy E.

Haggart, Howard

Mitchell, Albert E.

Stanton, Wilbur (2)

Bruso, Florence

Hale, Ella

Mitchell, Betty

Steacy, John R.

Bulger, Merrill A.

Hale, Otis

Mitchell, E. L.

Steele, Harold L.

Bullard, Anna P.

Hall, Edson

Molinari, Grace Leana

Sterling, Alice E.

Bullard, Jean V.

Hall, Otis

Montando, Frank

Stevens, Olga Schulz

Burgess, Karen J.

Hall, Grace Cole

Montondo, C. A.

Stockwell, Ellen C. (2)

Burns, Betty M.

Hall, Roy C.

Moore, Alice

Stoddard, Henrietta McFadden

Burns, Gary

Hancock, Anna

Moore, Mabel

Storey, Chas. E.

Burns, Ishmael

Handschuh, Louella

Moore, Mary B.

Stotler, Christina

Burtsch, Dr. Robert

Handschuh, Ray G.

Morehouse, Etta

Strait, Mildred

Burtch, Myrtle

Hanni, Martin E.

Morehouse, R R.

Strough, Allen C.

Burtch, Nancy W.

Harder, Jennie H.

Morrow, J. C.

Strough, Ivan

Burtch, Philip

Hardy, Gustavus S.

Murray, Lois

Sutton, H. Joyce

Bush, Francis L.

Harrison, Chas. R. (2 articles)

Murray, Mary Ruth

Sweet, Helen O'Brien

Busler, John

Harte, Minnie E.

Nelson, Marion O.

Sweet, James R.

Butterfield, Laura

Hartman, Beulah Cole

Neuroth, Chas.

Sweet, William H., Sr.

Cady, "Cherry" Perry

Hartman, Edwin

Neuroth, John

Sweetman, James R.

Campbell, Ada Grace

Hartman, Elizabeth

Neuroth, Valentine

Tayler, George William

Carey, Ella Meeks

Hartman, Leona

Neville, Elmer

Tenney, Lois

Carlisle, Lawrence "Bud"

Hartman, Ruth H. (3))

Neville, Helen Roy

Theobold, Lena

Carmon, Cpl. Kenneth

Hastings, Rev. C. E.

Newberry, Jesse

Thibault, Carl

Casey, W. G.

Hatheway, Earl

Newberry, Marion (Rena)

Thomas, Ora D.

Catlin, Dr. C. A.

Haven, Veronica J. Martin

Nicholson, Garth Robert

Thomson, John C.

Cheeseman, Fred

Hawley, Anson

Nicholson, Marguerite

Thornton, Everett A.

Cheeseman, Mina

Hax, Elizabeth O.

Noblett, Emma Zecher

Thornton, May J.

Cheeseman, Spencer

Hax, Howard

Noblett, Robert

Thwing, Elizabeth S. (2)

Clark, Charlotte

Hazelton, Douglas

Northrup, R. J.

Tibbles, Bert

Clark, George

Heath, Charles H.

Norton, Bertha M.

Tibbles, Hattie

Clow, James

Heath, Cyriel Heilman.

O'Brien, Cornelius (2)

Tibbles, Hugh Ivan

Coe, Dr. Geo. A.

Heilman, Lewis

O'Brien, Gordon

Tillman, George

Cole, Glenn L.

Heath, Leon H.

Ordway, Verna A.

Timerman, Clifton H.

Cole, Leone

Heilman, Barbara H.

Ostrander, Amelia

Timerman, Louise

Cole, Ross

Heins, Mrs. Geo. L.

Ostrander, Rose

Timerman, Ralph W.

Collins, Eugene

Helmer family item

Overacker, C. A.

Timmerman, Ruth

Collins, Gladys Mellor

Helmer, Burton

Paige, Genevieve

Townsend, Charles, Sr.

Collins, Henry

Helmer, Helen F.

Panunzio, Helen

Trickey, Byron

Colvin, Charles

Helmer, Irene

Panunzio, Inez

Trickey, Charles

Colvin, Gilbert

Helmer, Laura

Panuzio, Francis

Trickey, Roswell "Pete"

Comstock, Doris Schraden

Helmer, Nellie

Parker, Celia Whitney

Tubbs, Leona

Consaul, Kenneth

Herbison, Donald

Parker, Cora

Tusler, Glenn C.

Cook, Dessie M.

Hermann, L. J.

Parker, Edith M.

Tusler, James

Cook, Natalie E.

Higbee, F. P.

Parker, Elmer

Van Brocklin, George

Cooley, Lester R.

Hinman, Elmer A.

Parker, Elmira

Van Brocklin, Lois

Coolidge, Stuart D.

Hinman, Veneta

Parker, Eugene

Van Epps, Mortimer

Coon, John


Parker, Wm. C.

Van Horne, Louella

Cooper, Irving C.

Hoard, W.

Pearce, Samuel

Van Horne, Wendell H.

Cooper, Jerome B.

Hofferberth, Gertrude

Pearce, Winifred

Van Orman, Gary Kevin

Cooper, Jesse

Hofferberth, Robert

Peck, Jessie M.

Van Ornum, Lloyd Wayne

Cooper, Julia Cheney

Hofferberth, Susan

Peckham, Floyd

Van Tassel, George

Cooper, Sidney B.

Holmes, Addie Waite

Penn, Leta

Verotis, George

Cornwall, Louise B.

Holmes, Florence Salisbury

Peretta, Frank P.

Wager, Jennie Collins

Cornwell, Eliz. Pierce

Holmes, Wallace W.

Perry, Lewis

Walentuk, Gloria

Cornwell, Linal O.

Honeywell, Kathryn M.

Perry, Walter, Sr.

Walldroff, Elma 'Jean'

Courtenay, A. H.

Honeywell, Laura

Pettie, Ward

Walradt, Ella M.

Crandall, F. W.

Honeywell, Madeline Kesson

Phalen, Laura

Walters, G. Irene

Crawford, Margaret R.

Honneywell, Kathryn

Phillips, H. L.

Walton, Frederick

Crosby, Violet

Hoover, Grace S.

Pickert, Juliaette Zecher

Walts, Genevieve

Cross, Edna

Hotis, Claude

Pierce, Adelaide Benway

Walts, Glenn

Cullen, Arthur

Hotis, Fred

Pierce, Bell

Walts, Jessie

Cunningham, John P.

Hotis, George

Pierce, Bessie E.

Walts, Katherine Mitchell

Curtis, Dennis

Hotis, Jennie A.

Pierce, Frank 'Matt'

Waltz, Marvin

Curtis, Mabel (estate)

Hotis, Johnson J.

Pierce, Priscilla

Ward, Mary Jane Dyer

Curtis, N. J.

Hotis, Laura

Pierce, Viola LaRock

Warner, Richard L.

Curtis, Ruth D.

Hotis, Stella Hoffman

Pierce, Wm. Harrison

Watts, Shirley LaLonde

Daine, Robert and James

Houghtaling, Ronald

Pierce, Walter

Weeks, Doris

Davis, Fairman

House, Pauline

Pierce, Willard

Weldon, Valpurga Elk

Dawley, Allen

Hoyt, May Tyler

Pike, Vondilee

Welsh, Aurelia

DeGroodt, Louis Forbes

Huddleston, Donald R.

Piper, Marion

Welsh, Leon (Pivot)

Denner, Isabel Dickhaut

Huddleston, Wayne

Place, Alice E.

West, Ernest Ward

Denny, Leonard

Hughes, Irene

Poole, Mildred M.

Westcott, Mabel K.

Denny, Mary Zimmer

Hunneyman, Earle

Porter, May Nellie

Wetterhahn, Laura Hotis

DeYoung, Florence Wagoner

Hunt, J. H. "Pete"

Purdey, Willis

Wharton, Evelyn D.

Dickhaut, Chas. F.

Hunter, Catherine

Putman, Laurel

Wheeler, E. M.

Dickhaut, Clara Schneider

Hunter, Chas. M.

Putnam, Rena Neuroth

Wilcox, Gladys

Dickhaut, Francis W.

Hunter, Gladys Haas

Queal, Alexander

Wilcox, Grace Dailey

Dickson, Seloona Sharp

Hunter, Nina (2)

Quincer, Clara J.

Wiley, Anna

Dillenback, Glenn L.

Hunter, Richard E.

Quincer, Elizabeth

Wiley, Ernest

Dingman, Terry A.

Hunter, Robert

Quincer, Floyd Phillip

Williams, Effie J.

Dixon, William H.

Hunter, Roy L.

Quincer, Jacob

Williams, Ella

Dobbins, Clifford

Hussey, Wm. J.

Recupero, Dr. Joseph

Williams, Fred J.

Dobbins, John, Jr.

Hutchens, M. J.

Redwood item (see Layng)

Williams, Sheryl S.

Dollinger, Edward

Hutchinson, J. Herbert

Reed, Cabot S.

Willix, Clara C.

Dollinger, Florence Blunt

Hyde, Joyce K.

Reed, Frances

Willix, Horace

Dollinger, Herschel K.

Inglehart, Nettie

Reed, George L.

Wills, Ida C.

Dollinger, Minnie

Jarvis, Elizabeth

Reed, Lena Gertrude

Wilson, Walter E.

Dollinger, Rena Curtis

Jarvis, Henry J.

Reed, Walter (2 articles)

Wimmer, Hedwig

Donovan, John O.

Jarvis, Millicent Goodenough

Reester, Herman

Wingerath, Sarah

Donovan, Ray W.

Jefferson, Blythe R. Gallagher

Reester, Mathias S.

Wiswell, Frances E.

Dorr, Adam G.

Jewett, Elizabeth

Reff, Noel

Wiswell, Ray D.

Dorr, John

Johnson, F. J.

Rexford, Erwin

Wood, Walter, Sr.

Dorr, Harold J. & Mrs.*

Johnson, Fannie

Reynolds, Charles

Wright, Abigail

Dorr, Nettie J.

Johnson, John

Rich, Carl

Wright, E. S.

Douglas, Anna L.

Johnston, Blanche Elderkin

Rich, Lila

Yost, Charles G.

Douglas, Kathleen

Johnston, Jos. P.

Ripley, M. H.

Yost, Fred D.

Dowen, Harriet M.

Jolly, J. J.

River, Doris

Young, Abram

Dowen, James

Jolly, Jesse

Rivera, Mary Ann

Young, Delivan J.

Draper, Dr. W. L.

Jones, Adelbert C.

Rivers, Sterling

Zecher, August E.

Draper, Jesse

Jones, Emma Cooper

Robbins, Claude

Zecher, Chas. F.

Dresser, Dr. Ellen D.

Jones, Ida Cole

Robinson, Cora Smith

Zecher, Conrad

Duclon, Andrew

Jones, Mrs. Clinton M.

Robinson, Donna M.

Zecher, Edward

Duclon, James

Kabel, Konrod

Robinson, Frederick M.

Zecher, Edwin J.

Dudley, Wesley A.

Karcher, John

Robinson, G. Daniel

Zecher, Fred W.

Duffany, Lewis

Keeler, Minnie

Robinson, Howard A.

Zecher, Frank

Eaton, Leslie

Kelsey, Arlene

Robinson, John

Zecher, Henry

Eaton, Marjorie Plantz

Kelsey, Charles

Rodenhurst, Dr. Dewitt C.

Zecher, Marion Legary

Eddy, Dr. Elmer E.

Kelsey, Dr. Earle Jay

Rodenhurst, Dr. (feted)

Zecher, Otto J.

Edgerly, Ettie Pierce

Kelsey, Evelyn

Rodenhurst, F. S.

Zimmer, David

Edick, Harold F.

Kernehan, Harold

Rodenhurst, F. W. (estate)

Zimmer, Eileen

Edick, Stella

Kimball, Elizabeth S.

Rodenhurst, Henrietta (2)

Zimmer, G. Henry

Eggleston, Ivan M.

King, Albert L.

Roeder, Mary Leonhardt

Zoller, Bertha Mae

Eggleston, Oscar P.

King, Clifford A.

Rogers, Alton

Zoller, John

Eggleston, William H.

King, Elmer L.

Rogers, Carlene Mary

Zoller, Ross

*Marriage, anniversary, or birthday.

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Section 44 - From A Third Pierce-Putnam Scrapbook

TYPIST'S NOTE: Those of you who enjoy the scrapbooks of this locality might enjoy reading the scrapbook of Pauline Johndrow Flick of Depauville, Jeff. Co., N. Y. Pauline's scrapbook was typed in its entirety by this sitehost. It may be seen in either of two locations:

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