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MISC. SHIPS LISTS 1882-1883-1884

Reel: MS6914 re:1882-1883 FROM: Isabel 1882-1883

July 4, s.s. Polynesian, English Boys, Dr. Barnardo's boys to Chas WILSON to Millbrook, Burns P.O. Ernest BANGER to Bellamy's, Greenbush W.A. WAYNE to Kincardine, Arms Hy PETTIT to Mitchell, Russeldale Thos LOVET to Caledonia, Cheapside **** July 5, s.s. Lake Winnipeg John TYE to Stratford, D.L. Caven, G. T. Nugent John FLYNN Jas DALY D. DOOJEON J. LANG **** July 28, s.s. Lake Winnipeg, Wm MARION to Peterboro, Dr. Barnardo's Emma MEDDINGS to Whitby Eliz MAYHEW to Camlachie Blanche HOLT to Chatham Kate WRIGHTt to Newcastle V. VERSHAND to Berlin - order Mr. Spence **** July 29 s.s. Corsican Dr Barnardo chidren Lizzie VINCENT to Cobourg (via ) G.T. Ada WHYSMAN to Cheltenham - (via)G.W. May BRUMON? (via) G.W. (they put the ? mark there) Alice PEERS to Gravenhurst, (via)N. Sarah PETTERS to Niagara (via) Chiena Sarah PRESTON to Perrytown (via) G.T. Selina ORCHARD to Bothwell (via) G.W. Esther WOODWARD to Burlington (via) G.W. Alice BIRD to Niagara (via) Chicord **** Aug 14, s.s. Scotian - Dr. Barnardo's Rose BUNDY to Niagara, Brat Chas NEIL to Niagara, REv. Mr. Filder/Fieder **** ship s.s. Buenos Ayrean Irish Boys to Father O'Shea of Galt, via G.V. Jo. FOLEY and Mich LAHEY **** Aug 2, s.s. Buenos Ayrean Ada NYSBURN and sister E. SHELDON to Thornbury -V.C. **** Aug 17, s.s. Sardinian -English Rose BUNDEY; A LEACH; M HALL/HALT to Chatham, via G.T. **** Aug 22, Geo RICKETTS **** Aug 21 -s.s. Toronto Mr. Middlemore Children to Hamilton via G.W, to Canfield C. BROKERS; W. DYKE; Annie SLOW to Shelburne via TGP **** Aug 29, s.s. Caspian Harriet COOKSEY -Dr. B Girl to Sarnia, via G.W. **** Sept 6-s.s. Sardinian Grace ADAMS, Domestic, English, to (didn't say)via G.T. **** Sept 25, s.s. Circasian Millicent Howes and Eliz Howes, B. Wiseman to Berlin via G.T. **** Oct 1. s.s.Parisian Miss Rye's Party to Niagara, English children on Parisian to Chicora, Geo-town, Owen Sound, Windsor, Peterboro, Stratford, Port Colborne, Gravenhurst, Sarnia, Angus,Berlin,Guelph, London,Brampton. **** Oct. 4 s.s. Parisian Mary HARDIMENT,English Domestic to Bracebridge Miss Rye girl to friends at Stonelee **** Oct. 26 -s.s. Montreal, Florence HOWES English to Berlin via G.T. **** When anyone gets the films look at left side of each page - "To Friends" "To Agent", "To Mayor" Young people sent to Quarries work and groups as Woodchipping to Guelph, also look at Mr. Wm Spence for clues.
Reel: MS6914 RE: 1883-1884 from Ontario Archives- also know as "Hawke papers"
Feb.11, s.s. Sarmation Middlemore - John H. JACKSON to Bolton to settle him Chas HARBORD to London, to home sick **** May 8 - Rev. Mr. Stephenson's boys (57 (52) to Hamilton via G.W. **** May 10 -s.s. Sarmatian, Frank SMITH English Boy to Coldwater to Bro. **** May 10, Thos. and J BUTLER/BUTTER; Wm KENNEDY; John COLLIS to Father O'Shea, Irish boys to Seaforth,Ont. **** May 11, s.s. Sarmation Dr. Barnardo's, Emily BEECHEY, Domestic to Bowmanville via G.T. Ed FISHER, boy to Peterboro via M. **** June 19 -s.s. Sarmatian To Cannon Warrell T. SCHOFIELD; C. ELLIS and C. HOBSON English Boys on Sarmatian to Oakville, via G.W. **** June 25, s.s. Parisian Walter SMITH, Eng. Boy on s.s. Parisian to Windsor, Via M Wm Middlemore's Boy **** July 4 - Morgan CRONIN; Mich CROWLEY; Pat HICKY -Irish to Rev. Father Egan to Thonrhill, via N. **** July 7,s.s. Parisian Mr. Middlemore children on s.s. Parisian, 9 to Bracebridge, 1 to Stayner. **** July 9 A.B.Owen Agent -Ocean King to Peterboro via G.T. Dr. Barnardo's July 9 s.s. Circassian Dr. B English Boys, Wm FERRY to Chatham, Via G.W. Henry SOUTHWELL to Alliston via GW (Simcoe Co.) Thos McELROY to St. Thomas, via CV Wm. HILLIAR to Tilbury Centre, via CV Wm BOND to Flesherton, via TGB (Near Owen Sound) Rich'd HARRIOTT to Wingham via GT Alex RAVENIC to Chatham, via GW C & W MYERS to Niagara via Chicora Arthur BOXFRYE to Millbrook via M (on the way to Peterborough,Ont) H JULIAN to Barrie via N (Simcoe Co) Thos HARDIN to Sarnia, via GT Jas T FISHER to Creemore via N (Simcoe Co.) Sid MOTHERILL to Port Hope via GT (Lake Ontario close to Cobourg) Arthur W CORBETT to New Lowell via N (between Stayner and Creemore,Ont) Wm WEAKLY to Allanford,via GT (Allenford-Lake Huron & Owen Sound Thomas HUTT to Goderich via GT (Lake Huron) Wm BOWMAN to Mt. Albert via M (between Lake Simcoe & Lake Ontario) Rich BARLOW to Hamilton via GW Fred DUNT to Collingwood via N (aka:Blue Mountains) Wm HUTT to Tottenham via TGB&N (Hwy 10 & 9-closest-Alliston) J E GREEN to Hamilton via GW Thoms McMAHNN to Cobourg, via G.T. G. WAGGETT & E. WILTON to Peterboro via G.T. G. CLARKE & J LAWON to Peterboro via G.T. Chas TIPPET to Lucknow, via G.W. (closest-Lake Huron and Kincardine) Alice NEWLY and brother to Miss Rye -ss.Circassian to Coldwater via M to friends. **** July 15 -s.s. Polynesian, Maggie ARMSTRONG to Blyth via G.T. to friends.(Irish Domestic)


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