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To those enquiring about the above book, here is the list of mariners mentioned. The booklet is a select biographical record of 'of sea captains who have sailed in Aust waters over 150 years from 1788 to 1936.' It was compiled by info supplied by descendants and relatives. Thanks to Val Lowrie

ALEXANDER, Capt William ALLAN, Capt Robert Todd. ANDERSON, Capt Alexander AUBREY, Capt Thomas BATLEY, Capt Reginald BATLEY, Capt Samuel. BATBAR, Capt George. BASTIAN, Capt Henry G. BAYLDON, Capt Francis BEDFORD, Capt John BLACK, Capt John BOLGER, Capt Robert BRETT, Capt William BROWN, Capt John BUNKER, Capt Eber BURNS, Capt William CARGILL, Capt William CAMPION, Capt William CHARLES, Capt Samuel CHELLEW, Capt Benjamin CLARKE, Captain John D. CLAY, Capt Edmund F. COONEY, Capt Patrick CORK, Captain John CTERCTEKO, Capt Constantine DAVIDSON, Capt Matthew DAVIES, Capt. David. DAVIES, Capt Lewis DAVISON, Capt Robert DAWES, Capt George DELOITTE, Capt. William S. DEVENPORT, Captain D. N. DOBBS, Capt John DUNDASS, Capt David EDENBOROUGH, Capt Henry ELLIS, Capt Winthrop ELMSLIE, Capt J. A. FAIRLEY, Capt Robert. FISK, Capt Arnold FLINT, Capt Charles. FOREMAN, Capt John FOTHERINGHAME, Capt James FYALL, Capt Thomas GARDYNE, Capt John GOWLLAND, Staff Commander John GRAINGER, Capt Edward GRAY, Capt John GRONO, Capt James GUTHRIE, Capt Thomas HALL, Capt John V. HALL, Capt John V. (Jnr) HARLEY, Capt Daniel. HARLEY, Capt. John D. HARRIS, Capt William F. HARTMAN,. Capt John F. HAWKES, Capt. Aaron D. HEGARTY, Capt Arnold R. HEPBURN, Capt John S. HERBERT, Capt Henry A. HESLEHURST, Capt James W. HIBBS, Mariner Peter HINE, Capt Frank G. HIXSON, Capt Francis HURLEY, Capt Patrick F. HUTCHENCE, Capt Frank W. JACKSON, (Jakobsen), Capt John JANSON, (Jannson), Capt John JARVIS, Capt Thomas. JOHNSTON, Capt Robert JENKINS, Capt Edward J.


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