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From: "Sharon Walker" This issue of Barnardos Ups/Downs is available from the Toronto Reference Library, Periodicals Department. A copy can be requested through interloan at your library. UPS & DOWNS The Magazine of the Canadian Branch of Dr. Barnardo's Homes The War Memorial Building, 538 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario Vol. XLIII. DECEMBER, 1941 No. 1

Pages 25, 26 News from the Mission Field HOWE, Dora -- 4 years in Nigeria, Africa in charge of Orphanage for Sudan Interior Mission; furlough in Canada via England; in Canada one year, improved health NEALE, Ethel -- now Mrs. O. THAMER; with husband and son at same orphanage in Nigeria PRYOR, Marjorie -- passed away February 13th; came to Canada at age 13 years; put herself through Albert College and Normal School, taught in a high school for money to attend Victoria University, received her B.A. in 1932; has since taught in high schools in Ontario and taken summer courses to improve her standing; friends have formed a fund to buy a $500 Dominion of Canada War Bond, $15 annual interest to be awarded annually to deserving high school essayist, to be Marjorie Pryor Memorial Prize WATTS, Bertha -- Mrs. H.GRIEVE, passed away, wife with two little sons Page 27 BIRTHS RECORDED to: Mr. & Mrs. S. HALL (nee Ida ELFICK) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. H. TUCKER (nee Alice BONNICK) - a son Mr. & Mrs. H. HUGHSON (nee Alice PECK) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. R. RHODES (nee Bertha GODFREY) - a son Mr. & Mrs. A. HISEY (neeYvonne CRICK) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. A. OSBORNE (nee Elizabeth JOHNSON) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. W. HUNT (nee Gladys WHEELER) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. W. WRIGHT (nee Elizabeth HUDSON) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. A. TOOKE ( nee Lilian DOUBLE) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. A. MCCOMBIE (nee Frances BURNS) - a son Mr. & Mrs. R. FADER (nee Rose RUSSELL) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. W. MORFORD (nee Edith BONAQUIST) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. E. SCOTT (nee Kathleen LEWIS) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. V. FUDGE (nee Gladys MARTIN) - a son Mr. & Mrs. W. BRUNER (nee Alice ASHFORD) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. W. LANG (nee Lilian CROOK) - a son Mr. & Mrs. D. WRIGHT (nee Dorothy RABBITS) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. I. OWEN (nee Gertrude MOORE) - a son Mr. & Mrs. T. ATHERTON (nee Ethel NORRIS) - son Mr. & Mrs. S. MORGAN (nee Eva TREBEL) - a son Mr. & Mrs. RICHARDSON (nee Edith GARDENER) - a daughter Mr. & Mrs. G. TYLER (nee Evelyn CAUNT) - a son Mr. & Mrs. W. TERRY (nee Elizabeth SPECK) - a son Mr. & Mrs. A. KITCHEN (nee Ivy BRIGHT) - a baby NEWS FLASHES Barnardo Headquarters, Stepney Causeway, London, bombed 8 times. 'Girls' Village Home', 'Goldings', 'Russell-Cotes', many 'Ever Open Doors' and branches, damaged. 3356 Barnardo Boys and Girls serving King and Country - nearly 500 on Canadian Enlistment Roll. 29 Boys have lost their lives at sea on - H.M.S. "Courageous" "Exeter" (Graf Spee fame) "Cossack" (Altmark victory) "Glorious" "Royal Oak" and ships of the Merchant Navy. A Barnardo Pilot Officer in the R.A.F. has Received the Distinguised Flying Cross for Gallantry A Barnardo Corporal in the Royal Tank Regiment won the Military medal for gallantry in the Near East 519 children admitted to Dr. Barnardo's Homes as direct result of war war bombings and loss of life Clothes "rationing" causes vital problem Our 8,250 children look forward to a good Christmas dinner and a visit from "Santa Claus" Will you hang a gift on the Christmas Tree? PHOTOS Cover [or page 1?] - Barnardo's represented in all sections of Canada's war effort Air Force, Sidney SMITH; Navy, James INWARDS; Women's Auxilliary Corps, Mary SANDERS (now Mrs. Peter Zess); Army, Ernest STEVENS. Pg 4 - Charles E. SMITH, R.C.A. 12th Field Regt., at Bowmanville Station with former employer and family seeing him off for England. Charles was recently inspected by H.M. The King. - Gordon LACEY, R.C.A.M.C. - Reginald COOMBES and bride. Corporal R.C.A.F. - Wallace E. POOLE, A.C.I., R.C.A.F. Pg 5 - Mary LITTLEWOOD, on the occasion of her Graduation from Toronto Bible College Pg 6 - Visitors to Barnardo Headquarters at Stepney Causeway, London Albert BROCKETT, Ernest SMITH, William SHEARS, Albert COOKE, Arthur HAYDEN, William IRWIN Pg 7 - R. CHAMBERLAIN, R. WILKINSON, A. NORTH, A. RENOUT Serving oversea Pg 8 - More visitors to headquarters Harry ROAD, John H.V. BAILEY, Cyril DORRELL, Cecil Fred CARTER Pg 10- Fred K.W. BROWNING, Robert S. WILLIAMS, John W. MOLYNEAUX Pg 11- Wm. A. MEADEN, A.B. on H.M.C.S. Naden at Esquimalt, B.C. Fred BANFIELD, Leading Seaman, Royal Canadian Navy. Pg 12- Favourites with the children Robert H. LENSH, William T. AVIS, Don TILLEY, Edward HEALEY Pg 14- Sidney MORGAN, Reuben George WEST, Henry BROWN Pg 16- Teen Age Boys Raymond KIRKWOOD, Jack JOHNSON, George JONES, Kenneth WYSE with employer Leslie Coombes, Cyril HEWITT with employer George Luck,and Cecil Humphries. Leslie COOMBES and George LUCK are successful Barnardo farmers. Boys of the 1939 Party George BRYANT with employer Alex. KIRKWOOD with Mr. Black Charles ELLIS Ronald RATHMAN Pg 17- Our Older Boys with their Families John N. COCROFT Clifford H. CHEASLEY, M.A. Albert HOLLOWAY, both sons are serving in Canadian Scottish Regiments John LESTER, with his sons, daughters and grandchildren Henry MORRIS, with wife, sons and daughters Alfred BAULCOMBE John BROWN, with grandchild Edward LAY E. HODGES Edward DAY Pg 18- Police Service Constable Joseph SPIRRITT, R.C.M.P. Constable T.W. WAKLEY, 20 years on Toronto Police Force. Walter UNDERWOOD, Military Police in Canada Andre DALTON, Regimental Police in England Pg 19- Annie GROVES Eva TREBEL, now Mrs. S. Morgan and her little son Daisy GILBERT Pg 20- Florence WALLER, now Mrs. R. Tosh Ivy HUDSON, now Mrs. E. Cosby, and her baby Dorothy FULLARD Ivy SIMM Pg 21- Gladys BYWATER, now Mrs. P. Sheffield, and her husband and family Daisy ARNOLD, now Mrs. J.C. EVERETT, and her family Martha BUTLER, now Mrs. Beelby, with her young son and daughter Florence CLARK, now Mrs. G. Whiskens, and her bonny family Kate FREEMAN, now Mrs. C. RIDINGS Florence FREEMAN, now Mrs. A. Archibald Pg 22- Dorothy SHEPHEARD, now Mrs. J.R. Douse Pg 23- Dora HOWE, with of her black babies, while on the Mission Field in africa Part of native Orphanage, of which Dora was in charge Ronald, son of Eileen BULLOCK, now Mrs. E. Irwin, in Hospital while receiving treatment for curvature of the spine Pg 24- Son of Violet MOORE, Now Mrs. R. Sones, and daughter of Gertrude MOORE, now Mrs. I. Owen Eldest son and two little daughters of Annie CURTIS, now Mrs. G. Perfect Family of Alice GILES, now Mrs. J. Mitchell Family of Lilian LEPPER, now Mrs. C. Reeve Daughter of Florence FOSTER, now Mrs. Kennedy Daughter of Gladys MARTIN, now Mrs. V. Fudge Pg 26- Bessie ROGERS, now Mrs. A. Mathers, outside their church Maisie GUYTON, now Mrs. H.C. Crozier Meighan JONES with her former mistress Mary ROBERTS Pg 27- Daughter of Lilian DOUBLE, now Mrs.A. Tooke Daughter of Lilian EDWARDS, now Mrs. T. Bradley Grandchild of Elizabeth LAMBERT, now Mrs. E. Senior Daughter of Ethel HOWE, now Mrs. H. Benson Child of Mary SANDERS, now Mrs. P. Zess Son and daughter of Violet HOLT, now Mrs. A.Finch Little daughter of Annie CURTIS, now Mrs. G. Perfect Little daughter of Doris RAND, now M.S. Frayne Pages 2 to 4 - GREETINGS FROM THE HOME FRONT by D. MacAndrew, Chairman of Executive Committee Christmas greetings from the Council, workers and 8,000 boys and girls in care in England. To date 17 branches have been damaged but all remain open. Since the war began, 3,610 children have been admitted, mostly from danger zones. During the past two years, 53 new branches have been opened, including 8 in Scotland. Miss Macnaghten and Miss Picton-Turbervill retired from governorship of Girls' Village Home in 1941. Miss Elizabeth Job, assisted by Miss Wallis Myers, is now in charge of Lilleshall. Other girls evacuated from the Village and living in various parts of the Midland and Southern Counties are under the supervision of Miss Chavasse. Captain Campbell, Superintendent of Watts Naval Technical School, resigned in favour of Captain F.H.L. Lewin, R.N. who is also managing Russell-Cotes Nautical School and our Boys' Garden City. Dr. Macdonald, Chief Medical Officer, retired; succeeded by Dr. Gilmore. 3,275 Barnardo's boys in the armed forces, and 81 girls. Several have been awarded commissions. D.F.C. awarded to a Pilot Officer in R.A.F. Military Medal awarded to Corporal Gibbs of the Royal Tank Regiment. E.W. BRAVERY survived torpedo attack. Peter TRANDLE survived torpedo attack on merchant ship. Roy COWDRAY assisted in firefighting in London while on leave. Reserve of children's clothing destroyed in bombing; Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire have forwarded ten cartons of clothing; Cubs and Scouts of the 9th Troop, Toronto sent two cases of useful outfits; gifts from Royal Empire Society and Personal Service League, and the Old Boys' Club Pg 4 - Nurse in Training Mary LITTLEWOOD graduated from Toronto Bible College in 1940; now training as a nurse; hoping to go into missionary service. Pg 5 - Children's Clothing a Vital Problem at Home Receiving clothing from "Old" girls and wives of "Old" boys, the I.O.D.E., Western Assurance Company


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