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In most cases, the following list indicates the official enumeration dates for the various census returns. The actual enumeration of the population took weeks or months. Enumerators were instructed to record the information on the census returns as it existed on the official enumeration date.

1825 - Lower Canada (Quebec) taken from 20 June to 20 September 1825 1831 - Lower Canada (Quebec) taken from 1 June to 1 October 1831 1842 - Canada West (Ontario) returns were supposed to be completed by 1 February 1842 1851 - 12 January 1852 (delays led to the late enumeration of the 1851 census) 1861 - 14 January 1861 1871 - 2 April 1871 1881 - 4 April 1881 1891 - 6 April 1891 1901 - 31 March 1901 1906 - 28 JUNE 1906 "Census of Population and Agriculture of the Northwest Provinces Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta 1906" 1911 - 1 JUNE 1911 ============ According to National Archives of Canada site, the following are dates and info for census: 1851 census was taken January 12, 1852. The age given on the census is the age for the NEXT BIRTHDAY (1852), not the age the of the person in 1851. There are columns for deaths during 1851, cause of death, male or female. An Agricultural Census is available for some sections. 1861 census was taken August 14, 1861. The age given is the age on their next birthday. Check the whole county in the Agricultural Census, as some of the pages are out of order. 1871 census was taken April 2, 1871. The enumerator was supposed to record each person's age as of the 2nd of April 1871. On the actual census returns, the enumerators were instructed to record an infant's age with fractions, e.g. 3/12 for three months. The OGS indexers indicated ages under one year with a blank or a "0". Check at the end of each section for deaths during the year. There are 8 schedules following the main page in each enumeration district. 1881 census was taken April 4, 1881. The age given is the age on their last birthday. There is no agricultural census. 1891 census was taken April 6, 1891. The age given is the age on their last birthday. There is no agricultural census. 1901 census was taken March 31, 1901. The age given is the age on their last birthday. This is the only census that contains actual dates of birth, which may or may not be correct. It contains the year of immigration. The relationship to the head of the household is also listed.
DATES OF RELEASE 1911 released in 2005 1916 released in 2008 1921 released in 2013 1926 released in 2018 1931 released in 2023 1936 released in 2028 1941 released in 2033 1946 released in 2038 1951 released in 2043 1956 released in 2048 1961 released in 2053 1966 released in 2058 1971 released in 2063 1976 released in 2068 1981 released in 2073 1986 released in 2078 1991 released in 2083 1996 released in 2088 2001 released in 2093 2006 and on will be released 92 years after census is taken ONLY if people check the YES box on the census form. (Unless things can be changed before this happens) ****** ****** ****** ******
Mildred Howard recorded the dates of the census in the districts and the names of the census takers ( when these were readable). It appears that most of Cape Breton County was canvassed in the fall of 1838. I will quote the passage for Sydney Mines, together with the ones preceding and following it: "57. From Plant's to Meloney's Mill, north side of North West Arm. 20 ---------, 1838. Taken by Mr. William Denny. 58. From Lloyd's Cove to Plant's at the Bar including Sydney Mines. November. Taken by 59. Of Big and Little Ponds and to Little Bras d'Or Gut. 14 November, 1838. Taken by Edward Musgrave." It seems that the areas between Port Hawkesbury and Margaree were not canvassed until the fall of 1841.


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