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Welcome to Clouser Castle

This site is dedicated to researching and sharing information on the CLOUSER surname (Soundex C426). Some noted derivations of this name are CLAUSER, KLAUSER, KLOUSER, CLOWSER and even GLOUSER.

I am MalTimot, the Castle Wizard (or webmaster if you prefer). I encourage any CLOUSER, CLAUSER, KLAUSER, KLOUSER, CLOWSER, GLOUSER researcher to participate by sending in text files, photographs, family group sheets or any other tidbit of information to be added to this site.

I ask that all who enter the castle to sign the guestbook, post messages, present queries and/or submit comments in the lounge. I am looking forward to your help in making this site grow.

The navigation of this site is setup in such a way that you are exploring a castle. If you want to explore quickly, then visit the site map and click on the area you wish to go. Tomit, the Castellan, is usually within the Vestibule and will give you a brief discussion of the areas of the castle.

Enjoy your stay.

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