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Wagner Family Historic Facts

National Register
of Historic Places
Davidson County,NC
Waggoner Graveyard *** (added 1984 - Site - #84002158)
Also known as DV-169
SR 1814, Welcome
Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
Area of Significance: Art
Period of Significance: 1750-1799, 1800-1824, 1825-1849
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Funerary
Historic Sub-function: Cemetery
Current Function: Funerary
Current Sub-function: Cemetery

Yokohama Commonwealth War Cemetery
Cremation Memorial / American
POW Research Network Japan
No. 43
Name Wagner, William L.
Rank 6736458
Id Number Sgt.
Force American Army
Death 1945/2/18
Camp F4B(Moji)
Cause of Death Acute Colitis
Source GHQRD/Roster of Yokohama Cemetery/The Oryoku Maru Online
Notes Oroyoku-maru->Enoura-maru->Burazil-maru

Names of Berks Countians Who Were Naturalized in the Province of Pennsylvania, 1760-1762

At a Supreme Court held at Philadelphia, before William Allen and William Coleman, Esquires, Judges
of the said Court, the tenth and eleventh days of April, in the Year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and sixty-one, between the Hours of Nine and twelve of the Clock in the forenoon
of the same day, the following subscribing persons being foreigners:
Jacob Wagner, Sacrament taken 5 April 1761