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Come on in, set a spell, take your shoes off and visit awhile. We have a story to tell about a family called "Hearns".

As with all stories, history tends to get embellished with the telling. If the story we tell is not correct, send us a note and let us know where the errors are. We make every effort to include the source with the detail, if you have a source, please drop us a line, we'd be happy to include it.

What you will find here is a family tree which, for now, starts in Connecticut with William Herns/Hearns. William has several children, one of whom was named Thomas. William purchases land in what is now known as Burr's Swamp in Phillipse Patent; and so far as we know, moves all his family to New York state. The story then picks up in New York where Thomas Hearns/Harnes begins to raise his family, however his efforts are interrupted with the Revolutionary War. Thomas has sympathy for the Crown and along with his three oldest sons join the Loyalist band. In the mid 1800s Thomas is charged with aiding the enemy and is taken to Charlotte County where he is ordered to leave his home and become distant to any contact that he may have with other sympathizers. Hearing of free land in Canada, Thomas and family along with many other Loyalist rebels escape to Upper Canada where they land in what is now Adolphustown, Ontario. From here the sons who fought alongside their father are given grants of land in Fredericksburgh. Their family lines will begin next. The sons namely, Gilbert, Josiah, and Johnston continue the struggle to claim their land, clear the land, plant crops and raise their families. Thomas' other children Darius (our line), Jerusha, Sarah, Jason, and Thomas Jr. have family lines also listed here.

These family trees will link, interlink, cross link and overlink to history, cemeteries, land grants, purchases and sales. This young, enthusiastic, colourful and loyal family will fascinate you with the story of their lives.

Is it all true? No. Is it all documented and resourced? No. Is it smooth sailing? Never. This family has an elusive strain equalled to none. There is undoubtedly speculation here. For instance, we have not connected with absolute proof the link between William and Thomas Sr.; we have not connected with absolute proof the link between Darius Sr. and Darius Jr. We have a very strong belief, and an 'almost, pretty close' data; but the final paperwork eludes us.

We have no doubt, however, that we will locate the proof and, as such, we are always updating our genealogy. So please come back often. If you have any additions or corrections to add to our data, PLEASE contact us. We would love to hear from you.


Family Tree of
William Herns
Family Tree of
Thomas Harnes Sr.
Family Tree of
Gilbert Harnes
Family Tree of
Josiah Harnes
Family Tree of
Johnston Harnes
Family Tree of
Darius Hearns
Family Tree of
Jerusha Harnes
Family Tree of
Sarah Harnes
Family Tree of
Jason Harnes
Family Tree of
Thomas Harnes Jr.
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