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Individual ancestries are being been made available for research and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy by the Turner DNA project. They are the submissions of the individual DNA participants. All data should be independently confirmed.

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#31255 cct  Dan W. Turner
Joseph Turner b ? d bef 8/19/1777 Talbot Co. MD m Mrs. Priscilla Dobson Ozment
Joseph Turner b 5/1774 prob. Talbot Co. MD d by 6/29/1853 Talbot Co. MD m (1) Henny Ozment
William Turner b 1809 Talbot Co. MD d 1867 Talbot Co. MD m Hester A. Lowe
Charles Wesley Turner b c1843 Talbot Co. MD d bef 1880 Caroline Co. MD m Ann Virginia Chambers
Joseph Thomas Turner b 3/9/1873 Talbot or Caroline Co. MD d 8/15/1934 m Roxanna Todd
Gilbert Edwin Turner b 12/9/1894 Federalsburg, Caroline Co. MD d 1/1/1976 Westminster, Caroline Co. MD

#31580 cct Audrae Mathis
Wm Turner b ? d ? m Sarah Denn(e)y
Nathan Turner b 2/21/1780 Laurens Co. SC d 3/1/1840 Roane Co. TN m Elizabeth Hicks
John L. “Jack” Turner b 7/9/1804 Franklin Co. GA d 3/23/1862 Greene Co. MO m Edith Wester
Denney Edward Wester Turner b 7/4/1838 Roane Co. TN d 4/8/1920 Greene Co. MO m Josephine Adeline McGraw
Howard Denney Gabriel Turner b 9/12/1865 Greene Co. MO d 1/4/1944 Turners, Greene Co. MO m Lockie Belle Morris
Otto Harrison Turner b 4/13/1896 Greene Co. MO d 11/17/1974 Springfield, Greene Co. MO m Ethel Blanche Mooneyham
Lawrence Franklin Turner b 7/23/1922 Greene Co. MO d 9/11/1987 Derby, Sedgewick Co. KS m Patricia Audrey Porter

#41832  cct  Lynn Stilwell 
Daniel Turner b c1789 SC d bef 8/9/1854 Washington Co., MO m Elizabeth Hillen or Betsy Hill
William H. Turner b c1813 TN d bef 2/2/1869 Atchison Co., MO m (1) Margaret Mitchell
Theophilus Bradford Turner b c1837 IL d 3/22/1863 (CW) Blue Springs, Jackson Co., MO  m Nancy Emily Cole
William Watson Turner b 6/20/1859 near Linden, Atchison Co. MO d 3/8/1940 Belgrade, Washington Co. MO m Sarah Jane Johnson
Henry Edgar Turner b 3/16/1887 Washington Co. MO d 4/2/1920 near Sunlight, Washington Co. MO m Helen Essie Puckett
Merlyn Edgar Turner b 8/14/1910 Belgrade, Washington Co. MO d 1/4/1982 resided Belgrade, Washington Co. MO m Hazel Olive Watson

#76452 cct Peter Turner
Allen Turner b c1820 SC d bet 1880-1900 Lafayette Co. MS m Melvina V. Beard in 1851 Pontotoc Co. MS
Andrew Jackson Turner b 5/20/1856 Pontotoc or Tishomingo Co. MS d 5/14/1945 Paris, Lamar Co. TX m Josephine Bullard
Andrew Rush Turner b 5/31/1891 Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS d 12/20/1970 Paris, Lamar Co. TX m Emma G. Wilson
Rush Truett Turner b 2/14/1925 Paris, Lamar Co. TX d 4/19/2003 Austin, Travis Co. TX

#79105 cct Charles Askew or Holly Turner
William Turner b est 1620s ?England d 1663 Calvert Co. MD m unknown
Edward Turner b est 1652 England d bef 6/19/1719 Talbot Co. MD m Anne
Edward Turner Jr. b c1685 d 1733 m Lydia Durdin/Durden
Isaac Turner b c1720 d 1771 Queene Anne Co. MD m Hannah Bartlett in Talbot Co. MD
Joseph Turner Sr. b 2/16/1765 Kent Co. MD d 6/8/1841 m Sarah Corse
Joseph Turner Jr. b 9/9/1790 Millington, Kent Co. MD d 4/20/1850 Kent Co. MD m Rebecca Sinclair
Richard Townsend Turner b 8/22/1819 Baltimore, MD d 2/6/1892 Betterton, Kent Co. MD m Elizabeth Betterton
Richard Townsend Turner Jr. b 3/20/1845 Baltimore, MD d 2/19/1908 Kent Co. MD m Martha Ellen Birch
Joseph Archer Maxwell Turner b 1/6/1885 d 11/1/1945 Brooklyn, NY

#86851 cct Gary Turner
Samuel Marshall Turner b c 1790 SC d after 1860 possibly Rusk Co. TX
Rice Ross Turner b 8/26/1839 Columbus, Lowndes Co. MS d 11/22/1905 Sayre, Beckham Co. OK m Martha Jane Collier
William Pickney Turner b 6/8/1868 Lufkin, Angelina Co. TX d 8/23/1954 Beaverton, Washington Co. OH m Lenora Comfort Gibbons
William Earl Turner b 8/4/1894 Saint Jo, Montague Co. TX d 11/11/1964 Corning, Placer Co. CA m Dovie Ethel Myers
William Earl Turner Jr. b 2/6/1923 Sweetwater, Beckham Co. OK d 1/11/2007 Hays, Ellis Co. KS

#114,153  cct  Jason Turner
?Unknown Turner m ?Lucy McBee
Elisha Turner b 10/1/1788 GA d 1873 Poetry, Kaufman Co. TX m Rachel Brandon
Samuel White Turner b 12/13/1815 KY d 1884 TX m Caroline Thompson
John A. Turner b 2/3/1838 prob. St. Landry Par. LA d ? m Juritta Caroline Dennis
William Calvin Turner b 8/24/1860 near Turner's Point, Kaufman or Hunt Co. TX d 7/26/1947 Ponoka, Alberta, CAN m Mary Irene Jacobs
Calvin William Turner b 6/14/1911 Pueblo, Pueblo Co. CO d 10/19/1993 Ponoka, Alberta, CAN m Agnes

#114,695  cct Pat Harris
?Unknown Turner m ?Lucy McBee
Elijah V. Turner b 12/22/1782 GA d 8/7/1866 Gibson Co. IN m Margaret Miller
Rice Ross Turner b 2/14/1824 Gibson Co. IN d 5/19/1906 near Cedar Vale, Cowley Co. KY m Wennie Emery
Rice Ross Turner Jr. b 10/1856 IL d 1/1/1937 near Lowell, Benton Co. AR d 6/1964 m Adda J. Clark
John Harvey Turner b 1/26/1882 or 1883 Cedar Vale, Cowley Co. KS d 6/1964 m Grace Blanche Yarborough
James Ross Turner b 11/2/1920 Seattle, King Co. WA d 10/21/2003 Seattle, King Co. WA

#141045  cct  Don Turner
William Turner b ? d aft 1817 prob. Roane Co. TN m Sarah (?Denny)
Nathan Turner b 2/21/1780 d 3/1/1840 Roane Co. TN m Elizabeth Hicks
Denny Turner b 1/11/1803 Franklin Co. GA d 9/17/1866 Webster Co. MO m Elizabeth Caldwell
James Denny Turner b 2/22/1854 Webster Co. MO d 12/25/1919 Fuita, Mesa Co. CO m Sarah Willimetta Martin
Ernest Justin Turner b 10/28/1896 Fruita, Mesa Co. CO d 2/19/1954 Fruita, Mesa Co. CO

#160331 cct Kathi Vincent
William Turner b c1720 prob. Talbot Co. MD d 1776 Saluda, Ninety-Six District, SC m Elizabeth
Edward "Ned" Turner (Tory in Rev. War) b c1752 Little River Settlement (now Newberry Co.) SC d 1820-1826 prob. Duval Co. FL Territory m Sarah Elmore
Jesse Turner b 1789 Newberry, SC or FL d 6/4/1867 Duval Co. FL m Sarah Ann Blunt
Lemuel Turner b 6/6/1834 Trout Creek, Duval Co. FL Territory d 3/24/1912 Jacksonville, Duval Co. FL m Sarah Ann Pickett
Adolphus Lemuel Turner b 3/13/1869 Jacksonville, Duval Co. FL d 7/13/1939 Jacksonville, Duval Co. FL m Eliza M Starratt
Henry Staratt Turner b 10/13/1914 Jacksonville, Duval Co. FL d 8/10/1982 Jacksonville, Duval Co. FL

#175205  cct Julie Goodfell
Lawrence aka Elijah Condit Turner b 9/29/1874 Canada d aft 1920 possibly St. Louis, MO m Elizabeth Zahl
Lawrence Lee Turner b 1/13/1898 St. Louis, MO d 5/20/1955 Ventura Co. CA m Genevieve M. "Jennie" Browning
Jack Clifford Turner b 10/8/1923 St. Louis, MO d 9/21/2009 CA


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