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Several years ago I started the quest to find who the parents were of my gggrandfather,
Thomas Barton Tull. I have been collecting any and all information that I have been able
to find on the
TULL name looking for a clue. My purpose for this site is to post all of the
information that I have collected in trying to link him into the families of the known
Richard and Thomas Tull. I know that there are many researchers who
are also trying to find their links and hope that is will help. This information is from every
source that I have been able to find the name of
Tull, much of it is from the many Tull
researchers who have been working on Tull genealogy for years which is evident by all of
the information that is available to us. There are several great sites with Tull family
information, gedcoms, etc. which I will provide links. I hope that researchers seeing this
site will also provide any source documents that they may have to be added and with our
collective efforts all be able to find our Tull connections.

If I have inadvertantly posted any information that anyone would rather not have posted,
please let me know by the email address provided and I will remove it. The information
contained herein is for personal use only and not for resale as this would violate the
license agreements of the sources. I cannot be responsible for the accuracy, this
information is provided as a tool for researchers to find the source information.

Although I have many pages ready, I am putting in a few pages for testing
purposes since I am new to web page construction.