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This is dedicated to the memory of, my Father, Leon V. Tucker, and, my Mother, Gladys M. Parker Adcock Tucker.

Crown Tucker Ancient Coat of Arms Tucker Coat Of Arms 2 Crown

The Tucker Ancient Coat of Arms
Never despair while under the guidance and auspices of Teucer.
[Lat., Nil desperandum Teucro duce et auspice Teucro.]

Author: Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
Carmina (I, 7, 27)
There is evidence that another branch of the family originated in Germany.
Regardless of which branch you lineage originates from,
we are all of the same Tucker Family Clan!!!!!

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Military Dedication

Welcome to our Genealogy Site. We hope there is information here that can help you. This site is always in development. As always, corrections and suggestions are welcome. Most of the information has been verified, that is the personal knowledge. §But not all of it§.. Please remember this when using any of the information listed here. We welcome you to look thru all of our information, and see if there is information here that you have been looking for....

This is for Tucker Family Lineage. All lines, direct and collateral. All the information here is from personal knowledge, my research, my immediate family's research, extended family's research, distant family researchers, and other researchers. It takes all of us, together, to get the entire genealogical picture in focus.
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Robertson Co., TN Census, 1920 (Parker Family)

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But please go to the next 2 sites. They are of more imprtance than you can possibly imagine.. Ok. maybe not. It depends on the time you grew up in...
Please go to the MIA/POW Network POW/MIA Network Site. It is the heart and soul of  Mary and Chuck Schantag. It is a work of  Love and Hope. You will not regret going to this site. Every person should go to this site at least once. Then go back - OFTEN!!!      
This site is fantastic. It is the Mike Force Association Mike Force Association. Those of you who know SF, are SF, or were SF, or related to SF that were in VietNam, you really need to go to this site. There is a world of information relating to personnel here. Memories that are fantastic. I thank the Mike Force for allowing me to link to them.
Check out this site, as well. James is our cousin. We thank Bob Jacobs for his friendship, and devotion to the repatriation, of  James L. Moreland. James, Leslie to family, or "Les", as he was called in school, was SF Mike Force. He was MIA in February, 1968.
It is very informative.
 U. S. Army Special Forces Patch James L. Moreland, by Bob Jacobs

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Tucker Family Lineage
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