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Mary TUCKER (1843-1932)

Name: Mary Elizabeth TUCKER
Sex: Female
Father: Richard TUCKER (1802-1898)
Mother: Jane Draper BUNCOMBE (1821-1862)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1843 Bridport, Dorset
Baptism 29 Nov 1843 (age 0) Bridport, Dorset
Census (1) 1861 (age 17-18) Allington, Bridport, Dorset
Census (2) 1871 (age 27-28) Wembworthy, Crediton, Devon
Census (3) 1891 (age 47-48) Darlington
Census (4) 1901 (age 57-58) Darlington
Census (5) 1911 (age 67-68) Darlington
Directory 1925 (age 81-82) Southampton
Death 2 Dec 1932 (age 88-89) Southampton

Additional Information

Census (1) Fulbrooks
1861 living Fulbrooks house, Allington with family. Aged 17
Census (2) Eggesford House
Governess to family.
Isaac N Earl of Portsmouth hd m 46 peer of the realm and landowner b Filleigh, Devon
Eveline A Countess of Portsmouth wife 36 b London
Newton W Viscount Lymington 15 b Hurstbourne xx Hants
Catherine H Wallop dau 14 b Hurstbourne xx Hants
Camilla E Wallop dau 12 b Hurtstbourne xxHants
Oliver H Wallop son 10 b wembworthy Devon
Rosamund A Wallop dau 9 b Hurstbourne xx Hants
Dorothea H Wallop dau 8 b wembworthy, devon
Robert G.Wallop son 5 b Wembworthy, devon
Margaret G Wallop dau 5 b Wembworthy, Devon
Henry G.E Wallop son 3 b London
Arthur A F Wallop son 1 b London
Hortense Burton gov. b London
Mary E Tucker gov. 27 b Bridport
+ large staff.
ref. RG10 2158 f24 p1
Census (3) 2 Vane Terrace
Mary Eliz. Arrowsmith wid 42 own means b Bridport
Richard Stan son 17 medical student b Darlington
Eveline dau 14 scholar b Darlington
Wm L son 11 scholar b Darlington
Jane Tucker sister 48 b Bridpor
Ellen Palmer Tucker sister 36 b Bridport
Dorothy Mary Powlett brdr 16 b Surrey Surbiton
Kathereine Gent Powlett brdr 15 b purbeck or pembroke, back howel
Rose Maria Powlett brdr 9 b Caversham ? London
2 servants
RG12 Piece 4044 Folio 53
Census (4) Vane Terrace

Mary E. Arrowsmith hd. wid. 57 own means b Bridport
William L. Arrowsmith son, s, 21 bank clerk b Darlington
Jane Tucker, sister, s, 58, own means b Bothenhampton
Dorothea xxxx Powlett brdr, s, 26, own means, b London
Selina Lane servant, s, 20, b Yorksref
RG13/4615 f 80 p17
Census (5) 1 Trinity Rd
Mary Elizabeth Arrowsmith hd. 67 widow private means b Bridport. Dorset
Dorothea E.M.W. William Powlett* boarder 36 spinster b London
Selina Lane serv. 39 spinster b Eston Grange, Yorks.
RG14PN29506 RG78PN1715 RD543 SD2 ED3 SN285
* Dorothea Ellinor Mary Wallop William-Powlett
Directory 33 The Avenue
Arrowsmith Mrs. M. E. 33 The Avenue
Death ref London Gazetterexecutors Rev William Lynn Arrowsmith and Rev. Richard Staines Arrowsmith,

Pursuant to Section 27 of the Trustee Act, 1925.
NOTICE is (hereby given that all creditors and
other persons having any claims or demands
against the estate of Mary Elizabeth Arrowsmith,
late of 33, The Avenue, Southampton, in the
county of Hants. Widow, deceased, who died on
the second day or December, 1932, and whose Will
was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate
Division of His Majesty's High Court of
Justice on the 17th day of February, 1933, by the
Reverend Richard Staines Arrowsmith, and the
Reverend William Lynn Arrowsmith, the executors
therein named, are hereby required to send the
particulars in writing, of their claims or demands
to me, the undersigned, the Solicitor for the said
executors, on or before the 9th day of October,
1933, after which date the said executors will proceed
to distribute the assets, of the said deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard
only to the debts, claims and demands of
which they shall then have had notice; and they will
not be liable for the assets of the said deceased,
or any part thereof, cio distributed, to any person
or persons of whose claims or demands they shall
not then have had notice.—Dated this 3rd day of
August, 1933.
W. R. GRAHAM, 31, High Street, Andover,
(035) Solicitor for the said Executors.


Spouse William Hixon ARROWSMITH (1838-1882)
Children Richard Staines ARROWSMITH (1873-1942)
Eveline ARROWSMITH (1876-1928)
William Lynn ARROWSMITH MC (1879-1954)
Census (family) 1871 (age 27-28) Darlington
Marriage 1872 (age 28-29) Bridport

Additional Information

Census (family) Northgate
1871 Northgate, Darlington
William arrowsmith u 32 gp medical b Sedgefield
Charlotte Seale m 48 housekeeper Bakley, Beds
Mary Ann Jaminson 17 gen. servnt. b Durham
William Seale visitor m 43 telegraph inspector b Tunbridge Kent
RG10 piece 4882 folio 64 page 33
Marriage sept. quarter

Individual Note