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Can anyone help or provide more documents?. 
I am trying to prove who is the father of the Alabama Tubbs 

Probate Perry County Alabama

16 Mar. 1846
















Probate court- Bk D p 598  
 Final Settlement of estate of Richard Tubb, Sr, dec'd  
Madison and Owen tubb Administrators, David Wallace, guardian ad litem of the minor heirs.  
None of the heirs of full age was in attendance, except David Wallace, in right of his wife. Amount for Distribution: $19, 775.67, which was distributed to:  
1. The widow,  Margaret Tubb  b. 1790 Perry Co census 1850. 
2. A son, Madison Tubb  b. 1814 Perry Co Census 1850
3. A son, Owen Tubb  b. 1817 Perry Co Census 1850
4. Johnathan D. Wallace, in right of his wife, Mary, formerly Mary Tubb, dau. Of dec'd  David Wallace. need to go back to census to get age of Mary
5. Robt. A. Scott, in right of his wife Sophrona, a dau. Of Richard Tubb, Sr. dec'd  need to check census to find age of Sophrona.
6. A. Son, George Tubb  GW . b. 1838 Perry Co Census
7, A son, Reubin Tubb  b. 1835 Perry Co Census 1850
8. A dau, Martha Tubb  b. 1833 Perry Co. Census 1850
9. Nancy McLaughlin, in right of her mother, Cyrena McLaughlin, dec'd, formerly Cyrena Tubb, who was a daughter of intestate Need to check census
10. A son, Felix G. Tubb  died before census. 
11. Margaret J. and Lavona Tubb, in right if their father, Jackson Tubb, dec'd who was a son of intestate.  abt 1820. widow Permelia b. 1823 Margaret b.1842 - Lavona b. 1845
Note in margin says "Decree No 11 set aside. See minutes, Book # pp 168-9."  See below
19 April 1847


Minutes of Probate court, book E, pp 168-9:  
Court ordered that the money decreed to Margaret J. and Lavona Tubb be paid to Owen Tubb, who had been made administrator of the estate of Jackson Tubb, dec'd. The  widow of Jackson Tubb was Permelia J.   
3 Jan 1847










Minute Book E. pp 124 ff.   
Elisha F Tubb, administrator and Nancy Tubb, administratirx, of the estate of Richard Tubb, Jr. dec'd petitioned for a sale of certain land belonging to said estate. Heirs of Richard Tubb, Jr. This Richard is NOT the son of above Richard. Maybe called Jr to mean the younger of 2 Richards in County
1. Mary E., wife of Thos. Driver, and over 21  
2. Elisha Tubb  b. 1828 1850 Perry Co Census
3. Martha S. Tubb  
4. Richard Tubb  b. 1836
5. Isabella Tubb  
6. Lenora J. Tubb  
---all minors  
7. and Nancy Tubb, the widow, who is also one of the petitioners b. 1805
James Underwood appointed guardian ad litem of the minors.
11 Sept 1854


Minutes of Probate Court, Book G. pp 247-8 can not find George B. 
James Tubb, administrator of Geo. B. Tubb, dec'd. John H Chapman gdn. Ad litem of the minor heirs.
Heirs named: F. A Tubb,  the widow and two minor children, Thomas B. and Georgiana Tubb
9 July 1855






Minutes of Probate Court, Book G. p 436  
Came Elisha Tubb and Nancy Tubb, administrators of R. E. Tubb, dec'd, and files their vouchers for an annual settlement. John Moore, guardian at law for the minor heirs. Distribution made to following:  
1. the widow, Nancy Tubb  b. 1805
2. Susan and David Hogue  Martha S. above?
3. R. E. Tubb, son of the deceased  Richard E., Jr b.
4. Lenora, dau. Of dec'd  
5. Isabella, dau of dec'd  
3 June 1850






Minutes of Probate Court, Book G, pp 45-6  
Owen Tubb, adm. Of estate of Jackson Tubb, dec'd.  
Heirs named:  
The widow, Permelia J. Tubb, now wife of Reuben Tubb  
Margaret Jane Tubb b. 1842
Nancy L. Tubb  Nancy Lavona b. 1845
23 Dec 1850


Minutes Probate Court, Book F, p. 145:  
Owen Tubb, administrator of the estate of Felix Tubb dec'd. Nothing for distribution among heirs: no list of heirs Felix would have still been a minor. Unmarried. Not the 2 yr old listed in Nancy's household. 

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