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Trousdale Genealogy

December 1999

my two negros Bill and Penny. At her marriage or decease for said negros to be equally divided between William and Brison B. TROUSDALE together with the household and kitchen furniture sufficient to do her and one third of the stock which I have in my possession at my death and which is not given in this will at her death or marriage her part of the stock and household furniture to be divided between William Brison and my daughter Nancy TROUSDALE. I likewise give to my daughter Nancy TROUSDALE one gray mare named _ with a good feather bed and furniture and one ewe and calf. I likewise will and bequeath to my son William TROUSDALE a negro girl named Lo? I likewise will and bequeath to my son Brison B. TROUSDALE a negro girl named Delia. I likewise give and bequeath to my sons John TROUSDALE, Alexander TROUSDALE, James TROUSDALE, Robert TROUSDALE, Jonathan TROUSDALE, and my sons in law Caleb WILLIAMS and his wife Ann Williams, Moses? and his wife Elizabeth, Morgan VORDIMIN? and his wife Mary, Cowin? Gowin? and his wife Catherine, Mathew NEDLE or NEALE and his wife Sarah and my daughter Nancy TROUSDALE ten dollars in money each Viz My sons and my sons in law and the wives to draw from my Executors ten dollars in money between himself and wife. It is my particular request that my two sons William and Brison B. TROUSDALE qualify to this will and act as my Executors as witness my hand and seal this second day of September eighteen hundred and eighteen.


State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court February term 1819
The last will and testament of James TROUSDALE dec'd was exhibited in court and duly proved by the oath of George CROCKET and L. FULTON subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded
State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court May term 1819
William TROUSDALE and Bryson B. TROUSDALE Executors named in the last will and testament of James TROUSDALE deceased appeared in court and qualified as such by taking the oath of Executor as prescribed by law and together with Robert DESHA and William HADLEY their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond to the Governor in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs.
Burial: Gallatin, TN

Burial: Gallatin, TN

i. JOHN3 TROUSDALE, b. October 03, 1762, Prob. Lancaster Co., PA; d. Aft. 1818; m. MILLY ALLEN, May 07, 1792, Prob. Lincoln Co., KY.

SOURCE:  "The Trousdale Genealogy" by Karl Truesdell, 1952; Enlarged by Theodore McKee Trousdale, Jr., 1960.
    Related to this marriage is that of his sister Mary in January of the same year in Lincoln Co. to Morgan Vardeman, and of his sister Elizabeth the following year, but in Madison co., KY to William Moore.  How or why those three children of Capt. James and his first wife left North Carolina several years before Capt. James moved to Tennessee is unexplained.  John, however, later rejoined his father in Sumner Co., Tenn being there deeded 100 acres by Roger Gibson, approved by "Jas Trousdale jr" in the February Court of 1799; also 165 acres by Tilman Dixon in 1800.  These tracts were along the boundary of Capt. James's original grant.  In 1800 John was on jury duty (Sumner Co. Ct. Min).  John is named in his father's will of 1818 but he is not found in the 1820 Census of Tennessee.  There is no record of issue.
    Other family contributors state that this John married Elizabeth Stoddard (Stockard?) (Gladney) and others (Luce) show him to be the "John Trousdale sr" of Smith Co., Tenn.  He is too young (Census) to be the latter and it is doubtful that he would be living in two separated counties at the same time.

14. ii. ALEXANDER TROUSDALE, b. 1765; d. 1830.
15. iii. ANN TROUSDALE, b. November 27, 1768; d. Aft. 1818.
iv. MARY TROUSDALE, b. 1772; d. 1844; m. MORGAN VARDEMAN, 1792.
v. ELIZABETH TROUSDALE, b. August 25, 1772; d. Aft. 1818; m. WILLIAM MOORE, June 07, 1793, Madison Co., KY.

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