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Trousdale Genealogy

December 1999

4. iii. CAPT. JAMES TROUSDALE, b. 1736, Lancaster Co., PA; d. December 24, 1818, Gallatin, TN.

Living: 1779


SOURCE:  "The Trousdale Genealogy" by Karl Truesdell, 1952; Enlarged by Theodore McKee Trousdale, Jr., 1960.
Mary may have been older than some of the other children.  Cut off with "one shilling", legally used to indicate disinheritance.

                         Living: 1779

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM2 TROUSDALE (JOHN1) was born Aft. 1736 in County Down, Ireland, and died Abt. 1808 in Orange Co., NC.  He married <UNNAMED>. 

SOURCE:  "The Trousdale Genealogy" by Karl Truesdell, 1952; Enlarged by Theodore McKee Trousdale, Jr., 1960.
Being mentioned first in his father's will, William is presumed to be the eldest son and entitled to the largest share.  Accompanying his parent from Pennsylvania he is specifically noted as a first settler of the west band of the Haw River (Alamance Co., NC, Stockard 11).  He petitioned Governor Tyrone on 5 December 1768 in connection with the appointment of a justice of the peace (NC Rec VII 874).  There is no record of his becoming a landowner although his home was about three miles west of that of Captain James (Nancy Freeland in 1852).
    In the Regulator troubles the disastrous battle on 16 May 1771 took place a few miles from his home.  He is not listed as a participant but he did refuse to take Tyrone's oath of allegiance following the rebellion (Alamance Co., NC, Stockard 67).  With John Trousdale, he petitioned Governor Martin, who had succeeded Tyrone, for clemency in the case of John Fruit, the outlawed Regulator leader (NC Rec IX 83/4).  William has no record of actual service in the Revolution, however he supported the cause and sold to the State military authorities 432 of beef during or before November 1780 (NC Rev Accounts Comp Off B 264).  As certified at Hillsboro, the State capital, the Auditor on 4 April 1781 recomputed the 432 at the ratio of 150 to 1 and paid William 2.16.3 plus interest (op cit #189).  Between 1782 and 1783, William asked the State Assembly to exercise clemency in behalf of Thomas Eskridge then under death sentence for treason (NC Rec XIX 933).  In 1784 William refused to act in the administration of his father's estate, no reasons being given.  The tax list of 1790 does not include William's name as a land holder.  In the 1800 Census an enumeration of persons, William was living in Orange District, Orange Co., NC his family comprising males:  one over 45, two 16/26; females: one over 45.  Interpreted, this might be himself, wife and two unmarried sons.  Nearby is the growing family of his son James.  In 1803 a tract of land was deeded to his son, William "jr" and on 7 January 1805 "William Trousdale Sen'r of Orange Co" deeded to James Trousdale a Negro boy named Sam for 100 (Orange Co. Deeds XII 39).  This is the last mention of William Sr.

Children of WILLIAM TROUSDALE and  are:
5. i. JAMES3 TROUSDALE, b. 1753; d. 1820, Maury Co., TN.
6. ii. JOHN TROUSDALE, b. 1756; d. December 11, 1837, Smith Co., TN.
7. iii. WILLIAM TROUSDALE, JR., b. Abt. 1758; d. 1833, Lauderdale Co., AL.
8. iv. ELLEN TROUSDALE, b. Abt. 1750; d. 1818, Maury Co., TN.
v. MARY TROUSDALE, m. SAMUEL O'DANIEL, March 13, 1798, Orange Co., NC.

Witnesses to marriage were William Trousdale, Jr. and John Taylor.  John Taylor also witnessed William's marriage in 1801.

9. vi. NANCY TROUSDALE, b. 1772; d. Abt. 1855.

3.  JOHN2 TROUSDALE, JR. (JOHN1) was born Bef. 1736 in Prob. Lancaster Co., PA, and died Aft. 1797 in Orange Co., NC.  He married <UNNAMED>. 

SOURCE:  "The Trousdale Genealogy" by Karl Truesdell, 1952; Enlarged by Theodore McKee Trousdale, Jr., 1960. 
   John is mentioned as second son in his father's will of 1779 being given a larger share than James.  His marriage must have occurred in Pennsylvania, his wife probably being a Ferguson, maybe a sister of James' first wife, judged from the consistent recurrence of the given names in the descendants.

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