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(from Terry Family Historian - Issue Sept 1983)

     In  the name of God,  Amen:  I,  Lewis TERRY,  of Murray County (Georgia), 
being  advanced in years of sound and disposing mind and memory and wishing  to 
make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me, 
do make,  ordain and publish this,  my last will and testament, hereby revoking 
all wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me. That is to say:

     Item  1st:  I  direct that my body be buried in  a  decent  christian-like 
manner; my soul I trust will return to God who gave it;

     Item  2nd:  I will and direct that after my death,  should my beloved wife 
surv.  me,  that all my property of every description,  both real and personal, 
shall  vest in her during her natural life;  and at her death the  devices  and 
bequests herein after mentioned shall take effect, that she keep all my proper-
ty  together,  take care of it and manage it so as to enhance most the interest 
of my estate;

                                                                   PAGE (134)

     Item 3rd:  I will and bequeath to my sons, George C. TERRY, William TERRY, 
Duncan TERRY,  and Joseph TERRY,  lots of land numbers two hundred and  ninety-
nine  (299),  three  hundred (300) and three hundred and thirteen (313) of  the 
twenty-sixth district of the second section of (originally Cherokee, now Murray 
County) to have and to hold the same to them,  their heirs, and assigns forever 
in fee simple;

     Item 4th:  I will to my son William TERRY,  my negro woman, Ailey, and any 
increase she may have at the time of my death;

     Item 5th:  I will and bequeath to my son George C.  TERRY,  my negro  boy, 

     Item 6th: I will and bequeath to my son Duncan TERRY, my negro man, Orin;

     Item 7th: I will and bequeath to my son Joseph TERRY, my negro man, Mose;

     Item 8th:  I will and desire to my daughter Nancey Carder,  wife of Thomas 
Carder  free from control or management of her said husband and not subject  to 
the payment of his debts,  lot of land number ninety-one (91),  district of the 
third  section of said county to her during her natural life,  and at her death 
to  her children then,  in life their heirs and assigns forever in fee  simple. 
Also,  to  my said daughter first choice out of my beds and furniture from  the 
control of her husband and not subject to his debts;

     Item 9th: I will and direct that after the death of my wife all my person-
al property of every description both real and personal,  except as  heretofore 
excepted,  be  sold at public out cry on such terms as my executor shall  think 
most  to the interest of my estate and the net proceeds together with all  that 
may be due my estate all the ready money,  etc., I may leave be equally divided 
among  my five children herein before named,  first deducting from the share of 
each, any amount which may be due my estate from the several distributees;

     Item 10th:      I nominate,   constitute and appoint my son Joseph  TERRY, 
executor  of this may last will and testament feeling well assured that he will 
faithfully execute the same.


(Murray County Wills, Georgia)
Dated: 17 may 1851       Proved: 15 Jul 1851
Witnesses: Thomas Payne, Abel Jonston, Dawson A. Walker

                                     * * *

TERRY, WILLIAM                39        1811 SC   (Page 257)
TERRY, JULIA                  26        1824 NC
TERRY, DIANONA                10        1840 GA
TERRY, GEORGE W.               8        1842 GA
TERRY, WM. I.                  7        1843 GA
TERRY, SYRUS L.                5        1845 GA
TERRY, JOHN R.                --        1850 GA
[From will of Lewis Terry, probated 15 Jul 1851 Murray County Georgia, it 
appears that William is son of #262--Editor.]

TERRY, LEWIS                  80        1770 SC   (Page 262)
TERRY, CONSTANCE              85        1765 VA
TERRY, GEORGE                 39        1811 SC
TERRY, NANCY                  13        1837 SC
TERRY, MARY A.                 8        1842 GA
[From will of Lewis Terry, it appears that George is a son of #262--Editor.]

TERRY, ELIZ                   14        1836 SC   (Page 263)

TERRY, JOSEPH                 36        1814 SC   (Page 264)
TERRY, VIRGINIA               27        1823 NC
TERRY, AMENDO                  8        1842 GA
TERRY, SUSAN                   6        1844 GA
TERRY, MARY                    5        1845 GA
TERRY, THOMAS                  3        1847 GA
[From will of Lewis Terry, it appears that Joseph is son of #262--Editor.]

TERRY, DUNCAN                 34        1816 SC   (Page ??)
TERRY, WYGETTA                33        1817 SC
TERRY, JOSEPH                 12        1838 GA
TERRY, GEORGE                  6        1844 GA
TERRY, MARTHA                  2        1848 GA
[From will of Lewis Terry, it appears that Duncan is son of #262--Editor.]


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