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Anna Mary Dunruff/Tomroff/ Dumrouff/Dunrruff/Dumruff/Drumruff/Dumrauf


TOMROFF -1870 Census, girl living with John and Mary from Bavaria, Annie age 14

DUMRUFF-Andrew's death certificate-Kane County, IL

DUNRRUFF-Michael's funeral record-Pawnee County, OK

DUMRUFF-Michael's death certificate-Pawnee County, OK

DUNRUFF-From  Franziska Schmitt family records

DRUMRUFF-Katherine Knittle, daughter of Franziska & Michael Schmitt

DUMRAUF-Michael Dumrauf on a tombstone to the right of John & Mary's stone in St. Mary's Cemetery, Huntley, Il, to the right of Michael are other Schmitt graves.  On the stone with Michael Dumrauf is Johanna Zeigler.  Are they relatives of the Schmitt?


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