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Bennet Treloar 1781 - 1853
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Betsey Treloar 1811 - 1874
William Treloar 1814 - 1845-8
James T Treloar 1818 - 1889
John Treloar 1819
Bennet Treloar 1823
Henry Treloar 1825 - 1903
Joseph Treloar 1827 - 1915
Joseph Treloar Story
Elizabeth J Treloar 1831
Emily Treloar 1834 - 1908

Seventh Generation

To be found on Page 59 of Orson Lee Treloar's book

Bennet7 TRELOAR (James6, Bennet5, Thomas4, John3, Wearne2, John1 Werne TRELOWARTH) a farmer and yeoman, son of James TRELOAR and Mary JENKIN, was baptised Wendron, 10 June 1781 and was church officer in Baptist Church, Helston. He was at the home of his daughter Betsy in census 1851, Sithney, Cornwall, England and gave age as 69. His wife and children haven't been located in 1851 census but the census 1841 of Kehelland, Camborne parish, finds him and part of his family. Bennet, wife and some of his children came to U.S. A. in 1851. Several of his sons preceded him to Linden, Wisconsin where he died about July 1853. He married Ann TREMAINE 23 July 1810, Wendron. She was baptized 22 March 1789, Constantine, Cornwall, England; her parents William Tremaine and Elizabeth James of Constantine were married there 16 April 1781. She was a very neat and properly dressed old lady. Following her husband's death she lived with her youngest daughter, Emily Temby, and died at her home in 1872, Ogden, Iowa. She is interred at Glenwood Cemetery, Ogden, Iowa; monumental inscription gives age as 89 but this is incorrect as she gave age as 82 in census of 1870 two years before death and 71 in census of 1860. Of the six sons of Bennet and Ann who lived to manhood, five came to Iowa Co., Wisconsin. Most of them married there and started rearing their families, sons Bennet and William died in Wisconsin. Then came the scattering years, Joseph moved to Boone Co., Iowa; John to Emmetsburg, Iowa and Minnesota; James Tremaine to Henry Co., Iowa and Missouri. By 1890 the three families had lost contact. After a lapse of sixty years we have been able to largely reconstruct the families and bring their genealogy up to date. Henry, the son who stayed in Cornwall, has a large progeny. 

Children of Bennet TRELOAR and Ann TREMAINE

i. Betsey TRELOAR, b. 4 June 1811; bp. 30 June 1811 Wendron; md. Christopher COCK 5 Aug. 1837, Camborne, Cornwall. His brother William sent ship-letters home from the United States in which he mentioned Betsey's brothers bringing him letters. Orson Lee Treloar had copies of these in his files; the originals were in possession of Cora Angove, Nancegollen, nr. Helston, Cornwall. Betsey died 28 Jan.1874 at Lowertown, Sithney, Cornwall. 

ii. Bennet TRELOAR, b. 7 Aug. 1812; bp. 25 Oct. 1812, Wendron; bur. 15 Nov. 1822, age 10 Bonallack, Constantine, Cornwall. 

iii, William TRELOAR, b. 2 May 1814; bp. 14 Oct. 1819, Baptist Chapel Helston, Cornwall; d. between 1845-48 Linden Wis., U.S.A.; md. Grace THOMAS 23 May 1838 Wendron. 

iv. Ann TRELOAR, b. 9 Mar. 1816 Bonallack, Constantine, Cornwall; bp. 14 Oct. 1819, Baptist Chapel, Helston; of Kehelland Camborne when md. 8 May 1838 Camborne, Cornwall, England, to William STEPHENS, son of John Stephens, farmer. 

v. James Tremaine TRELOAR, b. 3 Mar. 1818 Bonallack, Constantine; bp. 14 Oct. 1819, Heston Baptist Chapel; md. Jane DALE 28 Mar. 1849 Linden, Wis., U.S.A.; d. U.S.A 

vi. John TRELOAR, b. 25 July 1819, Bonallack, Constantine; bp. 14 Oct. 1820 Helston Baptist chapel; md. Elizabeth CARBIS 25 Nov. 1847 Iowa Co., Wis., U.S.A.

vii. Mary TRELOAR, b. 11 Mar. 1821, Bonallack; bp. 19 Aug. 1822 Helston Baptist Chapel, Cornwall, England; md. 25 May 1845 Wendron,Cornwall, Eng. Samuel WHITE (coach builder) of Helston,full age at m. Went to Australia. Marriage certificate and the fact she could write, and place of residence  and father's name taken as evidence of proof that she belongs to this family. 

viii. Bennet TRELOAR, b. 6 Feb. 1823 Bonallack; bp. 14 June 1825, Helston Baptist Chapel; md. Elizabeth VIAL 2 Nov. 1848 Iowa Co., Wis., U.S.A.

ix. Henry TRELOAR, b. 20 Mar. 1825, Tresprison, Wendron, Cornwall; bp. 14 June 1825, Helston Baptist Chapel; md. Mary Ann GREY St. Gluvias, Cornwall 15 Feb. 1851.

x. Joseph TRELOAR, b. 25 June 1827 Tresprison, Wendron; bp. 1 July l931 Helston Baptist Chapel; md. firstly, Caroline ARTHUR, Linden, Wis., U.S.A. 20 June 1853; and secondly Susan CRASE 14 June 1855 Dodgeville, Wis. Both marriages were found at State Dept. of Health, Madison, Wis.

xi. Elizabeth Jane TRELOAR, b. 13 Feb. 1831 Tresprison; bp. 1 July 1831 Helston Baptist Chapel; md. William S. ROBERTS 25 Nov. 1852 Linden, Wis., U.S.A.

xii, Haryet TRELOAR, b. 15 June 1832 Tresprison, Wendron; bp. 21 Mar.1833 Helston Baptist Chapel; md. Nicholas EAD 25 Nov.1852 Linden, Wis.; d. about 1853 Wis.

xiii. Emily TRELOAR, b. 30 Sept. 1834 Cornwall; d. 9 Apr. 1908 at Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.; md. William TEMBY 25 Nov. 1852, Linden, Wis.

The last three girls of this family were all married at the same time in the Temby home at Linden, Wis., U.S.A. 

The information contained on these pages has been primarily based on information from the book Treloar Genealogy by Orson Lee Treloar and may have been updated from information in the book Treloar History 1522 - 2004 by Peter Treloar and Patricia Taggart.  The 4 digit number to the left of a person's name is the number they appear as in the latest book. To see Orson's research notes you should order the film from your nearest LDS centre.  Other information has been passed on from fellow researchers and from my own research.   Please contact me if you have anything to add or alter.  I hope you find these pages helpful.
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