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July 2002
Interim Web Master - April - here. I've been fiddling around, re-formatting a few pages, trying to make everything look consistent and starting a Site Map. If anyone has new content or photos to submit, let me know and i'll put them up when i get a chance.
(Remember i AM still working on things, so if you find a few pages that still don't look good, give me a chance - Anything on the Site Map should be ok now)
January 2002
Hi y'all. I, Heather, have decided I need to take a reprieve from my duties as web master. Hubby is working long hours and my preschooler needs more attention. Sorry guys, my family comes first. When I am able to resume, I will be in touch.

In the interim, April has graciously agreed to spruce up the web site. Thanks, April.

August 2001
Well, to start, my preschooler has been deleting my programs. I have made updates to the family tree but am unable to print the reports. I am currently working on updating and printing with another family tree program (SIGH). The updates include Andrew's line which I did indeed find. I also found a reference in the library for a Richard in the 1600s.
July 2001
I have some pictures to add to the web site. My brother is giving me heck because I haven't updated the web site in a while. Maybe you'd like to give me a hand dear brother.
April 2001
We may have found Andrew's (William, John) line. Stay tuned for updates.

A cousin from Ireland maintains that the Trelford surname is a derivative of a Scandinavian name, Threllfoird. Hmmmm -- well so much for the Cornwall connection.

February 2001
Marcia has stumbled upon a possible connection to Cornwall. She found reference to the surname Trethford. Jane's father's surname was Trethuriffe and he was from Tretherffe, Cornwall. Perhaps this resulted in a surname change from Tretherffe to Trelford. We'll keep you posted as to whether this pans out or not. Thanks for the great research, Marcia.

April has generously offered to organize some of the material on the web site. Thanks, April.

I have added a Lost Trelfords page. I hope this will help us with some dead ends.

January 2001
Jeremy Johns, webmaster of has informed us that the Trelford surname did not originate from Polperro. I assume that means that it originated from a neighbouring town called Looe but I am unable to either confirm or deny this information. I am awaiting permission to use photos.

John from Southampton sent me a book that lists a Richard Trelford travelling to Barbados in 1684. I hope to follow up that lead in the near future.

An Orford subdirectory has been added. I hope to get more information on the Orfords in the spring.

I have updated the Surname page. When we have more surnames it will appear in more detail.

October 2000
Welcome to our new and improved web site. After some technical problems, we are up and running again. We are indexing this site so we may have more visitors and therefore, find more cousins.

Clive of Cornwall by Cornishlight has graciously allowed us to use some of his photos of Looe and Polperro and a map of Cornwall. If you like his pictures please give credit where credit is due. They are for sale. Thank you, Clive. Clive has a wonderful web site. Be sure and check it out.

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Last update 12 July 2002