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By the time I had heard any thing at all about my Great-Grandmother Anna Hattie McClanahan, she was known as "Granny Payne". "Granny Payne" had died in 1968 when I was 8 years old. It's sad to say but I don't remember her. I do however remember the stories family members told about "Granny Payne". I have been researching her life for about 10 years now and expect to be doing so for many many more years.
The fact is Anna Hattie McClanahan had a hard life. She was orphaned at a young age and separated from her brothers and sisters. She suffered the loss of three children and out-lived four husbands. On the run from the "Law" with one of her husbands she traveled in a Medicine Show, playing from a wagon for a stage. She is known to have lived in Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

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some information from
"McCLANAHAN FAMILIES from Tennessee to Missiouri"
by Sibyl M. Baker

Descendants of Ortison Kingsley (King) McClanahan

  • Ortison Kingsley (King) McClanahan was born August 10, 1815 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee he died about 1880 in Missouri. He was married to Alta (Althea) Ward on August 20, 1835 in Jefferson CO., Tennessee . She was born May 29, 1814 in Tennessee and died June 26, 1899 in Webster Co., Missouri

    • John McClanahan b: @ 1836 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee
      ..............+N. E. b: @ 1841 in Virgina

    • Fanny McClanahan b: @ 1837 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee

    • Elizabeth McClanahan b: @ 1838 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee

    • Philip (III) McClanahan b: 1841 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee d: @ 1880
      .............. +Leanna Walker
      ..........*2nd Wife of Philip (III) McClanahan:
      .............. +Sara S Walker b: 1841 m: December 06, 1866

    • Robert Wilson (II) McClanahan was born on May 10, 1842 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee he died on November 04, 1926 in Hartville, Wright Co., Missouri (Durbin Cem. Wright CO.) He married Julia Elizabeth Culberson on 1887-1915 in Hartville, Wright Co., Missouri. She was born on May 17, 1859 in North Carolina and died April 12, 1937 in Hartville, Wright Co., Missouri (Durbin Cem.)(age 77)

    • William Columbus McClanahan was born on October 02, 1845 in Morristown, Jefferson Co., Tennessee he died March 16, 1915 in Grovespring, Webster Co., Missouri (Eureka Cem.) He married Darthula Ryan on November 10, 1868 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. She was born on October 27, 1852 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee and died on September 19, 1935 in Conway, Webster Co., Missouri (Eureka Cem.)

    • Louisa McClanahan b: February 11, 1840 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee d: March 1932 in Long Pine, Nebraska
      .............. +Philip McDwell Lee b: August 24, 1843 in Pennsylvania m: 1877-1910 d: July 14, 1895 in Kansas (Louisburg, Kansas)

    • Franklin B. McClanahan was born on October 23, 1853 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee he died on October 26, 1889 in Laclede Co., Missouri (Eureka Church Cem.) He married Anna Jane Prock on September 4, 1874 in Webster Co., Missouri [Home of William Todd] born 1855 in Missouri she died on October 1887 in Wright CO., Missouri (Newton Cem. near Odin)

      • John Preston Prock b: April 01, 1873 in Wright CO., Missouri d: July 05, 1955 in Mtn. Grove, Missouri (Hill Crest Cem.)
        ...........................+Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Wilson b: August 04, 1873 in Webster CO., Missouri d: April 22, 1926 in Wagoner, Wagoner Co., Oklahoma
        .......................*2nd Wife of John Preston Prock:
        ...........................+Sarah Coffman

      • Louisa McClanahan b: 1876 in Missouri d: @ 1878 in Thought to have died young

      • Anna Hattie McClanahan [called Hattie] was born on March 08, 1878 in Gasconade Twp., Wright Co., Missouri she died on July 11, 1968 in Madill, Marshall CO., Oklahoma (Woodberry Forest Cem. ) She married 1st William A. Towns on April 25, 1900 in Laclede Co., MO (Home of Alexander) She married 2nd James Franklin (Frank) Dice about 1901 place is unknown. He was born about 1861 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee he died July 1903 in Louisiana She married 3rd Walter H. McDearmon about 1906 in Texas. He was born November 28, 1859 in Tennessee and died August 17, 1923 in Marshall Co., Oklahoma. She married 4th Albert Payne on January 20, 1926 in Madill, Marshall Co., Oklahoma. He was born May 08, 1886 in Texas and died March 10, 1953 in Madill, Marshall Co., Oklahoma

      • Darthula McClanahan was born about 1880 in Missouri she died in 1962 in Rader, Webster CO., Missour (Eureka Cem.) She married George Newton Caffey who was born in 1873 and died 1955 in Rader, Webster CO., Missour (Eureka Cem)

      • Marion Artison McClanahan b: August 13, 1882 in Wright CO., Missouri d: December 19, 1974 in Ava, Douglas CO., Missouri (Eureka Cem.) He married Dorothy Johnson b: August 02, 1888 in Niangua, Missouri m: July 24, 1907 in Marshfield, Webster CO., Missouri d: March 04, 1965 in Laclede Co., Missouri (Eureka Cem.)

      • Fanny Jane McClanahan b: August 22, 1885 in Wright CO., Missouri d: July 22, 1962 in Springfield, Green CO., Missouri (Eureka Cem.)
        ........................... +William Creed Summers b: March 18, 1882 in Conway, Laclede Co., Missouri m: December 10, 1905 in Rader, Webster CO., Missour (Home of the bride) d: November 27, 1977 in Lebanon, Laclede CO., Missouri (Eureka Cem.)

      • Mary Lee ( America) McClanahan b: November 15, 1886 in NewGrove, Wright CO., Missouri d: February 10, 1972 in Mansfield, Wright CO., Missouri
        ..........................+Willis Alexander Shimel b: October 05, 1882 in Wright Co., Missouri m: December 02, 1908 in Hartville, Wright CO., Missouri d: April 20, 1962 in Mansfield, Wright CO., Missouri

    • Alexander McClanahan b: February 28, 1859 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee d: February 20, 1936 in Laclede Co., Missouri (Eureka Cem. Webster CO.)
      .............. +Jessie Pandora Porter b: September 11, 1862 in Red Oak, Montgomery Co., Iowa m: January 16, 1881 in Laclede Co., Missouri (Home of William Porter) d: February 23, 1906 in Near Pease Mill, Laclede CO., Missouri (Eureka Cem)
      ..............+Minerva Alice Conley m: March 24, 1911 in Morgan, Laclede CO., Missouri

    • Harriet McClanahan


Franklin B. McClanahan on the 1880 Wright Co., Missouri Census


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